When one of the biggest movie stars of the last 10 years refers to herself as “so gay” on one of the most-watched late-night television shows on the air, it forces people to reconfigure how they think about what it means to be “gay” and who and what that term includes. Suddenly, anyone who only knew Stewart as “that girl from ‘Twilight’” and “Robert Pattinson’s ex girlfriend,” is confronted by her sexuality in a new and startling way, and it upends assumptions about the community, which is exactly why coming out is still so crucial.
Signs as Famous Artists
  • Aries: Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Francisco Goya
  • Taurus: Salvador Dali, John James Audubon, George Braque, Leo Michelson
  • Gemini: Diego Velazquez, Mary Cassatt, John Trumbull, Henri Rousseau
  • Cancer: Edgar Degas, Frida Kahlo, Rembrandt, Edward Hopper
  • Leo: Andy Warhol, Zelda Fitzgerald, Asher Brown Durand, RC Gorman
  • Virgo: Grandma Moses, Ruffino Tamayo, Frank Von Der Lancken, Wilfrid Zogbaum
  • Libra: Caravaggio, Benjamin West, Umberto Boccioni, Ray Johnson
  • Scorpio: Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Bob Ross, Georgia O'Keeffe
  • Sagittarius: Diego Rivera, Emily Carr, Edvard Munch, George's Suerat
  • Capricorn: Henri Matisse, Paul Cezanne, John Singer Sargent, Jean-Michel Basquiat
  • Aquarius: Jackson Pollock, Edouard Manet, Yoko Ono, Norman Rockwell
  • Pisces: Michelangelo, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Colin Campbell Cooper, Piet Mondrian
It’s trans people ― not cis people ― who experience real terror when faced with everyday, ordinary activities. It’s trans students ― not cis students ― who are robbed of the chance to get a good (or even mediocre) education because of the distractions and drama orchestrated by folks who have nothing better to do than work themselves up into small-minded fervors over what genitals belong where. And too often it’s trans people ― not cis people ― who are attacked and murdered because of who they are.
—  There’s An Insidious New Plot To Make Trans Kids’ Lives Hell | Noah Michelson for the Huffington Post Queer Voices
A generation after the Holocaust
and I know no Hebrew. No Yiddish. No Torah.
I fast only on the Day of Atonement
and even then I’ve been known to cheat.
A generation after the Holocaust
and I apologize for my grandfather’s
bent back and wild gestures.
I used to tremble to the rhythm
of his prayers. I feared the mysterious
words that kept us from the devil.
Now, from my window I watch Nazis march.
Their feet strike the pavement
like the ticking of a clock. I am a Jew
a generation after the Holocaust.
Poorer, my grandfather says, without a past
than he, who has no future.
—  Richard Michelson, “The Jews that We Are”

I.   March 1979 and I am watching Nazis
march through Chicago. The bold type
of the Sun-Times describes a small band
of hoodlums, undereducated boy scouts, the better
to be ignored. My grandfather, back hunched
over his Bible, agrees. Jews like myself
should stay home, should lay down our stones
and pray like the Jews that we are. 

II.   Grandfather, you are easy to love
with your long beard and the way you sway
like a palm branch in the storm. It is easy
to romanticize your spiritual search,
worldly naiveté and wise rabbinical words.
You belong in the books I read
by Singer, Peretz, Sholom Aleichem.
But their characters are ignorant
of the chapters to come. You know
where their prayers will lead.

III.   A circle. Six Nazis. Your wife in the middle.
One soldier says all Jewesses are whores
and the others agree. You say nothing.
Years later you’ll decide to speak:
“Do we not serve Hitler’s purpose, we
who would sooner renounce our beliefs
than assume our burdens?”

IV.   A generation after the Holocaust
and I know no Hebrew. No Yiddish. No Torah.
I fast only on the Day of Atonement
and even then I’ve been known to cheat.
A generation after the Holocaust
and I apologize for my grandfather’s
bent back and wild gestures.
I used to tremble to the rhythm
of his prayers. I feared the mysterious
words that kept us from the devil.
Now, from my window I watch Nazis march.
Their feet strike the pavement
like the ticking of a clock. I am a Jew
a generation after the Holocaust.
Poorer, my grandfather says, without a past
than he, who has no future.


