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I’m looking at the map they gave us, and I wanted to point out some stuff. 

Looking at Lake Michigan, you can see that the water doesn’t quite reach the original shape of the lake. There’s less water now. 

Obviously,  Florida being gone. Didn’t really want it anyway. In addition, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas all have chunks taken out of them. Big mess over there.

The mountain range that goes from Maine to Georgia is just missing. 

Oh, and there’s a big lake in California. 

The hell happened here? 


1.4.15 // Impatiently waiting for the mailman to get here with my new bullet journal. I’m absolutely loving all this snow we’re getting! After living in Florida for four years, it’s nice for a change :)

Kiss From A Rose

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader
Word count: 3,435
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex. OOC Ketch. Cussing.
Prompt: This is an expansion I wrote on my drabble for the prompts staircase and necklace.  The drabble (Read Here) is from Ketch’s POV. The story is mostly from the readers.

A/N: I am sorry it took so long to get this out.

Thanks to @lucis-unicorn for helping brainstorm and doing a final reading.

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I am in a desperate need of a road trip…


favourite zack moments (5/?)

The visit from his family at Christmas

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That penis tweet has been up for OVER AN HOUR already. (Fifty bucks says Misha tweeted that then immediately threw Jared's phone into Lake Michigan...)

I see your fifty bucks and I raise you ANOTHER fifty bucks that says Jared actually died laughing and thought it was hilarious so he’s keeping it up on purpose (before deleting it the next time they get a break at the urging of literally every person that works in PR). OR that he genuinely does not know yet.

Personally I’m really hoping that Gen tweets something supportive at him like, “Good for you, baby! Proud of you for opening up and accepting yourself!!! 😘”

(So, Misha appears to have gotten ahold of Jared’s phone…)

If You Knew - Sebastian Aho

sebastian gives 30, you give 70

for @sportsxnetflix

lowercase intended

word count: 1006

warnings: none that i can think of tbh 

a/n: sorry this is so short! i kind of just went with it. maybe a part two in the future if requested ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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you knew sebastian was stubborn, but this was ridiculous.

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So apparently when E and D entered the library, a girl heard one say to the other, "Are you still with me? We're still gonna do this, right?". I've wondered who was the one to say it and i wondered your opinion on who it was? (I love your blog so much btw)

Lisa Kreutz’ (page 62 of the 11k) account: The boys entered the library and started yelling then and one said something about blowing up the library. She heard an explosion inside the library then and she heard one of the gunmen say that they hated the school and that the school had messed them up. Then the shooting began inside the library, setting the fire alarm off. The girls pulled the chairs in closer to the table to hide behind but that didn’t stop the bullets when [Dylan Klebold] began to shoot under their table. Lisa’s right wrist was grazed by a stray bullet. She heard the “Do you believe in God?” exchange between Valeen Schnurr, which occurred about the same time that [Dylan] fired again under the table where Lisa was still hiding. She was hit several times, sustaining multiple gunshot wounds to shoulder, hand and both arms. She lay bleeding in the library for 2 1/2 hours, unable to move due to the severity of her injuries, before she was rescued by officials on scene. She was the last survivor to be pulled from the library.

When the shooters entered the library she heard one say: “Are you still with me? We’re still gonna do this, right?” 

Which time the shooters entered the library- that is, when her mind recalls she heard this -  is key.  

Which boy said this really is hinged on when Lisa Kreutz actually heard the alleged question and whether her recall of precisely when she heard this is correct.  If Lisa had heard one of them say this at the start of the library massacre, while the boys were first approaching the library doors, then I believe that Eric was asking Dylan for reassurance that he was still on board with the ‘make it up as we go along Plan B’ - to continue on with their KMFDM agenda to shoot, kill, maim classmates trapped in the library. This would’ve been before Eric had broke his nose and so he would’ve still been very enthusiastic and pumped up, thirsty for kills and revenge, in addition to the mere taste of it they got outside with some potshots at students on the school grounds.   Upon entering the school, they’d stalled and dicked around in the hallway by shooting and throwing pipe bombs at lockers and walls and randomly shooting at fleeing students in an ineffective free-for-all manner. The two even separated a good bit of time. Dylan killed no one in the hall, Eric killed Dave Sanders.  So, Eric was ready to head into that library and take revenge up close and in a personal way.  Was Dylan ready for this?  Eric had to be sure he was ready for the next level of destruction that was left up to them to accomplish since the bombs hadn’t yet gone off, and might never.

