michonne cosplayer

My WSC Highlights

So this weekend was awesome. It’s all kind of a blur, so I would probably fail at trying to describe it in detail, but here are the things that stuck with me and made me wish I had a rewind button so I could experience them all over again. 😄

  • Meeting Danai and somehow not crying
  • Meeting Steven and somehow not crying
  • Meeting other Richonne shippers!
  • Meeting some really awesome people in general, because there’s nothing to do but talk to people while you wait in lines forever and ever
  • Getting to ask Danai and Andy Richonne-related questions at their panels
  • Danai coming back yesterday just to take the cast picture even though she wasn’t scheduled to be there
  • Andy telling me I smelled good
  • Talking about Mad Men with Ross
  • Taking three different pictures with Danai because my friend and I suck at taking pictures 
  • And Danai subsequently saying we should just come and hang out with her all day. Like sis, that’s literally all I wanted to do.
  • Getting to thank Steven for playing Glenn so beautifully and him saying he loved me 😩
  • The love everyone showed for Steven everywhere he went
  • The endless lines for Danai (I hated standing in them, but I loved seeing how revered she is)
  • My new Richonne t-shirt!
  • Andy holding my hand for .8 seconds
  • Andy squeezing my hand when I made him laugh at something ridiculous I said because I have no home training
  • Meeting the cosplayer that looked so much like Rick, it was kinda creepy
  • Meeting the Michonne and Lori cosplayers that took the epic Bye Jessie Ashy photo with Andy
  • For some reason, deciding to tell everyone we met that we hate Daryl and they all agreed that it’s his fault Glenn is dead 👀
  • Andy’s panel in general was just really awesome, even with Norman there
  • Andy ruining the surprise that Steven was coming out for the Q&A on Saturday night
  • Steven coming out for the Q&A on Saturday night
  • Andy’s outfit. I’m glad he wore it twice, tbh, because it was perfect on him
  • Danai’s code-switch when my friend and I approached for our picture 😂
  • Meeting* everyone in the Lucille lineup. *= I didn’t meet most of them because pictures are super fast and I just wanted to talk to Andy, lol. (Side note: Danai and Norman were next to each other in my picture and I just don’t know why the gods have forsaken me. But she remembered me from Saturday, so okay, I guess.)
  • Just being in the same space as these people that I admire so much, and getting to express how much I appreciate them
  • I’m exhausted