michigan soccer


I forgot about some of these.

Since that one good one of Ashlyn is well circulated on the Internet, I thought I’d see if I had some more to share.

Here you go you guys.

I have so many pictures from that day.

I was showing my mom these and she’s like “wow she’s really pretty,” well yeah mom, obviously.


My name is kylie.

I am 15 years old.

I live in Monroe Michigan.

I love playing soccer, volleyball, and basketball. Someday I want to learn gymnastics.

I love all kinds of music, movies, and t.v shows.

I don’t care if you are trans, gay, bi, or straight. I just need friends.

My perfect pen pal would be, some one I could always talk to. Always tell my secrets to.

Add me on snapchat; Kylie_ann34

Follow my instagram; Kylie_ann02

A Michigan soccer mom just went up to me on the boat and went “look at you, sitting all by yourself” and I officially have a new archenemy and our blood feud will span generations