If you don’t have any INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH prong-set natural stones, opals, or cat’s eyes, then you live a deprived existence. You don’t have to suffer- we have these in stock to make your holes happy! Either in the studios in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, Michigan, or on the interwebz at pangeapiercing.storenvy.com


This week we bring you Samppa Von Cyborg’s first Detroit appearance- we will be checking back in with Samppa in the run up to APP Conference, so, in the coming months, brace yourself for more in-depth interviews, information on certain heavy mods, and other goodies in addition to our usual focus on high-end professional piercing.

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Fresh industrial piercing! Showing off an @anatometalinc double threaded marquise cut end and @industrialstrength 4mm black prong faceted cz’s on each end! Anodized gold for a fancier effect! By Josh at @pangeapiercing !!! #safepiercing #legitpiercing #lltm #gangsterocity #industrialpiercings #industrials #earpiercings #bodypiercings #annarborpiercer #michiganpiercer #titanium #pangea

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Adam from Electric Chair in Flint gets a triple conch with a trifecta of gold from Futureprimitives, Neometal, and one other I can’t recall ;) and Kenny Hughes slays pink tacos at Superpull 2014