Ohgawd, this is probably the biggest time I ever blew off money so much in one day, and I am not usually a shopping type of person. 

Anyways, I found these little suckers in the mall closest to where I lived in Hot Topic! |D

And I went spazzing out on my boyfriend over text.to let him know I found them since he has been looking for them as well. So I took my chances got three, thankfully all different ones, and was not disappointed, got the cute duo. :3 Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. 

They were a bit pricey but it was okay at the time cause Hot Topic was having a sale so I went all, ‘Eh, why not?’ e ue Did my shopping spree of the year there, lol. 

But anyways, yeah guys, go look in your nearest Hot Topic if you haven’t. 

My boyfriend also told me they were suppose to be in some local stores such as Walmart, but haven’t yet? Keep an eye for them there as well. 

They come in bags such as the blind bag ponies and they don’t have codes this time to actually know what is in them, so it’s all luck, unless I didn’t find the trick of it. 

Anyways, happy hunting fellow bronies!

I should put something for my followers, 'Watch out for random Pony, Pokemon, Drawings, Anime, and shit. I reblog whatever I want. You can’t tell me what to do.’ XD

I would like to inform people of the restaurant industry if you haven’t yet. 

  1. Do not throw a fit if you see the place busy
  2. Do not yell at hostess cause it may make her cry
  3. Be respectful of your waiter because you’re not the only table they are servicing
  4. Not all busboys or hostess are just paid to ‘clean up after you’, we do so much more than just clean.
  5. Be respectful and don’t leave a HUGE freaking mess, it isn’t your home
  6. Be nice to us, sometimes we have a bad day and have to come to work with it, humor us

Just wanted to put it out there as a rant, RESPECT THE RESTAURANT INDUSTRY IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS LIKE.

Guys if you’re complaining, ‘It’s so hard to make a girl happy.' 

Well gees. not all of them are like that, and for me, there are the simplest things that could make a girl smile! 

  • Hug her from behind.
  • Bring her flowers for no reason.
  • Kiss her when she isn’t expecting it.
  • You don’t need to go on an elaborate date to have a good time, take her the park! Spending time with your significant other means a lot. 
  • Make sure to hold her hand in the public.
  • Take silly pictures with her, we love that. 
  • Watch a movie together at home on the couch, you necessarily don’t have to go to the movie theaters. 
  • Give her bear hugs if you can, we love that, it makes us happy.
  • And show her off to the world, as in, 'I am proud she is mines and none of you motherfuckers can have her.’
Just finished watching Summer Wars!

I have been looking around forever to watch this anime and just did today! 

I actually thought it was a pretty good movie, especially loved King Kazma. 

@ u @ 

One kick-ass rabbit, so anyways, I thought this movie wasn’t going to be sad at one point, but I was kidding myself, so anyways, one part towards the end, I actually began to tear up and I’m all sitting here like, ‘What the fuck is wrong with me? D:’

So yeah, anyways, good anime movie, I recommend watching it if you love anime movies.