Ellie’s Haikyuu!! Pokémon AU (Elite Four / Gym Leaders)
He had obtained the Forestfloor badge from Sugawara, Fairylight badge from Tadashi, Deepblue badge from Asahi, Thunderspark badge from Nishinoya, Flameburn badge from Ennoshita, Dragonbreath badge from Kiyoko, Darkshadow badge from Michimiya and the Fightskill badge from the Tanaka siblings. He had defeated the Elite Four: Oikawa, Kuroo, Bokuto and Ushijima. Now Hinata stood there with shaky legs, ready to challenge Sawamura Daichi, the current Pokémon Champion. His glory was only dimmed by the boy standing next to him. Kageyama, who had the same goal in mind. The two rivals walk to challenge the Champion, only to be pulled into a battle between region’s strongest Pokemon trainers and Team Rocket, led by Terushima and his grunts. Hinata had agreed he could sacrifice his dignity should he lose but he never thought he could end up sacrificing his life as well.


Haikyuu Quest profiles and weapons from ハイキュー!!繋げ!頂の景色 3DS game (Limited Edition)

I finally finished this sweet lord.  The translations may be altered slightly (and placed elsewhere) due to space limitations, but meanings should persist.  We’re not going to talk about the official English translations.  All that’s left now are the picture drama translations!  ALSO HAJIME-CHAN IS CANONICALLY A HANDSOME MAN GOODBYE.

Fun!Haikyuu!!Asks ~ Round 2!!

Saeko: Who are you willing to drive to Tokyo?

Kinoshita: Do you have a friendly rivalry with anyone?

Narita: Thing/person you forget most often?

Michimiya: How do you psyche yourself up? 

Yaku: What sort of person are you most likely to kick?

Alisa: Are you a daydreamer?

Akane: What do you know a lot about?

Shibiyama: Have you ever had a moment where you went, “We’re on the same page!” with someone you were working/talking with?

Sarukui: What animal have you been nicknamed after?

Matsukawa: Favourite meme?

Hanamaki: Who is your partner in crime?

Kindaichi: What vegetable does your hair resemble?

Kunimi: What are you currently not going to put effort into?

Yahaba: What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done to get someone’s attention?

Futakuchi: Do you like to provoke people?

Koganegawa: What are you enthusiastic about?

Sakunami: Would you be happy if you could grow a little taller?

Kamisaki: How many packs of abs is it possible to have?

Moniwa: What embarrasses you about people younger than you?

Hana: Are you the type to keep parties from getting out of hand?

Semi: What are we breaking?

Reon: Do you resemble someone from history in personality or looks?

Hayato: Do you ever forget where your phone is?

Daishou: Would you pet a snake?

Takeru: Would you go cheer for a member of your family?

Himekawa: Are you hiding a secret skill?

Ikejiri: What about a childhood friend has inspired you?

Sakusa: Where can you be found in a crowd?

Kanoka: Did you come here to win?

Atsumu: What throws off your groove?

Osamu: Tell me something random about your sibling(s)!

Hoshiumi: How good are you at interviews?

(After much longer than originally planned, the second round of Fun!Haikyuu!! Asks is finally here! (First round here!)
I ended up doing more fun asks instead of the serious ones I had originally planned, because these are way more lighthearted and well, fun. We have a bunch of manga only characters this time, but I hope everyone enjoys these asks just as much as the first round!)

Once again I will be sending asks to (at least) the first 26 people who reblog this to get the fun started! :)