Michigan Gothic
  • Tourists flock to Sleeping Bear Dunes. The locals are exceedingly quiet. There is sweat on their brow. It is just a name, they say. Stay on the paths, signs warn. Do not wake what lies below the dunes. 
  • Petoskey is a commodity found dotting the shores. It’s a fossil, they say. They dare not say what it is a fossil of. 
  • Snow covers the ground. School is not canceled. You cannot leave your home. School is not cancelled. Rations are running low. You are late for school.
  • Trucks with vivid red cherries painted on the sides file down roads. Liquid sloshes from it’s sides. Something red is suspended within. Everyone knows not to drive behind these trucks.
  • You have family up north. Your friends have family up north. Eventually, you too will be up north. You never seem to see anyone come back.
  • The UP is dense. It is wooded. Some venture within it’s boundaries, but the few that return are always wearing plaid. They smell of copper.
  • The fish flies are back this year. You don’t know where they went. You’re not sure where they came from. The air is heavy with the scent of rotting fish. You can’t see out your windshield. You cannot breathe. They’re back.
  • Sometimes, a static filled station from another place will fill your radio’s speakers. Their voices are muffled, their sounds alien. A chill runs down down your back as a foreign man speaks, “It’s gunna be a beaut, today, eh?”
  • Swimming in a crystalline lake, the water clear, something cold and gripping brushes your foot. It is only seaweed, you tell yourself. We all tell ourselves. It is only seaweed.
  • Houses disappear. Fires, they say. Arson. The city is dangerous like that. More houses are gone. Families pack up and leave. The is no ash or charred remains. Each day, more houses.
  • It’s baseball season. The stadium echoes. On field, athletes keep their eyes low, not daring to look into the bleachers. No humans attend these games anymore. Something else sits in these chairs. They are doing the wave

I’ve been suckling for far too long
I’ve been slowly letting the fires die down
I am smashed and broken I must pick myself together
If I have the will, If I can find it still

I’ll make the same mistakes, and make it three times more
I don’t ask for permission, only for forgiveness
I would make amends, but I am such a chore
And in my defense I am shattered on the floor
I am just a man, whom do I answer for?


- Atrophy for Lethargy 

Wayne Szalinski

EPIDEMIA PARTE 3 ajuda?: depois da noite no acampamento militar,resolvi ir aquela torre de energia que havia visto! cheguei la vi vários zumbis mas não fui detectado!cheguei na torre com um pouco de medo de subir,porque NÃO SOU FÃ DE ALTURA!!! Mas o mundo estava acabando então resolvi subir fazer o que. cheguei lá e tinha um homem no chão que se levantou e veio para cima de mim!!! ele quase me derrubou, me deu uma mordida e derrubou minha bolsa!consegui derruba-lo mas estava com dor, usei o pano no meu rosto para cobrir o machucado,estava com calor tirei a blusa, olhei na caixa de energia e o fio estava solto, coloquei no lugar e desci. Em seguida fui em uma casa matei uns três zumbis que estavam lá, alguns vieram atrás e meti bala. Carreguei meu celular e meu GPS e levei baterias extras que achei numa caixa na cozinha,mas tinha pouca comida então sai estava a noite quando vi um avião que passou lançando misseis na ponte de entrada para MICHIGAM PORQUE EU ESTAVA EM WISCONSIN. Por sorte não me atingiram!! gritei por ajuda a nave estava próxima então me viram!!!! começou a descer e pousou e depois abriu a porta…

A continuação estar por vir, espero que tenham gostado.