“You grew from a seed. Forever strong as a pine tree, always an evergreen.”

Knuckle Puck - ALIR10 Anniversary Tour - 4/30/17 The Crofoot, Pontiac, MI
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Bad At Love: A Theo Raeken Imagine

Request from Anon: Hey i wanted to request an imagine for the song ‘bad at love ’ :)

So as you can probably guess from the gif, this is going to be a little angsty (I mean, look at his face, doesn’t he just melt your heart?) I’m also listening to You’ve Made Your Bed by You Me At Six, which I completely forgot how much I loved, so it’s probably adding to the angst. Anyway, I hope this is okay for you, enjoy x

Got a boy back home in Michigan
And it tastes like Jack when I’m kissing him
So I told him that I never really liked his friends
Now he’s gone and he’s calling me a bitch again

To say that Y/N wasn’t great at relationships was perhaps an understatement. That was until she met Theo. Being with him made her think that maybe, just maybe, she’d finally got it right. She’d finally met someone who understood her, who knew what she wanted and how to give it to her. 

She’d finally met her equal. The missing part of her soul. Perhaps, if she let herself dream for long enough, the guy she would spend the rest of her life with. 

But ghosts of the past were never far from her mind. The first to appear was that guy from Michigan. He showed up in Beacon Hills about six months after she started dating Theo, claiming that he’d made a mistake and that he wanted her back. He was sorry for what he’d called her; he loved her. 

That was the first time Y/N learned that jealousy was not Theo Raeken’s forte, however much his possessiveness attracted her to him.

There’s a guy that lives in a garden state
And he told me that we make it 'til we graduate
So I told him the music would be worth the wait
But he wants me in the kitchen with a dinner plate

“You didn’t have to do that.”

“Do what?”

“Defend my honor.”

“Of course I did, I’m your boyfriend. It’s my job,” Theo kissed the top of her head, making sure to inhale the scent that drove him crazy. He could understand why that guy had shown up, I mean, he was insane to have given her up in the first place. Y/N was like a drug, addictive and always left you wanting more.

“Are there anymore exes I should expect to show up?”, the thought of other guys coming after her sent created anger that bubbled up inside him. She was his, his only. 

“Well, there was this one guy. He wanted me to be all domesticated, so I told him he could shove it. I doubt he’ll come back.”


I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe
That we’re meant to be

As more time went on, the more Y/N truly believed that Theo was the one for her. 

It was the way he looked at her with respect, the way he kissed her with such ferocity it made her dizzy, the way he couldn’t got two minutes without his skin touching hers whenever they were together. 



“I love you.”

She meant it. But there was still a small part of her that had doubts. 

But jealousy, jealousy, jealousy, jealousy
Get the best of me

The doubts in Y/N’s mind grew the day she realised that Theo wasn’t the only one in the relationship that would get jealous. She felt it begin to bubble when she walked into school to find some girl all over him. 

At least, that was what it had looked like before she slapped her, threatening her to stay away from him. 

It was the possessive streak in Y/N that had misjudged the situation, that had gotten the best of her. The girl had in fact just been asking Theo about the homework due in the next day, having no interest in the chimera at all. 

It was then that Y/N realised, with sadness, that she was the biggest problem. So she made a choice. 

One that would break her heart.

Look, I don’t mean to frustrate, but I
Always make the same mistakes 'cause

When she walked into Theo’s apartment that day, her heart felt heavy. He hadn’t been expecting her, and she smiled when his eyes lit up at the sight of her. He pulled her in for a kiss, frowning when she avoided him. 

The reminder of his kisses would only make this harder. 

“What’s wrong?”

“We need to talk.”

“Normally when a girl says that it means they want to break up. You don’t want to break up with me, do you?”

The look in her eyes gave him all the answers he needed.

I’m bad at love (ooh-ooh)
But you can’t blame me for tryin’

Y/N spent the night in her room, alone. The break-up with Theo had been difficult; she’d watched tears form in his eyes, heard him telling her he loved her over and over again as he cupped her cheeks, begging her to stay with him. 

She’d never seen him so desperate, and it broke her. 

She wanted to go back and tell him that she’d made a mistake, that she loved him too. Because she did, she did love him. 

But she stopped herself. 

Instead, she just accepted that she was bad at love, and that would never change, no matter how hard she tried.

