queens snapchats!

adore- dannynoriega
aja- ajanyc
alaska- alaskathunder
alyssa- jdlj01
april- aprilcarrion
bob- bobthedragqueen
courtney- courtneyact
cynthia lee- lee_fontaine
derrick barry- derrickbarrydb
detox- detoxicunt
farrah- farrahmoan
jinkx- the jinkx
katya- katya.zamo
kim chi- kimchi_chic
laganja- officialganja
manila- manila_luzon
milk- notbigandmilky
miss fame- missfamenyc
michelle visage- michellevisage
naomi- legs4days69
phi phi- phiphiohara
sharon- sharon-needles
thorgy- thorgythorgy
trannika- trannikarex
trixie- trixiemattel
violet- violetchachki
willam -willambelli
wowpresents- wowreport
please let me know if I missed any


@michellevisage@GreatCometBway I WANT TO COME SEE YOU

@reedluplau: @michellevisage @GreatCometBway Would love for you to come visit us. We promise death drops and unclockable lace fronts!

@AlexVGibson: @michellevisage @GreatCometBway We would love nothing more than to have you here!!!

@TheCometMemes: I wonder if all the boys in @GreatCometBway are still alive after reading this

@gelseybell: @TheCometMemes @GreatCometBway All the boys AND girls!

Trying to dodge all the Rupaul’s drag race all stars 2 spoilers because ur not from usa and you have to watch it in streaming few days after like:

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