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My Sailor Moon and (1) Pokemon merch I’ll have at Anime Expo!

One of my favorite couples in animation is Uranus and Neptune! Sadly, I started watching Sailor Moon with the english dub so they were jokingly referred to as cousins…how dare!! I wanted to make a little charm to relive my childhood heh heh also I just really love Usagi and how she loves to eat because, SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will also have lanyards this year! I’M EXCITED!! I will have a Sailor V lanyard and one of the Eeveelutions from Pokemon! 

All of this will be available for Anime Expo at, once again, at table B100! We’re almost there!

The thing that really gets me about Haruka is that she wants to be a hero so badly, like a dashing yuriprince knight in shining armour or whatever, and she’d be so good at it. She’d be the BEST kitten- and baby-saving power of love and friendship superhero ever (hey, she has the speeches down already). I mean her first reaction to being attacked by a monster is to protect it from Sailor Neptune because it used to be a human.

Even after she’s presumably been Uranus for a while, and been through the whole wait-for-enemy-to-attack-see-if-the-heart-is-a-talisman routine a few times, Michiru has to bodily stop her from rushing in to help the victim of the day (I actually headcanon this as the first time the victim is someone Haruka knows personally):

But no, she gets put on the OTHER team, the black ops B-team weirdos, with the tragic immortal time guardian and the death incarnate baby goth doomsday weapon and actual human disaster Michiru Kaioh, here to make Sacrifices and Hard Choices so others don’t have to, so that the important people keep their hands clean (I am also quite attached to my headcanon about the Outers being very painfully aware that when shit goes down, they are the first to go and the least importance is placed on their survival as they are the disposable ones in the grand scheme of things - Saturn is, as always, a special case).

And she adapts and does it and she tries really hard to make the tough calls, but she detests herself for it and it’s so far from the honest core of her character – and then I remember her “ordinary happiness” speech to Minako about just being your true self, and the degree to which she is convinced she couldn’t possibly be one of the holders of the Talismans because she is horrible and bad and worthless and tainted and I get really sad.

Anyway, Haruka Tenoh, everybody.

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So we have nine levels and since I tend to forget Chibs in any Senshi list anyway (sorry, Chibs), I’ll go with the five Inners and four Outers.


And then it’s harder than I thought, because gods forbid I not take it GRAVELY SERIOUS. I’m still waffling over the last two. Maybe I’ll work it out as I write out the others.

First Circle (Limbo): I wasn’t sure at first, but in reading (on Wikipedia, take it as you will) I came to “the guiltless damned are punished by living in a deficient form of Heaven”. And fuck me if that doesn’t sound pretty spot on for Hotaru. I’ve written a lot about how I see Hotaru as the flip side of Usagi, serving in so many ways as the Outers’ Messiah. While Usagi is intended to bring life, Hotaru is intended to bring death. That she balks at what she’s “intended” for is one of my favourite things about Hotaru, but still, within the scope of the question, I think Hotaru has to be my answer.

Second Circle (Lust): Not even a second to consider this one. Minako is the only answer. Not just for lust in the sexual sense, but in all things. Life, recognition, fame, wealth, even just a candy bar when she wants a fucking candy bar. Minako’s cravings are intense, whatever they may be, and the core of Minako’s struggle is the fight between what she wants and what she can’t have.

Third Circle (Gluttony): Another that wasn’t too difficult, I think this has to be Usagi. Again looking outside of the basic food implications, Usagi by her nature is a person of excesses. Whatever she feels, she feels it to degrees outside of the scope of the average person. Usagi is slave to her indulgences, be they for a second large pizza, or a refusing to let go of her happy ending.