Since, Lisa was heavily wounded and remained in the library somewhere near  an unconscious Patrick Ireland the entire time after all the other students fled, her recall may have been hazy as to when exactly this alleged question was posed. It’s quite possible that it occurred when the boys returned for the very last time to the library.  By then, their mindset had become more distracted and aimless after failing to make the bombs go off in the Commons.  The blood lust against classmates had fizzled and committing suicide was rapidly becoming forefront in their minds since the cops were now closing in.  If the alleged discussion had occurred the second time, the last time, they ventured to the library, I believe Dylan would have asked Eric for reassurance that he too was committed to the act of suicide because this is what Dylan wanted most of all out of that entire day.  Oh sure, the rest was the ‘have fun!’ journey but the end was his destination he so longed for.  

I do believe that Eric may have been hesitant to commit suicide at some point or another, since he was seen to be remorseful on the Basement tape videos made two and a half weeks before the incident, and in their final testament video, Eric was seen to be saying how much he would miss his boss, Bob, at Blackjack, how he would miss some special people, how he wished he could go back to Michigan and see some old friends first, and how he knew his parents would be so hurtful, and his statement of “to everyone I love, I’m sorry about all this” or something to that similar affect. Dylan, on the other hand, was on a suicide mission from the very beginning, and made his suicide a key point in NBK, more than a year prior to the incident. Eric had also wrote that he and Dylan could escape after the incident, and destroy as much as possible, move to Mexico or an island where Americans couldn’t find them, or hijack and crash a plane into New York City afterwards. His alternative exits may have been wildly far fetched fantasy but it equates to a certain amount of disbelief and hesitation that NBK was a revenge mission which could only end unequivocally in suicide - either romantically by cop as he envisioned - or by their own hand.  At the point they made their way back up to the library, Eric would have had to rapidly come to the terms that he would have to do the job for himself in their failed mission.  Even though Eric knew that he wouldn’t live after the incident, and that he eventually would go ahead and commit suicide, he didn’t make his own suicide a key part of the event, something that was absolutely necessary, while Dylan did.  It’s not likely that Dylan would have been the one to have ideas of backing out since it was his utmost goal to complete NBK for the reward of freedom that awaited him.

Anyway, that’s my take! Glad you enjoy E-C. :) 

This large chain supermarket  petrol station is in Lansing Michigan.  it’s on Pennsylvania road.  it’s right at the entrance to I-96, one of the busiest intersections in the state. 

According to the Michigan State Police this entrance sees more drug traffic than any entrance in the entire state. Why ? Well they say there are more growers in the mid michigan corridor. Clearly there is more weed in this area and the prices are better than almost anywhere in the state. in some dispensaries the prices rival the larger dispensaries In Detroit.  it’s not about sales volume in Lansing, it’s about the size and output of your grow.

The reason I’m showing it to you is because I was there on Saturday watching the d e a try to figure out how to remove a case of plants from someone’s car.

They were so angry because Michigan State Police were standing there with them saying they could not take the plants because the person was legal.

I did not take the picture of the police or of the DEA because when I was pointing my camera in that direction they came to me and said do not photograph us so I took the picture of the gas station instead and I’m telling the story

In Michigan we see this all the time, Some stupid ass calls the police because they see you with a pot plant. The uninformed think no one can have pot plants.

Apparently it happens regularly on Saturdays at this gas station as well; because when I went inside to pay the ladies told me, oh well its just another Saturday.

FYI the law in Michigan allows each patient to have 12 plants and if you are a caregiver you can have 12 plants per patient

LOL Michigan State Police why don’t you demand that the DEA and other mich cops take the real clear FREE course on that law that we have here in Michigan, about those pot plants, it’s called the Michigan Medical Marihuana act number one of 2010.

And about those drug figures, those figures are not right, since there is much more pharma traffic as of late.This is noted by the media reports on the rise of Pills and Potions beginning to show up in the Ingham county jail  Most notably heroin, fentanyl and percocet.