Richard Michelson, The Jews that We Are

feels painfully relevant right now

Stewart and her identity ― gay, bisexual, fluid or otherwise ― aren’t problems or problematic. Quite the contrary, whether she knows it or not, she is emblematic of the future, at least if we’re lucky (and smart) and follow her example. That doesn’t necessarily mean we need to constantly (or ever) redefine how we each personally identify ― interrogating your desire and your politics to determine your sexuality and then sticking with it is just fine, too. But finding the courage and conviction to embrace labeling and then relabeling if it feels right should be an option. No one should get to tell us how to feel or how to identify and no one should get to tell us that we’ve got it wrong or we’re confused because we might change or challenge our minds about who we want and when and why at any point in our lives ― whether it be once or never or every other weekend.
—  We Need To Talk About WTF Is Up With Kristen Stewart’s Sexuality | Noah Michelson for the Huffington Post
Klaus’s Daughter

Request: I guess this counts as a request, I noticed some people wanted a story to go with the imagine I did so here is a one shot of the imagine I did below. Hope you guys enjoy.


It had gotten dark a lot faster than I anticipated, the only sound of the calm night being the wildlife that seems to come alive only when the sun goes down. I breath a sigh as I rush to get home. Father is going to be furious that I’m out so late, but how was I supposed to know my ride would bail on me and I’d have to walk home. I huff and walk a bit faster wanting to be home already. As I round the corner to the Michelson property I smile and slow down just a bit. As I get to the front door my steps falter as I see the door has been kicked in. I slowly creep forward thinking perhaps father just got angry at one of his subordinates again. My heart is pounding in my ears as I carefully shuffle through the doorway avoiding the splintered pieces of wood.

“Hello? Anyone home?” I yell out.

I hear faint whispering as I cautiously walk towards the den.

“Now really Nicklaus keeping a human pet is just beneath you.” I hear a deep male voice say to my father. 

A feminine scoff is the next sound in the room before a woman starts talking. “Never mind his pet I’ll take care of her just make sure he doesn’t leave.”

I jump, startled by fathers booming voice before my brain registers what he said.
“Aunt Rebekah?” I whisper to myself before I feel a rush of wind, my hair gently swaying to the side before I feel a delicate hand grasp my neck and pull me backwards. I feel my breath leave me as I hit the floor.
“Well I’ll give you this Klaus, she is a pretty little thing. I wonder how lovely she screams.”

Fear courses through my veins as I hear father yelling and pleading. I’m lifted from my spot lying on the floor, I look up into the eyes of my attacker and I can’t help the brief thought that crosses my mind that Rebekah looks exactly the way father described her in his stories, beautiful to any mortal, but eyes that could very well strike fear into any being, much like the fear I feel now. Rebekah releases me but only for a moment before gripping my hair and dragging me into the room that father and who could only be my uncle Elijah are in. I let out a shout of pain as she tugs my hair harshly. i whimper and struggle to get out of her hold. Rebekah sighs and lets go of my hair but then grasps my throat, her hand tightens and restricts my airflow.
“Please Rebekah no! Let her go! You’ll regret what you are doing please!”
Fathers plead to Rebekah sounds distant as black fills the corner of my vision. The hard floor is the next thing I feel as i’m dropped to the ground.
“Please don’t do this!” My voice is hoarse as I plead looking up at my aunt. I shiver in fear at the look of disinterest and slight disgust on her face.