Fourth Circle (Greed): SO MUCH TROUBLE WITH THIS ONE. The read on this Circle is really about materialism, and that doesn’t suit any of the characters, not even the Outers with their fucking fleet of helicopters. After a lot of consideration, I’ve decided to go with Ami. I KNOW RIGHT. But get away from the idea of materialism and instead focus on another form of power: information. Suddenly, this kind of works. Still not entirely, Ami is a wonderful departure from smart character tropes by wanting to share what she knows, not hoard it for herself. But still, the acquisition of knowledge could, if conditions and motivations were right, lead Ami to becoming myopic and consumed with the need to know.

Fifth Circle (Anger): Instant placement of Rei here. Rei has a lot of variation from interpretation to interpretation, perhaps more noticeably than most other characters, but I don’t feel her character is really all that different across the scope. That anger is at her core at all times. It’s not the presence of the flames in Rei that changes, it’s in how they burn. 

Sixth Circle (Heresy): Another tough one. It’s tough to strip out religion from any of this, but what stood out to me when reading the entry on heretics was “denial or doubt”. And damn if that doesn’t sound like Haruka. Haruka’s conflict is a fascinating part of her character to me, particularly throughout S, where her devotion to THE MISSION through continued bold declarations is basically her trying to convince herself. For all her bluster and seeming conviction, Haruka has no real idea what she’s doing at all. Whether it’s Usagi, Hotaru, or herself, Haruka is MADE of doubt.

Seventh Circle (Violence): I’m not really happy with this one, but I decided to go with Mako, because she fits here better than anywhere, even if she doesn’t fit especially well here. The key difference being that Mako’s violence isn’t AGAINST so much as it’s FOR, and that’s a vital distinction. Still, nothing else here works for her. Mako, you truly ARE all that is good in the world.

Now we come to the last two and I’m no closer. Blarg, okay. Best choices I’ve got right now.

Eight Circle (Fraud): The key phrase I keep coming to here is “those guilty of deliberate, knowing evil”, which is way the fuck over the top for our girls of course, but choices must be made. I’m going with Michiru here. Dropping the “evil” piece (I know, but work with me), if there’s one word I would happily associate with Michiru, it is “deliberate”. Whatever extent she may go to – and I do believe those lines can be pretty fucking blurry – she’d know what she was doing every step of the way. Michiru doesn’t get caught up in things, she makes choices. If Michiru found herself in the Eighth Circle of Hell, she already sent ahead for her things.

Ninth Circle (Treachery): Which brings us to the final circle and the final Senshi, so by process of elimination, this must be Pluto. (Don’t worry, Oath, I won’t go there on you.) As with Michiru, not a perfect fit, so I instead look at this from the perspective of Pluto herself. Wiki has this line when describing who winds up in the Ninth Circle: “betrayal of family ties, betrayal of community ties, betrayal of guests, and betrayal of liege lords”. I don’t feel Pluto is guilty of any of this of course … but would Pluto agree? On some level, yes, of course. She knows her duty, and what is Pluto if not dutiful? Still, in some way, on some eternal days and nights where the mists whisper to her, she may wonder how much guilt “duty” can cleanse. Perhaps on those eternal days and nights, the treacherous Ninth Circle isn’t such a poor fit after all.

I’m listening the sailor moon bso while drawing the space husbands comic and since Shatner loves sailor moon I was thinking…

What if Kirk is also a big fan and he has one of those sticks/transformation devices (I don’t know how are they called, sorry) in his room? What if someone finds it and Kirk thinks that everyone is going to mock him but then he discovers that the whole crew loves Sailor Moon as well? And they spend the day discussing who is who… “captain Kirk should be Sailor Moon, of course, and Bones is Mercury because he’s a doctor” “No! Bones is Mars because he has a bad temper” “But if Bones is Mars, who is Spock?” “Spock is Tuxedo mask, obviously” “Chekov is Chibiusa” “What? I don’t want to be Chibiusa!!!” and Kirk like “Guys, stop, I’m sailor Jupiter” “who? the tallest one? sorry Jim, but you are Usagi”

And Spock in the corner… “What is Sailor Moon?” everyone gasps in horror and that day the sailor moon marathon starts.