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Seaway on the Rise or Die Trying Tour in Detroit 09.16.17
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Seaway dropped their new album Vacation on September 15th via Pure Noise Records. They celebrated by playing at Riot Fest Day 1. The following day they rocked out with us in Detroit on the Rise Or Die Trying 10th Anniversary Tour, alongside Four Year Strong, Like Pacific, Grayscale, and more.

St Andrews Hall is hands down my favorite venue. The number of bands that come through is immense. Legendary acts have played up and downstairs. Huge bands have played small gigs here and well the staff are always incredibly nice and hospitable. It wasn’t always the nicest or cleanest or friendliest venue, but it has become that.

I truly appreciate how much work the staff and owners put into the building in the remodeling and upgrading of the venue. Private bathrooms upstairs, no need to go to the Shelter now that there are bathrooms upstairs. Instead, the men’s bathroom downstairs is now a part of the backstage area. Pretty brilliant if you ask me. The upstairs is so different than I remember.

All this sets up the mood for any show that goes on there to be great. Their set was great, the crowd equated their performance with their awesome response. I dodged a ton of photographers, security guards, and crowd-surfers through their set, which is always a sign of a great band. Seaway are quickly becoming one of my favorites and I am very happy with the set of photos I was able to capture during their set. Make sure to listen to their new record and try to see them at a show soon!

With that being said, check out the photos of Seaway below.


Dads performing a stripped down version of “Take Back Today” on the couch I usually sleep on between air shifts.

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[So excited to see how their Sophomore LP (You Will Eventually Be Forgotten) turns out. Great crew from Michigan.]

Oh no! I thought you’d changed; take back all the things you said. 

I remember thinking this evidence you left was damning enough 

but you took all the words from my mouth and pulled them out. 

How could I not see you for what you are? 

But you turned all the words from my mouth into doubt. 

And I wish I could tear your heart out! 

Break meter and release, and still the voice it keeps 

and I wish that your lungs would give out, 

And finally give air to breathe 

but I know better now. No words could weed you out 

when your back’s against the wall, you’ll be crying out, 

“I’ll take all the words from your mouth and leave them out.” 

And your hands are shaking. 

Finally, call out! 

And the silence breaks your heart, finally. 

Oh, I almost pity you now (I almost pity you now). 

Finally, call out! 

Oh, I almost pity you now. 

And I wish I could tear your heart out! 

Break meter and release, and still the voice it keeps 

and I wish for your lungs to give out, finally.