michigan princess

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a princess picture, but don’t think I’ve forgotten my first loves! Did you know c80sthingamabobs will be holding an amazing sale for Black Friday?! This is her Anna coronation wig and it’s absolutely a dream come true. Shot by the unbeatable bamagazine who is always a treat to work with.


(JAFAX day 1, photo set 1) I was the Wonder Woman, let me know if you spot you or your friends and I’ll tag you!

Edit: In the Steam Powered Giraffe picture [the 7th one] cervii was Rabbit, the spine was artist404 and Walter girl was plantlord!

Zelda is bleachlover99 and Merida is thedoctorheart!

princessryuko is the Ariel! hoodierabbit is the Notepad!

For the past two basketball seasons Michigan State basketball fans have had the pleasure of watching one of our favorite star players, Adreian Payne, interact with Lacey Holsworth. Lacey is a beautiful 8 year old girl that has been fighting a rare form of cancer. I was devastated this morning to learn that last night she lost that battle. No matter which God you pray to; please keep Lacey, her family, and her friends in your thoughts today. RIP Lacey.