michigan music matters

Michigan Music Matters: An Introduction

The “Michigan Music Matters” idea came to me one night when my band, Good Weather for Airstrikes, was on tour this past December. We were in Tennessee or Georgia or something, really far away from home, and I was thinking about how much I love the place I am from. Specifically, the music, and all other forms of creation and expression, in the place I am from.

What I wanted to do was get some of my favorite bands together and play a few shows across this state, just to have some nights showcasing just how good the music and music scene here is. The more I talked and thought about it, the more the idea grew.

The music here matters because it is ours. And I am not speaking from the perspective of a musician. I truly think that every song belongs equally to the people who wrote it and the people who heard it. Each interpretation is unique, as are the situations you interpret these songs in. And when we hear a song written by a band from our home state, it resonates even more. We know what it’s like to tough out a Michigan winter, or fall in love on a calm summer night. We’ve thought about the things that make us sad a little too much when we’re driving down 96 late at night and there’s nothing much to see, or when we’re stuck in the perpetual construction traffic of 23. We hear a song, and we know that feeling. We know that experience. Chances are, we’ve lived it, or seen one of our friends live it.

Music connects us through shared experiences and interests. Chances are you’ve met some of your best friends through the shows that take place in this state, and had some of your best nights at those shows. I know that’s true for me.

The last weekend in April, we will be getting together to celebrate those memorable nights. Hopefully we’ll have a few such nights in the process. Our goal with this string of shows is to highlight what makes the Michigan music scene so important. And what makes it important stretches beyond just the music. We have so many talented individuals across the state, and we’re looking forward to seeing how we can showcase their work on these nights as well.

More than anything, the Michigan music scene is a community of open-minded, creative, and inspired people. Getting together and appreciating the people and music and talent around us is what this is really about. Because all of those things belong to us. And that matters.

James/Good Weather for Airstrikes