So this is the Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty. It comes in a 6 oz, for $28.00 and a 2.5 for $15.00. The 6 oz is A LOT of cream. Which is the one I have and it’s like my best friend. 

This is a really really really good investment if you’re looking for a good face cream or anything actually. It works on your body for dry spots and it does wonders for you face. Some people say that it breaks them out or gives them more oily skin. But honestly, it doesn’t. And if your face happens to be oily, don’t use it a lot. But this has cleared up a lot of the redness that I have in my cheeks and my any irritations that I have on my face or body. The smell to it isn’t that great, it kinda just smells like a face cream. But this is a really good product and I would recommend anyone to buy this. Especially during this time, where everyones skin is super dry because of the weather.

On the plus side, no weird chemicals are put in it.

Back a couple years, this product was all the rage. Mane N’ Tails or otherwise known has horse shampoo. It’s a shampoo and a conditioner. It supposed to speed up your hair growth, giving you long and lushus hair just like a horse’s mane. It smelled alright, wasn’t like the greatest smelling thing ever but it wasn’t horrible. It’s about $10-12 dollars a bottle.

Although the product claims to make your hair grow longer and thicker. It did not happen to my hair. At first, my hair felt stronger. It was super shiny and just nice looking. But then the longer I used the product the more I noticed my hair falling out. And I was FREAKING out. Because it’s not like a couple strands of hair you would lose when you’re washing your hair. It was almost chunks of hair at a time, just coming out when I run my hands through it in the shower.

When I stopped using this stuff, my hair was back to normal. Healthy still, not as strong and thick looking. BUT, at the least my hair stopped falling out. Which was freakin’ scary. 

I would recommend this product to people who are looking to thicken their hair and to grow it out. But i would recommend only washing your hair every other day and using this product maybe twice a week, three times at the most. I

This is the Organix set in Cherry Blossom Ginseng! It’s a shampoo, conditioner, shine spray and fizz cream. I’ve never used the shine spray or cream therefore, I won’t be reviewing those products.

Anyways, I really like the way this smells. Any of them that you might decide to buy smell lovely. What this product is all about is how organic all the stuff in it is. Which is nice on your hair. It’s a cute bottle but it doesn’t come with a lot considering it’s like $5-6 dollars a bottle.

I thought I’d try this product out and at first it was nice. Because it was cute. But it made my hair really tangled. The conditioner wasn’t really that great. It just made my hair feel like I just shampooed it. Which isn’t something you want from a conditioner. But the smell keeps your hair smelling really good all day long which is super nice. And it smells fruity, unlike most generic shampoo and conditioner.

I wouldn’t recommend this product if you’re looking for smooth hair. But if you want your hair to smell good, here you go! 

This is the Too Faced Brow Envy Kit. I really really like this kit a lot. If you’re into doing your eyebrows this is a really good investment. It’s $35.00 compared to Anastasia Beauty Express which is sold for around $40.00. Though Anastasia is known for their eyebrow stuff. Too Face is also just as good here. 

The Too Faced Kit comes with a lot more than what Anastasia’s kit does. Two color brow palette, highlighter, setting wax, tweezers, a mini brush, a mini comb thingie, 3 stencils and an eyebrow pencil. While Anastasia has eyeshadow palette, which I find useless considering I’m buying this for my eyebrows and no tweezers, or the little comb thing. 

it’s long lasting, if you use the wax. The highlighter is super nice. And, mixing the colors to match your brows is very simple too. I’d recommend this product over everything. 

Oh! And there’s a step by step guide on the box, for everyone who is just starting to do their brows. And it’s pink, and there’s a little secret compartment. Too freakin’ cute.

Last review for the night! I swear. LOL.