You know I’d be lyin’ sayin’
You were the one (ooh-ooh)
That could finally fix me

When Y/N left, Theo wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself. She was his everything, and now she was gone.

He’d thought that she was the one. The one who could give him cause, the one who would see him as he truly was and love him all the same. The one who could fix the broken boy inside of him, the child that was hidden behind the facade that made people think he was a monster.

He’d always known that it had been a toxic relationship, but he thought that had been a good thing.

He spent a good hour thinking about how wrong he’d been. And then something clicked.

He wasn’t prepared to let her go that easily. So he grabbed the keys to his truck and drove.

Lookin’ at my history
I’m bad at love

She heard his truck pull up outside her house. She walked to the window, and watched him get out, just like she’d hoped he would.

He caught her staring at him, and their gazes locked, a sign of mutual understanding. Y/N ran down the stairs, opening the door to see him standing there.


“Y/N. I know you think you’re bad at this whole love business, but you’re not. You could never be, okay? I love you. More than anything. You’re the one for me, and no matter how hard you try, you’re not going to get rid of me that easily,” he paused for breath, and that was when his eyes found hers once again, “I love you Y/N Y/L/N.”

She said nothing. Instead, she grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled his mouth down to hers.

If she was to get better at love, she needed practice after all.


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Superiority (Dylan Larkin)

Anonymous said:

Hi! Could you write a Dylan Larkin imagine where he takes the reader back to the university of Michigan and shows her around???? Thank you!!!

Word count: 1608

Author’s note: I do not go to UMich, so please, if you go there and I got something about your school insanely wrong, let me know!

Originally posted by glovesdropped

Dylan loved the University of Michigan. He had all of his old U of M memorabilia up around the apartment, subscribed to all of the university’s games and was a season-ticket holder for the school’s hockey team. So when you and he were both finally able to attend a Saturday game, he jumped at the chance to take you to his ‘old stomping grounds.’

You, on the other hand, attend Michigan State. Even though Dylan swears that you’re miserable at Michigan State and constantly tries to convince you to transfer (‘it’s a shorter drive to Detroit if you go to UMich!’), you’re steadfast in your belief that you’re a diehard Spartan. Needless to say, that means that you’re not all that thrilled that Dylan decides to take you to visit his alma mater. Sure, you’re excited that Dylan finds you important enough to show you this huge part of his life, but the rivalry between University of Michigan and Michigan State is so deeply ingrained into your mind that you just can’t get past the fact that you’re stepping onto the campus out of your own free will.

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Cookie Dough Proposal - Dylan Larkin imagine

So it was a rainy day when I wrote this and I thought it’d be a cute proposal idea especially for girls who don’t like anything super flashy or showy. So enjoy!


I stood in our kitchen mixing the cookie dough. Dylan was in the living room playing Xbox with our dog laying around him. It had been raining all day in Michigan and it showed no signs of stopping as the sky grey darker and the rain came heavier. There was a crack of thunder and I jumped a little.

“Dylan!” I yelled nervous.

It was my first response when I got scared. When I was little I would yelled for my mom but now I had Dylan.

“It’s just thunder, babe.” He said from the couch.

Our dog walked into the kitchen and sat next to me. He looked up at me with a type of “don’t worry” look in his blue eyes.

“Well at least one man in this house will protect me from the storm.” I said loudly, making sure Dylan heard me.

I watched him pause his game before jogging into the kitchen. He smiled at me.

“No offense to him but I think I’ll be better at protecting you.” Dylan joked.

I smiled as I put the cookie dough balls on a baking sheet.

“You want help with that?” Dylan asked.

I shrugged.

“If you want, wouldn’t want to distract you from your Xbox game.” I teased him.

“You’re not going to distract me from my Xbox game.” He laughed as he walked around the counter.

“My Xbox game distracts me from you.” He added.

I shook my head at his comment as he bumped arms with me. We stood together putting the cookie dough on the baking sheet. He had control of the spoon as I used my hands to roll the dough in balls. I watched him take a big chunks of cookie dough from the bowl and eat it. He ate more of the dough than he was putting on the pan.

“Dylan!” I laughed.

He looked at me and smiled.

“What?” He laughed as his face turned red.

“You can’t eat all the dough! We won’t have any cookies.” I told him.

He shrugged.

“I mean they’re going to get eaten either way.” He said.