~Klaus’s POV~
From where I’m held down I can only watch as Rebekah backhands Y/N into the wall, the dull thud of her body making me look to Elijah.
“Please brother you don’t understand who she is! Stop this i’m begging you!”
Elijah stares at me impassively and I can feel fire fill my very being, I roar in anger and push Elijah off me and into a wall before grabbing his head and twisting it till I hear it snap. I grab his arm and tear it from his body and proceed to tear into his chest crushing his heart, hoping it’ll keep him distracted long enough to get to Y/N. Desperation clouds my judgement as I turn to Rebekah, but I’m grabbed from behind by Elijah before I can get a foot towards her. I look up in time to see Rebekah twist one of Y/N’ s arms till there is a loud snap. The scream that tears out of my daughter’s throat has me falling to my knees
“Please stop this, no more” my voice is quiet and weak as I hear her cries of pain.
“Dad please help” Y/N whispers to me before losing consciousness. The second those words leave her mouth I feel the arms holding me slack and I tear away from Elijah.
I run to my daughter shoving a shocked Rebekah out of my way. I sink to my knees and gently lift Y/N into my arms and push her hair away from her face.
“No! Nononono please! Y/N! Come on sweety open your eyes, please baby open your eyes. Please! I can’t lose you!”
I choke on a sob as I gently rock her back and forth in my arms pleading for her to wake up. I hear her faint heart beat getting weaker. I stand with her in my arms shaking from repressed sobs and pure anger at my siblings. I look up at the two of them and note their shocked faces.
“You two better be gone when I get back. If I ever see the two of you again I’ll dagger you and bury you so deep in the ground no one will ever find you. And if you come anywhere near my daughter I’ll find a way to kill you both permanently!” With that said I tighten my hold on Y/N and run out of my own home as fast as I can to the nearest hospital.
“Hold on Angel you’ll be okay” I whisper to her, though it does nothing to calm my frayed nerves as her heart beat slows to a dull thump that my own ears can barely pick up.

~Elijah’s POV~
Nicklaus’ words keep echoing in my head as I try to wrap my mind around the fact he said daughter.
“Elijah she can’t be his daughter can she?”
Rebekah asks me.
I turn to her and the look in her eyes makes me wince, if somehow Klaus was able to have a child Rebekah would have just attacked her own niece while I held Klaus back and just watched.
“There’s no way he could conceive a child” I state indifferently though in my mind I can feel slight panic and a sense of dread begin to overwhelm me. If we really did just basically invade our brothers house and attack his daughter we are no better than our own father hunting Klaus down.
I start walking to the door when a black bag catches my eye from the corner of the room, I glance down and notice it’s the bag the young girl, Klaus’s daughter had with her. Curiously I see an old book, gently pulling it out and opening the cover I see the name Y/N Michelson etched into it. Flipping to the first page I read aloud, 

“My name is Y/N Michelson, from the very beginning I was called many things, special, a monster, an abomination, a miracle, the devils spawn. What I was never called was a daughter or loved. From what I’ve heard and remember of my mother she was a witch, a powerful one at that. Though I don’t remember her as she died when I was born, I do know my father Nicklaus, he found me and after finding out I was his daughter he raised me even though at the start he believed me to be only mortal, that one day I would die. We searched for answers of how my birth was possible but only came up with my eventual death. We found that I will be able to age until I inherit my magic, from there on I won’t age but I will still be mortal I could still die by human standards. Father has become very protective of me, he treats me like a China doll, easily broken and lost. Most days father and I will sit together in the day room and he regales stories of his life to me, of his brothers and his sister, my aunt and uncle’s, I hope to one day meet them, from fathers stories they sound wonderful and seem to value family above all else, I hope to one day meet them as their niece. Perhaps father will let us meet one day, I hope they like me I would very much enjoy to have more family.”

As I finish reading I turn to Rebekah who is softly crying.

“She’s family Elijah and we almost killed her!” she chokes out before breaking down into sobs. Listening to her cries I can’t help but feel despair and guilt wash over me. “What have we done.” 


The magic of the movies depends on a suspension of disbelief, and behind each great film are the countless artists and craftspeople who have trained their talents on transporting us to another world. Director Daniel Raim has spent almost twenty years throwing a spotlight on these unsung heroes, first in his Oscar-nominated documentary short The Man on Lincoln’s Nose, a portrait of Hitchcock production designer Robert Boyle, and most recently in Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story, an eye-opening chronicle of the creative partnership and marriage of two industry veterans.

Frequently uncredited for their work, storyboard artist Harold Michelson and researcher Lillian Michelson have long stood in the shadows of their celebrated collaborators, including Alfred Hitchcock, Mike Nichols, and Francis Ford Coppola. But their indelible mark can be seen in some of the most unforgettable moments in film history. Harold’s creative input served as the blueprint for the groundbreaking camera angles in The Birds and the iconic shot of Dustin Hoffman seen through the arch of Anne Bancroft’s leg in The Graduate, while Lillian’s exhaustive research ensured the accuracy and enhanced the visual details of films like Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Fiddler on the Roof, and Full Metal Jacket.

