Chapter One. Michellie- Car Ride

Michael and Nellie sat in the small car on their way home to LA from the roadtrip. Nellie was fast asleep in the passenger seat and Michael was hungry, bored and tired. The only way he could possibly stay awake and cure his boredom was to either blast the radio, talk to Nellie, or sing. Obviously he couldn’t blast the radio because it would wake the sleeping dark haired beauty. He decided that he would sing a little but eventually ran out of ideas for songs to sing and decided that he could just talk to the sleeping Nellie. He blabbered on for a while not even realizing what he was saying. *buzz buzz* He grabbed his phone and looked at who the message was from. 

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LA Bound-Michellie Part 1(Multi-Chaptered Fanfic)

So guys, this is my first fanfic.(: I had to adjust some parts so drama in the michellie department didn’t explode. So it’s slightly edited, so it may not run very smoothly. Oh and I’m still not sure how many chapters. But I hope you enjoy!(Michael is single, Meghan does not exist in the fic. just to let you guys know haha) Oh and if you guys want please give me some prompts (:

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