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wanna one as people at my school
  • yoon jisung: the one who screams when the fire alarm goes off
  • ha sungwoon: the "i only wear real supreme bro $2000 resale" kid aka the hype beast
  • hwang minhyun: the one who never knows whats going on but always gets good grades
  • ong seongwoo: the "if the teacher doesn't show up in 15 minutes, we can leave" kid
  • kim jaehwan: the one who asks to go to the bathroom and comes back 25 minutes later with starbucks
  • kang daniel: the kids who smells like he models for hollister or a&f
  • park jihoon: the one brings speakers to school and blasts his shitty rap music for everyone to hear
  • park woojin: the "don't come to school tmw" kid aka the school shooter
  • bae jinyoung: the "i crave death" kid aka the one who gave up 2 months before school started
  • lee daehwi: the one who asks to borrow a hair tie and never gives it back
  • lai guanlin: the "hey can i take a picture of your homework" kid

Hey @taylorswift!! This is my best friend Lindsey @swiftingeyesandvacancy. We met in person at 1989 Detroit! She’s from Indiana and I’m from Michigan so it sucked not having your best friend around you, but we now go to the same University! She’s been here for me through thick and thin just like you and your music has. We’ve traveled to each other’s houses and we’ve traveled all around the country to see you because you make us so happy!! I don’t know what I’d do without you or her so thank you for letting me meet my best friend and we can’t wait to see you on the Reputation Tour!!


Request: Hi since your requests are still open… can I ask for one please?🤤 where Zach Werenski got drunk and feel insecure and crying like a baby so you do one thing to calm him down is take a bath with him and whisper sweet nothing to him which he still remembers in the morning, please?❤️

A/N: I hope I was able to capture this one the way you imagined. I realized while writing it, I really had no idea how to describe someone, who isn’t a girl, crying. So I apologize for the sucky description. 

Update A/N: Hey guys, so sorry about the confusion. In Michigan (where I live) we have to big schools Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. We call Michigan State, State for short and the University of Michigan, U of M for short. (Sometimes it’s U of Mich.) Then there is the University of Michigan Dearborn which is shortened to U of M Dearborn or U of Mich Dearborn.I am super sorry for the confusion. Living in Michigan for 10 years, I’m just very used to calling U of M, U of M.

So U of M is referring to the University of Michigan, not University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Warnings: Cursing, because that’s just who I am as a person. 

Word Count: 1389

You met Zach at U of M. It was a typical beginning to a not so typical relationship. Not that you would change any part of it. No, you were pretty much in love with every part of him. Point in case tonight.

Zach went out with the boys after a win. You weren’t really feeling going out. While Zach was living his dream, you still had a year left of school before you could even begin looking for a job in your field.

You should have known something would happen. Zach has been really, needed- for lack of a better word, lately. And you couldn’t figure out why.

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My name’s Chelsea and I live in Michigan. I’m 18 and pansexual and looking for other lgbt friends near or far! Although I’m not looking for a relationship I’m open to something happening. 😊 I love horror movies, dogs, and adventuring. Feel free to message anytime my inbox is always open.

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Curious am I

I’m sure most people have gotten a call from ‘Rachel with cardholder services..“ which is such a well known scam I’ve heard it played back on NPR.(btw, lady who recorded that "Hi, I’m Rachel with..” I hope your peppy little ass is constantly hounded by calls from the fake IRS. Karma, ya know?) Odd thing is, the numbers calling me. I’m from Michigan. And over 25 different phone numbers starting out 517-775-**** have called with this scam. That is a Michigan number, with only 9999 possible variations. How many phone numbers have these scammers bought? And see, I have AT&T, whose service isn’t fantastic, but is predictable, and I’ve contacted them with these numbers. Their response? Nothing. They don’t care. They aren’t going to cut off that source of income. Considering how every cell phone service provider basically gouges their customers, because we let them (HAVE to HAVE a phone) I’m not surprised.

What has surprised me is that every, and I mean EVERY single telescammer for both “cardholder services” and the fake “IRS” are in India. How do I know they’re in India, and not just natives of India in call centers elsewhere?

Simple. I talk to them. But not how they’re expecting, which gets some interesting results.

For example, today’s call from the Friends of Rachel..


(I press 9, because of COURSE I want to talk to someone.)

Man on phone- “Hello, this is (unintelligible mumble) with cardholder services. How are you today?”


Me- “I’m great. Awesome. Got a couple questions.”


Man on phone- “I will be happy to help you and answer sir.”


Me- “Excellent. Okay. First, did you go to college for this? And second, are your parents proud that you work for thieves?”


*long pause…but he doesn’t hang up*


Man on phone- “No sir, they are not happy.”


Me- “Well, at least it pays well, I mean, you make good money, right?”


Man on phone- (speaks very quietly) “No sir, it does not. But I have obligations that were incurred. I have no choice.”


Me- “Wow, the guy from the IRS said almost that exact same thing. You’re in India, right?”


*long pause*


Man on the phone- (still very sotto voice) “Yes.”


Me- “My knowledge of Indian culture and society isn’t too in depth, but I’m imagining that not only will the police not help you about this obligation, but they don’t care?”


Man on phone- “The police are paid well to not help. But I am responsible for my predicament.”


Me- “Sounds like that sucks.”


Man on phone- “Yes it does.”


Me- “Well shit. Hang in there and good luck. Maybe things will get better.”


Man on phone- “Thank you sir. I pray every day they will. Have a good weekend sir.”


Me- “Thanks. I hope you can have a good one as well.”


Man on phone- “Thank you sir. Good bye.”


Yup. It’s a big ball of fun, this world.

Top Ten Games of the Week: Week 6

So…this week kinda sucks. Besides a handful of games there’s not a whole lot going on. Plenty of bad teams playing each other and good teams playing bad teams that should be destroyed. Still, September has turned into October and the conference races heat up no matter what. If you’re a college football fanatic there are still things to be interested in, so if that sounds good read ahead!


Top Ten Games of the Week

10. #5 Georgia 5-0 (2-0) at Vanderbilt 3-2 (0-2)

Series Ledger: 55-20-2 Georgia
Last Meeting: 17-16 Vanderbilt 10/15/2016

Georgia looks really good. Vanderbilt is playing better than usual, but they’ll probably get steamrolled. What’s gonna more fun is if Vandy plays the Bulldogs much closer than Tennessee did. I’m sure Vols fans will be paying attention to the margin of victory.

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30 day thinspo challenge

Day 30:10 facts about you! And now, what are your stats?

1: I’m a professional makeup artist 💄

2: I love autumn!! 🍂

3: I’m obsessed with horror 🦇👻

4: I watch a lot of YouTube ❤️

5: i used to be 98lbs a few years ago (oh how I miss it)

6: I have lived in 5 different mental hospitals in the past 2 years

7: I have 5 siblings

8: I might be a borderline alcoholic 🥃

9: I live in michigan 🇺🇸

10: I’m Wiccan 🕷

Current weight: 243lbs 😭

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remember when Tyler wore beige socks and a frumpy button up to the beach

“I’m confident enough to wear a button down shirt, on a beach in Michigan. I’m also confident enough to wear shorts that are way too short, on a beach in Michigan. And socks? Forget about it. I will roll with whatever socks I grab first, on a beach, in Michigan”