I’ve ALWAYS LOVED GOOGLE.. Cause No Matter How Apart We Seem To Be.. I Always Find A Way To Be Close To You.. And One Of Them Is Google.. I’ve Always Searched You On Google, The Web.. To Know You Are OUT There Somewhere.. And Then This One Time You Told Me That You Googled Me Too.. Using Google Maps So I Started Using Google Maps Too.. WOW !.. To See Where You Live.. The Street.. The Nearby Shops !.. Makes Me A Little Be Closer Even If Its Just Through A Screen.. But At Least I Can See What You See Out There Every Day..

Today When I Googled Your Address, I’ve Noticed You Live Nearby The Islamic Center, Which Is Really Great.. I Could See You Going To Prayer Every Day.. I Thing That I Love Most About You..

Hope You Prayed For Us Today, Its Jouma'a, A Blessed Day..