Anyways, this stuff is literally the most amazing thing I’ve ever stumbled upon. Especially if you’re Asian or you just have small eyelids in general. This stuff is a life savor. You know this if you’re Asian or have small eyes that when you put on eye liner, within 2 hours, you have lines on your crease. No one can see it unless you blink.. Or close your eyes. But it’s there and it’s not a fun thing to deal with. Plus, if you use eyeshadow and then all of a suddenly the oils from your eyelid just cleans it straight off. 

This stuff, will keep your make up on, for forever. Well. At least on your eyes anyways. No more raccoon eyes, or fall outs. Nothing. It’s a neutral color primer, meaning that it’s your skin color and you don’t see it. There are color primers, but I prefer this one. It keeps your make up on your eyes, even if you sweat or just have small eyes. 

It’s around $20.00. Kinda small bottle. But it’s a good product! 

I just ran out of my foundation and I decided to spoil myself a bit now that I’m working. I went from using Maybelline Fit Me in shade 210. I think it was like $8.00. Now I’m using Make Up Forever HD Foundation in shade 140. And this was $40.00. It’s a bit pricy for foundation, haha. I guess it’s because I’m used to buying drug store products more.

Anyways, this stuff is amazing. Like, it’s the perfect shade for me. I work at Chuck E. Cheese and I’m on shift today for like 8 hours. I used this, and it didn’t move at all. Usually with my normal foundation, by lunch time, my foundation disappears. Regardless if I have a primer or not. But this stuff sets well.

It’s oil free, so for the people who have oily skin, this stuff is the best. It’s not the greatest for dry skin, which is me right now. But just moisturize a lot. It’s the winter and the coldness kills your skin.

Overall, this is a really good product. I’d recommend this to anyone who is serious about their make up and wants a step up. I wouldn’t recommend if you’re just starting out using make up. You kinda wanna play around with the cheap stuff first and work your way up when you get used to it. 

This is Coastal Scents 88 palette. I think it’s called the Warm palette. I’m not big on a lot of colors on my eyes, so this palette hit the spot for me. It’s super cheap, I think it’s only $25.00 for this. Which is an amazing price! Anyways, the quality isn’t like MAC or Urban Decay. But it’s not too shabby. I mean, you kinda get what you paid for? But still. Giving the colors that they give you. it’s a pretty good steal.

Anyways, The colors come in matte and sparkly, which is a nice touch. Most of the colors are like the ones in the Naked Palette. I use this palette pretty often just because it’s a nice product. I’d recommend this to anyone who is just starting to use make up and wants to play around with some colors first. There are other palettes if you’re interested in more colors.

So, I thought I’d do a product review since I have a lot of time on my hands right now. 

This is Murad’s Clarifying Cleanser. There’s a lot of great reviews on it out there, and it is a good product. My skin cleared up pretty fast and I’ve only been using it for about 3 days now. But, the downside to this is that my face is super duper dry. Like almost flakey dry. It’s becoming really irritated too. My face has gotten kinda itchy and my foundation doesn’t sit well. Which is why this product kinda sucks. It smells great, which most acne cleansers do not have. And it gives you this fresh minty kinda feeling on your face. It’s $26.00 which isn’t too bad considering the size.

But, in the end, I do not like this product at all. My face does not appreciate being dried up and I have pretty oily skin and for it to suck up all of that, is just too much.


So this is different than the reviews I’ve been doing. LOL. Mainly because it’s mostly only make up that I’ve done. But I just bought this and so I’m going to review it for all of you Macbook lovers. 

So I bought the Macbook Bundle Protection Pack from Moshi or moshimonde.com. This bundle includes a screen cover, keyboard cover, trackpad cover and a palm guard cover. It was $72.00 not including shipping. It’s kinda expensive. But you get what you paid for.

Putting it on is kinda stressful only because you can only apply it once. When you take it off and put it back on the adhesive begins to wear off. A tip to placing the palm guard is to peal only half of it first place, align it and then place it down. Then finish off the rest. That’s the only hard part. Other than that, you’re home free.

