So I recently saw this from MissGlamorazzi or Ingrid and she swears by it so I went out and gave it a try! It claims that it last 24 hours and clear up dark skin under your arms from shaving! This is the Dove Clear Tone, and I use the one in Skin Renew.

And to be honest, it works. Not within the first week, but it works progressively over time. I think I’ve been using this product for about a month now and it really does help. I mean my underarms weren’t like dark dark, but they were noticeable, and to be honest it is embarrassing especially during the summer. Since it’s the winter, it’s a good time to take care of all those bad spots before summer comes around! 

I’ve been using this stuff religiously though. Like I put it on before I go to school, when I come home, before practice, after a shower, before bed. It doesn’t last “24 hours” like it claims. Nothing lasts 24 hours. LOL. You smell it right on you, so I guess that’s like a clue to you that it’s working? But anyways. It fades within maybe 4/5 hours. The smell lingers a bit but not as strong. I mean I don’t sweat a lot so this doesn’t really matter anyways? But for the whitening part in my underarms? This stuff I will swear by too.

If you’re looking for something that last longer and is for sweaty people and the clearing of under arms, the Dove Clear Tone CLINICAL one should work just as well.