Michellie || Week One

This was the final night of  Ellie’s daily kneeling punishment, and by the end of the hour her headspace was quite submissive. The daily kneeling, paired with no longer having Mr. Mike as a dominant and how Naomi had helped hher move past the initial jealousy of thhings, really made her feel better about things. She kept her head bowed and quietly, patiently, waiting for for Michael to let her know her punishment was over.

Michellie || Apologize

Ellie let out a shaky breath as she made her way toward the door to Sam and Michael’s apartment. Mr. Mike had brought her over straight after work and allowed her the courtesy of going upstairs to deliver the apology letter without him there. Ellie hoped not having her new Dominant by her side would allow her and Michael a chance to talk and ease some of the tension.

Once she arrived, clad in a sundress and sandals, she knocked on the door and smiled a little at Sam. She declined the opportunity to hang out and simply asked to be left by herself to kneel outside of Michael’s room. That’s where she was when the man came home from work, kneeling in front of her door with her hands upturned, the letter clutched loosely in her fingers.