The nice thing about this product is that the keyboard cover is really pretty thin. I’m not crazy about it, but it works for what it needs to do. When you first get a Macbook the keyboards feel really nice. But from the oils in your finger, eventually the keyboard gets really grimy. Which then leaves it really ugly looking. So this is a really nice touch to protect it.

I’m no big on the screen cover thing. It keeps my screen clean, other than that. It serves to purpose.

The palm guard and the trackpad guard is what I was really buying this for. I like the palm guard because it’s really thin and it protects your Macbook right where you need it. Your palm and wrist do get oily too and after a while it does wear down the Macbook. Which isn’t pretty.

The trackpad guard was the one thing I hoped to be the best. But to my disappointment, it was not. I recently purchased my Macbook and already the trackpad was beginning to look a bit warn out. So I freaked out and bought this to protect it. It works perfectly fine on my Macbook, but the only complaint I have is the fact that I have to actually press down on my trackpad not to click instead of just a faint tap like I was used to before. Regardless, it’s still keeping my trackpad new and I’m pretty satisfied with that.

Okay, so I bought both of these in a medium shade since I’ve tanned a lot this summer and apparently, my face is darker! But anyways, the Maybelline one is 7.44 and the L'Oreal one is 7.96. Not much of a difference. 

Anyways, I tried out the Maybelline one for a couple of days and I’m sorta iffy with it. It smells a bittttt funky. But a lot of make up does smell a bit funky. Doesn’t bother me much. But, the Maybelline isn’t much coverage. It may be a BB cream and it’s not supposed to be a foundation, but it’s a very very light tinted moisturizer. Covers enough, but not a lot. And it lasts not that long throughout the day. BUT, the good part about it is that it improved my skin, A LOT. The redness in my face went down a bunch!

The L'Oreal one although is different. Not what I expected! It comes out as a white cream, and then changes into the same color as your skin. Which works a ton better then guessing what color you really are because there aren’t testers. But I didn’t know that it did this! So, that’s a plus. It smells okay, not the greatest. Pretty okay. BUT BUT BUT, it had this grainy texture. Like really grainy. Which I thought was kinda weird? But I didn’t think anything of it, until … I touched my face a couple hours later. It was literally sitting on my face. Which was really weird. . ? Iunono, it was like sand on my face. But it worked really good with my skin! So, I like it. Covers REALLY well. Last long. Just weird. . 

This is Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Recovery Hair Mask. And to be honest, this stuff is amazing. Prior to dying my hair magenta. I tried to bleach it and dye it red. Which failed, but it’s the fact that I bleached my hair that killed it. And adding more dye to it made it worse. Finally I got my hair to the magenta I liked. But, by then my hair was very unhealthy. 

So, I started using this. It’s a hair mask and you just shampoo and instead of using a conditioner. You throw a good amount, maybe the size of two quarters depending on how hair you have and then you just let it sit for about 5 minutes. Once you rinse, you can immediately tell how healthy your hair has become already. 

I don’t recommend using this on a daily basis. Only because it’ll make your hair really really oily. Which can be really disgusting. If your hair is over processed, over colored, coarse, and whatever else it may be. This stuff is heaven. It’s about $6.99, and you can buy it online or at your local Walgreens. 

So I recently saw this from MissGlamorazzi or Ingrid and she swears by it so I went out and gave it a try! It claims that it last 24 hours and clear up dark skin under your arms from shaving! This is the Dove Clear Tone, and I use the one in Skin Renew.

And to be honest, it works. Not within the first week, but it works progressively over time. I think I’ve been using this product for about a month now and it really does help. I mean my underarms weren’t like dark dark, but they were noticeable, and to be honest it is embarrassing especially during the summer. Since it’s the winter, it’s a good time to take care of all those bad spots before summer comes around! 

I’ve been using this stuff religiously though. Like I put it on before I go to school, when I come home, before practice, after a shower, before bed. It doesn’t last “24 hours” like it claims. Nothing lasts 24 hours. LOL. You smell it right on you, so I guess that’s like a clue to you that it’s working? But anyways. It fades within maybe 4/5 hours. The smell lingers a bit but not as strong. I mean I don’t sweat a lot so this doesn’t really matter anyways? But for the whitening part in my underarms? This stuff I will swear by too.

