View of motorboats at Detroit Boat Company and Michigan Steel Boat Company display during 1909 New York Boat Show. Sign overhead: “Detroit Boat Co., Michigan Steel Boat Co., Detroit, Mich. $20.00 canoe, $94.50 motor boat; all boats sold at manufacturers wholesale prices during this show as we have no New York agents.” Stamped on back: “Spooner and Wells, 1931 Broadway, New York, duplicates any time, enlargements all sizes, tel. 3472-3473 Col., credit appreciated.” Handwritten on back: “Boats and boating–New York Boat Show, 1909.”

  • Courtesy of the National Automotive History Collection, Detroit Public Library
Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl "Parent Friendly" Videos
If you’re wanting to go to a show on the Tyler Oakley tour but are afraid of your parents/guardians thinking he is too inappropriate here is a list of some of Tyler and Korey’s more “parent friendly” videos that you can share with them.

Tyler Oakley:

Korey Kuhl

I’ve personally watched all of these videos to make sure that they include no vulgar language or anything of that sort (unless otherwise marked as). I hope this is helpful, because I know that my parents definitely would not let me watch Tyler if they saw some of the more colorful videos he made. And it’s not that they’re bad at all, it’s just that some parents seem to think that they’re too inappropriate. 

Also, I am in no way saying that I wish Tyler would stop being who he is, this is just a cheeky little way of getting around your parents/guardians who might be upset if they knew that Tyler is, what they might think to be inappropriate.

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Dear Future Wife,

I’m getting better for you. I am working on being the best person I can be; someone you are proud of, someone you want to show off, someone who makes you the happiest you’ve ever been in your life. To do that, I need to be the best version of myself. This has been something I’ve struggled with. I haven’t know if it was possible to ever be good enough for anyone. But it’s through my pain that I’ve grown and realized my worth. Through this realization, I am so excited to know I have the potential to be greater than I ever could have imagined.

Not only will I try to be the best wife for you, but I will be your best friend. I will most likely want to make blanket forts for the rest of my life with you. I will definitely always be ready to play pranks on you. And I’ll definitely always be trying to make you laugh.

Things aren’t always going to be easy with us. We’re going to fight. I’m going to piss you off and you’re going to piss me off. But here’s a promise to you that I’ll never go to bed knowing you’re upset with me. Even if I know I’m right, I’ll take a step back and realize there’s nothing more right in the world than you by my side. So I’ll let you win, and always kiss you goodnight.

I’ll be patient. I’ll be kind. I’ll be funny. I’ll be empathetic. I’ll be loving. I’ll be whatever you need and whatever you want of me.

You’re going to deserve the world. And although I don’t know who you are just yet, I know you’re out there. For that reason, I promise to grow into the person you need me to be.

why north americans are allowed to complain

so ive been seeing some stuff recently, especially when the first tour announcement was made, saying that north americans shouldn’t complain about not getting a tour because we already had a tour earlier this year. so i whipped out my handy dandy calculator and i did some math and it all adds up. NORTH AMERICANS HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO COMPLAIN.

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