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Hello, I’m Jaden and I’m a brand new studyblr. 

About Me

  • I’m 14
  • I’m a freshman in high school
  • I love stationery
  • I’m from Michigan, USA
  • I’m a Hufflepuff (And proud)
  • I’m an INFJ
  • I don’t really aspire to any particular career or university, although I do plan on going for a graduate degree after high school
  • She/her (No, Jaden is not a boy’s name, it’s neutral. I’ve been asked that enough to put it here)


  • I love writing, especially stories and poetry but I’ll write other stuff, occasionally.
  • I listen to musicals for the most part but I do also like Panic! At The Disco sometimes. Some of my current favorite musicals are Hamilton, In The Heights and Be More Chill.
  • I love theatre and audition for every play/musical I have a chance to perform in. (I’ve performed in eight community plays so far)
  • I played the clarinet in band through middle school but I’m switching band for choir this year.
  • I’m going out for the volleyball team for this first time. (Possibly tennis later on as well)
  • I babysit younger family occasionally.

Classes I Take:

I’m on summer break right now but when I go back I will be taking:

  • Honors Geometry
  • Honors US History
  • General Biology
  • Spanish II
  • Honors English
  • And, obviously, choir

Why a Studyblr?

I wanted something to help keep me motivated and on track and find studyblrs to be realy inspirational for myself and others.

Studyblrs that Inspire Me

@hufflepuffsstudies, @hufflepuffwannabe, @problematicprocrastinator, @sumastudies, @hannhstudies, @snowystudiess, @studyfuji, @ittybittystudyblr, @studyblrmasterposts, @studyblr, @studyquill, @pennyfynotes, @cjm-otstudies, @sensiblestudy, @maddistudies, @camellia-study, @stvdybuddies, @rivkahstudies, @peachi-study, @educatier

Thanks! :)

Bad Girls Club performed by Falling In Reverse in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“I’m still performing. But here’s a video of everyone having fun.” - Ronnie Radke via Instagram


I’m in Michigan for a nice, long, 5 day weekend!! I started it off with what I thought would be a nice easy run. The weather had other ideas.

It was soooo humid! I could not breathe haha I planned on doing 4-5 miles, but I got to 1.25 and decided that wasn’t gonna happen. Oh well! Still did 3 😊

I spend the rest of the day getting pedis and lunch with my mom and hanging out with scott. Will be spending the day on my aunt and uncles lake house tomorrow. Should be fun!

Happy Friday!!

anonymous asked:

CHICAGO! CHICAGO! It's a city thats exciting! It's a city thats inviting, It's a city for a woman just like me! There's a lake they call Lake Michigan! I think I'm really fitting in! This city is my perfect cup of Tea! Chicago! Chicago!

most iconic one-woman show ever.

lmao trina vega was the embodiment of a gemini sun with leo moon/rising 👀


Lexii (yes with two I’s) | 18 | lesbian

I’m from Michigan, I just graduated high school this year I’m really into music I will listen to anything, I love photography, writing/ poetry, nature, makeup/hair, and astrology and things like that. I’m very open minded and friendly I love meeting new people and making new friends so hmu I’ll respond !


Tonight my art is being featured at Frost Museum of Science in Miami! I couldn’t make it there from Michigan, but I’m so excited! I hope everyone has a good time, and if you’re joining me from there, feel free to shoot me a message! I’m always open to questions and comments!


Hey ya’ll. I’m Jelena Sykes and I’m from Michigan. I’m a wife to my wonderful husband Dominik and a mommy to our beautiful 10 year old daughter Solana, and our soon-to-be 2 year old daughter Keri. I graduated in May with my Masters in Special Education, and I am a Autism Behavioral Specialist. I love to cook, (and yes a sista can throw down, haha) dance and be surrounded by good vibes. I hope to make some friends on here. Later!