Raim’s documentary, which premiered at Cannes in 2015, combines candid interviews with film clips, heartwarming readings from the couple’s love letters, and storyboard illustrations that bring their six decades in the movie business to vivid new life. With the film opening at New York’s Quad cinema this Friday, I spoke with Raim on the phone about how he first became enamored with this power couple and what the process of making the movie taught him about the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Couple Behind the Curtain: A Conversation with Daniel Raim


The Failed Experiment That Changed The World

“ This null result — the fact that there was no luminiferous aether — was actually a huge advance for modern science, as it meant that light must have been inherently different from all other waves that we knew of. The resolution came 18 years later, when Einstein’s theory of special relativity came along. And with it, we gained the recognition that the speed of light was a universal constant in all reference frames, that there was no absolute space or absolute time, and — finally — that light needed nothing more than space and time to travel through. ”

In the 1880s, it was clear that something was wrong with Newton’s formulation of the Universe. Gravitation didn’t explain everything, objects behaved bizarrely close to the speed of light, and light was exhibiting wave-like properties. But surely, even if it were a wave, it required a medium to travel through, just like all other waves? That was the standard thinking, and the genius of Albert A. Michelson was put to work to test it. Because, he reasoned, the Earth was moving around the Sun, the speed of light should get a boost in that forward direction, and then have to fight that boost on the return trip. The perpendicular direction, on the other hand, would be unaffected. This motion of light should be detectable in the form of interferometry, where light was split into two perpendicular components, sent on a journey, reflected, and then recombined.

The null results of this experiment changed the Universe, and the technology is still used today in experiments like LIGO. Come learn about the greatest failed experiment of all-time!

Thomas’s Lovesong Playlist

Aries: The Way I Am // Ingrid Michelson // “If you were falling, then I would catch you, you need a light, I’d find a match, ‘cause I love the way you say good morning”

Taurus: Photograph // Ed Sheeran // “Oh you can fit me, inside the necklace you got when you were 16, next to your heartbeat where I should be”

Gemini: Video Games // Lana Del Rey // “It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you
everything I do, I tell you all the time, Heaven is a place on earth with you”

Cancer: A Drop In The Ocean // Ron Pope // “A drop in the ocean, a change in the weather, I was praying that you and me might end up together”

Leo: Best Mistake // Ariana Grande // “'Cause if the water dries up and the moon stops shining, stars fall, and the world goes blind, boy, you know, I’ll be savin’ my love for you, for you”

Virgo: Still Into You // Paramore // “Can’t count the years in one hand that we’ve been together, I need the other one to hold you, make you feel better”

Libra: Cosmic Love // Florence + The Machine // “Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too, and so I stayed in the darkness with you”

Scorpio:  Evermore // Josh Groban // “Now I know she’ll never leave me, even as she runs away, she will still torment me, calm me, hurt me, move me, come what may”

Sagittarius: G.U.Y. // Lady Gaga // “I just want it to be hot, because I’m best when I’m In love, and I’m in love with you”

Capricorn: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? // Carole King // “I’d like to know that your love, is a love I can be sure of, so tell me now, ‘cause I won’t ask again, will you still love me tomorrow”

Aquarius: All I Ask // Adele // “Take me by the hand while we do what lovers do
It matters how this ends, cause what if I never love again”

Pisces: Enchanted // Taylor Swift // “This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go
I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home, I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew, I was enchanted to meet you”


TAKING THE PLUNGE - models: Aamito Lagum & Mayowa Nicholas - photography: Tanya Posternak & Zhenya Posternak - fashion editor / styling: Alexandra Carl - hair: Tamas Tuzes - makeup: Candle Komarovski - Allure June 2017

