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Queen Eclipsa’s Adventures @ Michigan Ren Fest!

Decided to wear my Eclipsa cosplay to the Michigan Renaissance Fair this past Sunday and things got a little weird, a little wild-

I met a mermaid who gave me a pretty ocean pebble, and I said thank you.

Gave archery a try! (I was not good! I sucked at throwing knives too oops)

Turkey legs, duuuuh. Even better than a Snookers bar!

Finger guns, eeeyyyy!

And finished the day with a joust (Yay for cool horses and simulated violence!)

A Roleplayer’s Guide to: The State of Ohio!

I’ve seen these posts floating around that are giving roleplayer’s help in regards to writing about certain places but haven’t really seen any regarding the great state of Ohio, so here we are! If you want to play a character from Ohio, here are some helpful tidbits for you!

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New Year’s Six Prognostication: Week 3

The Playoff picture was shaken up a lot with Oklahoma’s big win over Ohio State. I’m much less confident picking the Big Ten and ACC champions so keep that in mind. I also have completely no clue who is gonna go as the Group of 5 representative.

If you want to see how my predictions have changed from last week click here.


Cotton Bowl: 11-1 LSU vs 12-1 Wisconsin

I think that these two big, bruising teams with chips on their shoulders will meet in the Cotton Bowl. It’ll be a rematch of last year’s first game and it’ll have some symbolic value as to which team has come further.

Fiesta Bowl: 10-2 Michigan vs 10-2 South Florida

I’m not confident that either of these teams will make a New Year’s Six Bowl. I put Michigan in ahead of Oklahoma State this week because I think there’s a better chance that the Wolverines will finish with fewer than three losses. That means, of course, that they’d have to beat either Penn State, Wisconsin, or Ohio State. I think that there’s a better chance that they win the home game so let’s go with Ohio State. Wouldn’t that be fun? The G5 spot is completely baffling to me at this point and I have no idea who it will be. I’m putting South Florida in as a place holder even though I’m not confident that they’ll win their conference.

Orange Bowl: 10-2 Florida State vs 11-2 Ohio State

I’ve knocked both Florida State and Ohio State out of the Playoff because it’s hard to see either team running the table any more. I do, however, still think the Buckeyes can win the Big Ten, but with two losses it keeps them out of the Playoff.

Peach Bowl: 11-1 Penn State vs 11-2 Washington

The it’s the closest thing we’ll get to a real Rose Bowl matchup as the PAC-12 runner up plays perhaps the best team in the Big Ten. This also means that I’m picking four Big Ten teams to make the Playoff. That’s a bold move but I’m not sure how likely it is.

Rose Bowl (semifinal): 12-1 Oklahoma vs 12-1 USC

The Big 12 and PAC-12 Champs face off in a rematch of the 2005 BCS Championship Game. I think that both teams could go undefeated but due to their 9 game conference schedules it’s more likely that they drop a game along the way.

Sugar Bowl (semifinal): 13-0 Alabama vs 12-1 Clemson

Now wouldn’t this be special? A rematch of the last two Playoff Championship Games will face off in the semifinal. I have Clemson beating Florida State but losing somewhere to prevent an undefeated campaign. I don’t think Alabama has the same problem.


September 6 2014             Battle of The Blonds

Michigan Wolverines vs Notre Dame Fighting Irish

   Forget the tradition. Forget that it is the last time they will play each other. Forget the 2 ugly quarterbacks. Just focus on the each team’s leading linebackers and blondest badasses. Michigan once again will be led by big Jake Ryan the 6'1 232lbs blond hunk from the state of Ohio. Jake is fast becoming one of college football’s hottest players on and off the field/!

  And Notre Dame will defender her honor and her side of the field with the 6'0 230lb, Joe Schmidt. Notre Dame’s Schmidt is the blond, choir boy looking stud from Southern California. When Schmidt gets on the field he is beast. I guess you can say when it comes to Notre Dame football “Joe is the Schmidt”!

 Don’t forget to check out the other hot players on the field. Check out Michigan’s # 97 Brennen Beyer or #36 Joe Kerridge

 And check out Notre Dame’s Cam McDaniel and Austin Collinsworth.

Michigan at Notre Dame  Saturday Sep 6 2014 on NBC