Dear Mr. Gimple,

I love how you and your angelic writing staff leave little Easter eggs for us Richonners. Y'all know we’re scientists, that we dissect theses scenes down and follow their story very close. It’s like yall do it especially for us. Like the “Michonne wakes up at 5:30 motif” that’s just been circulating. From the bottom of my heart

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Fic: Live to Tell (Negan x Reader) Part 3

Title: Live to Tell

Pairing: Negan x Reader          

Summary: You were tasked with scouting out the Sanctuary, but soon your mission starts to spiral out of control.

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Part 1 | Part 2

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Four days into your stay at the Sanctuary had left you exhausted. Negan ran a tight ship that was organized meticulously. From what you could tell, the only people who moved freely about were Negan himself and his so-called wives. Everyone else had a job to do, a place to be, and little free time to deviate from their schedules.

Waking up in the morning was difficult. Working all day on the cleaning crew was tiring and you found yourself collapsing onto your bed after dinner, fatigued. You preferred going on runs with Rick and Sasha to the endless amounts of toiling you did at the factory.

There were times you would catch Negan watching you. He wasn’t subtle with his stares. He had promised you miserable work, and he was a man of his word. You wondered if he was waiting to see you break. Curious when that moment would hit and you could take it no more.

He seemed to have all the confidence in the world that you would come crawling to him, begging him to spare you from this life.

Negan was going to be sorely disappointed.

If there was one thing you learned from the apocalypse, it’s that life sucked and was comprised of indeterminate bouts of misery. You were used to it. There would be no begging from you.

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I’m praying that there will one day be an episode where Michonne finally tells Rick about her son Andre and that one day she’d feel that it’s time to tell the group about him too. I’d also like there to be a scene where Maggie comes to Michonne and asks her what it was like to be a mother and just have a heart to heart convo.

In fact…I’d really want a Michonne centric episode with a some back story of her life pre-apocalyse, y'all