If you’re looking for something that last longer and is for sweaty people and the clearing of under arms, the Dove Clear Tone CLINICAL one should work just as well.


Ignore my ugly lips. LOL. Anyways, this is Covergirl Outlast Lipstain in shade, Flirty Nude or 435. Before putting on a lipstain of any kind, put on some chapstick! Lipstains don’t exactly moisturize your lips. So some chapstick will help the lipstain go on smoother and the color won’t exactly bleed onto your lips!

Sorry I haven’t done a review in awhile! Just haven’t bought any makeup lately cause I don’t have anymore lens to wear makeup with! Anyways, I got the Mia2 the other day for my birthday and thought I’d share with you guys how it works.

So I got the lighter pink one and it came with this cute travel bag. Um, it was like $125.00, and the only different thing about Mia2 and the first Mia is that there’s different speed settings. And honestly to me, when I wash my face it doesn’t even matter. I use the normal speed regardless of how much or little make up I have on versus the lower speed. The original Mia is about $119.00. Extra bucks, your choice. It also comes with a clear case for the Mia, the charger, and gel for your face.

This thing, is amazing. It gives you results literally after one use.  My skin feels softer and smoother right afterwards. You can really tell my skin just improved, really quickly. I don’t break out to often, so I don’t know what it does to acne. But I do have somewhat red skin and it just dims it down and makes my pores smaller. It’s really worth your money.

Overall, this is a really good product! I love it lots and it’s a good investment! 

I went out and bought MAC Fix + about a week ago. And at first I was like, tf, I’m spending 20 bucks on a bottle of smelly water… Which smells like heaven actually. But anyways. I wasn’t really buying the whole concept of it. But finally, I bought it and it’s an amazing product. 

It refreshes your skin and leaves it feeling amazing. It sets your makeup so that it doesn’t move around and it’s like a primer. Makes everything just a little more vibrant. It’s a really good buy. I love it. A must have in my makeup box. <3 Just make sure your face is dry before you leave.. It kinda makes your face look like you’re sweating at first. Til it dries anyways!

I just bought this today, this is the Be-Beautiful Beauty Enhancing Pak. And this is pretty must just vitamins to help your hair nails skin and overall health. There’s been a lot of great reviews on these, so I I’m going to assume it is a good product. 

Supposedly, this product is supposed to build stronger hair, support hair growth, build stronger nails, support nail growth, a more radiant complexion and healthy looking skin. This box comes with 30 ‘paks’ as they are spelled on the box. Each 'pak’ contains 6 pills. Which is kinda the downer to these. 6 pills is a lot to take. Only one of them are a softgel capsule. The rest are caplets and capsules. 

So, this box will last me a full month. I will take a picture of how short my hair is tomorrow and by the end of the box we’ll see if there’s any difference to my hair skin nails and whatnot. Wish me luck!

This is Neutrogena's SkinClearing Liquid Makeup. What’s different about this product is that it carries Salicylic Acid which is most commonly found in acne medicines and face washes. I bought this product because there was a time where I was breaking out a lot and it was mainly because of the foundation I was using. So I switch to this one. Because hey, why not hide my acne and treat it at the same time? 

It works pretty well. I mean, if you use it when you need it. For about a week, is a good amount of time to use it. Anything more might irritate your face or it might not help because your pores are getting super clogged up. Anyways, this isn’t something that you’d want to use as a daily foundation just because it’s just not a look that anyone really wants to keep for a long time.

I think it’s like 12 bucks? Not too bad. Not a huge range in colors. But it’s a nice product. Considering it’s a drug store product. So, if you have acne and wanna try to treat it while hiding it. This is it. Oh, and maybe washing your face would be helpful too.