With so many cultures and peoples from all parts of the world it’s not uncommon to see this blend of modesty in my hometown of Detroit, Michigan U.S.A. Here I captured in the heart of down town this perfect mix of east meets west with the turban and popular 90’s American style of oversized sweater with the work out leggings and big socks.

By: Langston Hues
Detroit, U.S.A.

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Murals in the Market 2016 Recap!

1xRUN’s “Murals In The Market” in Detroit, Michigan was again one for the record books with 40 plus new murals created over 10 days in Detroit’s Eastern Market district during the end of September along with accompanying print releases and an incredible original artwork exhibition featuring all participating artists.  

More than 50 muralists, photographers and filmmakers from around the globe headed to one of the country’s oldest farmer’s markets to create dozens of new large-scale works throughout the area and capture this historic event. Thousands of local art fans were treated to exhibitions and in progress peeks at the new murals and with everything wrapped up, Supersonic can now showcase the over 40 phenomenal new murals that were created.

See them ALL below:

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Fatima Tekko is a social entrepreneur, and public relations professional for many of America’s leading athletes. She can often be found sitting stylishly as you see her now, court side at the NBA rooting on her good friends and clients.

Detroit, Michigan U.S.A.
By: Langston Hues

#modeststreetfashion #modestfashion