I shook my head and laughed a little bit. He put the first batch of cookies in the oven for me then his favorite song came on the iPhone in the kitchen.

“Ooh, I like this song.” He smiled.

He turned up the speaker and let the music fill our house. He winked at me as he danced like someone’s dad at a barbecue and I rolled my eyes at him. He made me laugh a little which his goofy moves but I loved watching him. He swayed his hips and eventually bumped into me a couple times.

“Come on, babe.” He smiled taking one of my hands.

“We need to finish this.” I said pointing to the unbaked cookies.

“Dance with me, babe.” He pleaded.

“What about the ones in the oven?” I questioned.

“If they burn, they’ll burn.” He smiled wrapping an arm around my waist.

I gave in and started to dance with him. We danced around the kitchen to his song, twirling and getting closer. When his song ended my favorite Etta James song came on. It was a slower song, so Dylan changed the pace.

“We could dance to this song at our wedding.” He said out of the blue.

I laughed a little at the idea.

“We’re not even engaged yet.” I reminded him.

He shrugged before spinning me around. My back was against his chest now as he wrapped his arms around me and we rocked side to side.

“We could be.” He said.

I smiled and leaned my head back on his shoulder. He kissed my cheek and I intertwined my hand with his that rested on my stomach.

“You want to?” I asked.

He nodded.

This wasn’t the first time we had talked about getting married, but I felt like this time he was actually going to propose.

“Do you?” He asked me.

I turned around and holding both his hands in mine now. I smiled at the idea.

“Is that a yes?” He asked again

“Yes, of course I do.” I replied.

He smiled and knelt down on one knee, grabbing some cookie dough off the counter as a pretend ring. I started laughing.

“(Y/N), will you marry me?” He asked seriously.

“Yes.” I said still laughing at my cookie dough “ring.”

He laughed with me now as he stood up.

“You want it?” He asked holding the cookie dough between us.

I shook my head.

“I’d prefer something less perishable.” I told him.

“We can go ring shopping later.” He said.

I nodded and stood on my toes to kiss him. I still couldn’t believe that Dylan just proposed in our kitchen with cookie dough. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it.


Bacon is currently available for adoption.

Our breeding plans have changed, so we have decided to offer her first here on tumblr!

Bacon is a 2014 KSB 66% het anery bred by Kai Justice of The Urban Herp. She weighs 195 grams and has been grown slow, as we intended her to be a breeder. When she gains another 100 grams (which could be by this summer) she will be ready to breed.

She is incredibly docile and is one of our only sandboas that has never attempted to bite us!

Bacon currently eats f/t unscented adult mice every 10 days. She is used to a large enclosure and utilizes all floor space and vertical climbing opportunities. 

We would prefer NOT to ship at this time. We would like to offer her for local pickup OR free delivery to Tinley Park this March, any Midwest Reptile Expo in Indianapolis, or Kalamazoo Reptile Show in Michigan. 

She is available for 100$.

If you are interested in adopting Bacon, send us a private message and we will get in touch.

I’ve been listening to RHCP’s “The Getaway” a ton lately and their song “Go Robot” is so catchy so here’s a GIF I made from that song! One line, with a pen.

(Anthony Kiedis! I am an artist from Michigan! Show me some love ;)! 💜 @chilipeppers )

@redhotchilipeppers (I know these are fan blogs but whatevah)


I’ve said it to @typicaltumblerer before and I’m saying it again 😂

I think that they put the Michigan show on Elisa’s bday on purpose which is cute cos they might sing Happy Birthday to her again and I know Patrick and Elisa are very private and I RESPECT THAT so it may not happen but I hope it does

Woman shows up at hospital with decomposing corpse of her infant son

Lovily Johnson, 22, from Wyoming, Michigan, showed up at DeVos Children’s Hospital with the corpse of her 6 month old son, Noah Johnson. Hospital staff and police detectives say that it was clear that the baby was deceased and had been for some time. Lovily admitted to officers that she purposely denied her baby food, and she kept him strapped into his car seat for several days at a time. She also told officers that she left the baby in an apartment with no air conditioning in the 90+ degree heat and humidity. 

Lovily was arrested and charged with felony murder and first degree child abuse. She faces life in prison if convicted. Lovily also has a 2 year old daughter who has been placed with child protective services.