michigan sweatshirt

Normally Hunter took great care in his appearance, his style had become quite dressy and preppy over the years and he was always clean shaven without a hair out of place. All trace of that Hunter was gone this morning as he heaved himself out of his car with a great deal of effort, dressed in sweatpants and a Michigan sweatshirt with a matching hat and sunglasses despite the relatively dull weather. In his hand he clutched a bouquet of flowers, that Theo would like throw in his face, as he walked up to the younger man’s apartment and knocked on the door.

It had been more than a few hours since the two argued. Theo was fooling himself into believing that the two of them could be more than friends, but Theodore was holding onto the past, the familiarity of someone he once knew, despite Hunter being 10 years older, and far more mature than he once was, but last night he saw a side of Hunter that he wasn’t particularly fond of. Theodore had sworn to himself that he wouldn’t cry - not again, that he wouldn’t shed a tear over Hunter, not again. When Hunter opened the door, and came face to face with the shorter male, a look of confusion covering his feature. Surely he was dreaming, Hunter wouldn’t have the nerve to turn up at his door. “Fuck off.”