  • featured: Araks - Fella - Lisa Marie Fernandez - Solid & Striped - Maria Hoffman - Acacia Swimwear - Eres | accessories: Annelise Michelson earrings - Alain Mikli sunglasses
  • beauty notes: Infallible Paints Liquid Eyeliner in Vivid Aqua by L’Oréal Paris - Infallible Paints Eye Shadow in BRB Blue by L’Oréal Paris
An Excerpt from Elsewhere University's Student Accommodation Guide, Accurate to Term Beginning September 20XX

(Handwritten RA’s notes in parentheses)

The Towers

Mid-20th century brick apartment towers, divided into Pelham, McGonagall, Byron, and Bulwer-Lytton. Despite rising to 14 storeys, they have no iron rebar frames supporting them internally, leading many students to say they can feel the Towers sway in high winds. While this is not true, they definitely have the finest views on campus, being situated on the top of The Hill. The Towers have ample kitchen space, but prospective students should be reminded of their thin walls and thin floors. They are regarded as the “party” flats, and many second and third year students will say if a bad decision is going to be made on a night out, the odds are good it will happen in the Towers.

(No one remembers inviting the slim boy with slicked-back blonde hair, but he brought rum and an electric personality and makes himself welcome. He suggests a drinking game none of you have heard of, and only you remember never to play a game whose rules you do not understand. Your friends are not so fortunate)

The Ziggurat

Built in an unusual art-deco architectural style, the ziggurat is officially known as the Carnarvon Memorial Building, and dates back to the mid-1920s. The outward-facing rooms have large windows and are generally well-lit, but rooms further into the interior have no windows at all. Despite pre-dating air conditioning, students report that the rooms at the heart of the Ziggurat remain cool even in the height of summer. Thick walls and shag carpets also make the Ziggurat among the quietest of on-campus accommodation, which many more studious undergraduates consider a bonus.

(She finds sand in her shoes all year round, but at least her food never spoils. An undergrad swears she sees a falcon roost outside her room every day at sunrise. A label on a box of leftovers reads “Whoever opens me without consent, there will be judgement, an end shall be made for him. I shall seize his neck like a bird… I shall cast the fear of myself into him”. Every assumes it is a joke, until the seal is broken.)

The Chinese House

A quaint piece of 19th century Orientalism, and the last survivor of an eccentric effort to build an international students village using architectural styles from all over the world. Most were demolished between the expansion of the football field, the construction of the Michelson-Morley building, and a terrible fire in the mid-20th century that destroyed the Dutch farmhouse. Despite an ongoing and heated debate among the student population over whether or not the building’s styling and history make it an unfortunate racist relic or an architectural piece worthy of preservation, the Chinese House’s residents report that it is pleasant and homely. Regardless of nationality or religion, residents are advised to participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival arranged by the Chinese House Residents’ Assistants, as a matter of etiquette.

(Every year, room 5B is taken by an Asian student with dark hair who keeps a rabbit. No one tells security, even though pets are not allowed in campus accommodation. Impolite questions about where she is from are met with a patient smile, and a gentle reminder that an American flag flies over her home)

Dadd House

A modest Victorian building with en-suite rooms and upholstery faithful to the original. The Accommodation Office must deny absolutely any and all claims that it is a re-purposed insane asylum, including rumours that rooms 2A-2F still have padded walls, or that the 3rd floor rooms have locks on the outside of the doors, as these are baseless and harmful claims which do no justice to the building’s proud traditions. We must remind would-be applicants that the continued existence of Dadd House is due to a very generous grant provided by an anonymous donor, with the proviso that the House is reserved for those majoring in Fine Art, Art History, Music, Music Theory, Ceramics, and Animation. Exceptions cannot be made for those studying Liberal Arts.

(Her music only improves during her residency, filling the dark, sad halls of the house with beautiful sound. He paints great swirls of colour over his canvas, over the walls, over the floor. Her mind is alive with poetry, and she finds herself speaking in hexameter. What had been normal motions startle her as she catches smear frames in the corner of her eye. A group of non-students stroll through the tiled corridors, golden eyes flicking from one delight to the next, furred ears twitching. They discuss who they shall give their ultimate patronage to, as gardeners would discuss which plants to nurture, and which to prune)

Elsewhere Square

An early 21st century addition to the campus, this is one of the more divisive accommodation buildings in recent years, and has been voted “Ugliest Campus Accommodation” in a National Students’ Union poll every year since its construction. Certainly its garish colours and incongruous position next to the venerable Morganwg Building make it stand out, but it is worth remembering that the Morganwg itself was once denigrated as “Gothic” in its day. The layout of the corridors may seem counter-intuitive at first, but students are sure to adapt to it quickly with help of Residents’ Assistants (known colloquially as “Pathfinders” in the Square). Due to a certain proportion of permanent residents, space at Elsewhere Square is limited, but rooms are en suite, and its position is convenient for all campus locations.

