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“The relationship with Rick and Carl was also a rebirth of a family she had lost, and it turned out that Rick was the love of her life. That progression has been very interesting to play because she went from someone who spoke very little and didn’t trust people to someone who’s far more level-headed and willing to help people who she sees in the same place she was in.” - Danai Gurira

‪If Rick and Michonne ever say i love you to each other and I don’t talk about it, I’d like you all to know that I am dead‬.


TWD meme : [1/6] scenes  carl and michonne in “the next world”

You could’ve killed her. No, I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. Were you playing some sort of game out there? Did you think that ― No! Then w h y?

I don’t think Michonne gets enough credit for being such a STRONG women and I’m not talking about “the badass chick with a sword” it’s something much deeper. She watched Rick get emasculated REPEATEDLY like being dragged ( literally) by Negan, that moment when carl almost got his arm chopped off and everyone just being a dick to him. She seen Rick in his lowest point , yet something about him she’s still loves(probably them curls) even when she got frustrated she never blamed or took it out on him. She’s gives him unconditional love which he probably isn’t used too. I even loved the fact that in 7x4 they were on different terms but they still SLEPT in the SAME bed together. They reached a level of relationship goals that are out of this world in such a short time. That ICONIC speech in the cell sealed the friggin deal for me. She’s such a dynamic character and it drives me CRAZY when people don’t see that. Rick and Michonne have a connection unlike any couple I’ve EVER seen on Television. Ugh I’m so in love with this SHIP.

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