michi did a art

Me? Love Michi?? Its more likely than you think.

The Gerudo Princess and Her Knight (botw!AU gerudo princess!verse)


by me, Nathalie Michelle L. (AKA Michie) @xxhinaangelxx


I have finally did some digital art for my zelink!! Yay! This definitely gave me some practice since it has been awhile. I love how this came out! This was so much fun to draw. Hope you all like it too! I’ll do another digital art based on my country sweethearts TP!Zelink verse. It won’t be for awhile though (^w^); . I’ll be drawing traditionally since I’m definitely more comfortable (and also because the laptop is slow *groans in dismay*).

Anyway, please enjoy one of my rare digital art piece ;)

anonymous asked:

michi did u see the art sensei uploaded of kaneki yesterday with the caption dont hit me father ?

We’re not sure who it is actually but yes I’ve seen it.


“and suddenly, things seemed to slow down, amongst the chaos that was the city square filled with people - for a moment, it was just us, together, and for a moment, things didn’t seem as looming and frightening as they were on a day to day basis, and we could keep going forward, one dance step at a time, to the tune of life.” 

season’s greetings, @urgoingtohell !!! i was your gifter for the young avengers holiday exchange!! i hope this piece is to your liking and that these holidays are filled with warmth and good tidings to you in the upcoming year <3