(At every junction and intersections, we carve symbols into the wall, and the freshers quickly learn their meanings. You have gone too far, they say, turn back and do not continue. Your rooms are behind you, and you are in unfriendly territory. The unwise head deeper into the building, finding corridors which narrow abruptly into squeeze-bys and stairs which descend below the ground floor. The corridors beyond warp as cheap plasterboard gives way to bare limestone rock, forcing those who descend to twist and contort themselves to pass. No one has ever failed to return from the depths of Elsewhere Square, but no one who ventures there returns unchanged)

Taliesin House

A rare survivor from Elsewhere University’s earliest days, this Romantic-styled house lies on the edge of campus between the Lake and the playing fields, offering pleasant verdant surroundings and easy access to the Sports Centrer for students in sports science courses. The Residents’ Assistants run a lively calendar of events, including socials at the spring and autumn equinox, as well as the summer and winter solstice fairs, as well as a poetry competition in the first week of August. The nearby forests are private property of the Dean’s House, and the Accommodation Office must stress in the strongest language the need for students to stay out of the forest, on pain of expulsion and a permanent mark against their academic record.

(The sports societies love Samhain. They spend all night cheering, drinking to excess, dancing around the ceremonial bonfire that campus security tacitly agrees to ignore. One of the RA’s wears a pair of stag’s antlers, and in the darkness you have a fanciful moment where you imagine they are sprouting directly from his head. Then two drunken members of the girl’s rugby team stumble into the forest together, and a carynx horn bellows through the night. Everyone is inside by the time they hear the thundering of hooves and the baying of the black dogs)

Your RA Suggests:

Residents are requested to keep communal spaces (such as kitchens and bathrooms) clean and tidy, although everyone makes an exception for salt spills.

We suggest you bring only cast iron kitchenware to Elsewhere University. If you can’t get any prior to arrival, remember that the Accommodation Office holds a Lost and Found sale during Fresher’s Week.

While Elsewhere University Campus Security prides itself on its effectiveness, the Accommodation Office must formally issue a warning to all students to avoid unfamiliar individuals, particularly at night and during periods of lunar occlusion. Watch your friends closely.

Campus traditions may seem quaint to you, but it is worth remembering that what appears to be random superstition to you represents hard-won knowledge for others. If you don’t want to participate in seriousness, then at least participate with a sense of fun.

Most importantly, remember that your accommodation is your home, and you should never feel out of place or uncomfortable in your own home.

(Fairies are real, words have power, your home is only as safe as you make it)

(AN: The Ziggurat, the Towers, and Elsewhere Square are direct references to existing accommodation at University of East Anglia and University of Essex)


Good Great Comet things

- Lucas Steele winked at me on the “women and wine” line so we started in a great place
- Amber Gray was so near to me so many times, at one point in thigh highs so I had a gay panic every moment
- I got a letter that called me a fine-apple
- I made eye contact with everyone in the cast, or if I didn’t I did my damn best
- Ingrid Michelson? Yes
- Nothing could have prepared me for Dust and Ashes
- Oak was so amazing as Pierre
- Marya and Helene made out very much not far away from me and I wasn’t ready
- also the lesbian dancers were right by me
- and all of the beautiful women smiled at me
- maybe they knew
- I wanna reiterate that Amber Gray sat next to me
- she also hit me with her dress a lot
- a lot of them hit me with their costumes
- Denee Benton is so small
- Sonyas party outfit was a neon corset and it made me feel… things
- Lucas Steele also picked up my water bottle and handed it to me so we’d toast with him
- every time I almost cried I was in the light
- the great comet made me feel things man