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The Banner Saga: Godstones

the banner saga is a really fantastic game i started playing recently! it was just released a few weeks ago i believe and it’s a beautiful viking legend based RPG. from what ive played so far it’s kind of like a hardcore oregon trail only with more mythical lore and turn-based combat. also your decisions have way larger ramifications than just mary getting dysentery and dying   

Check it out! 


“i just want to write something that shows love how it really is, y'know, not funny, not romantic–”

“that kind of sounds like a downer.”


ends with "y"these questions keep steve sane

“remember when i made you ride the cyclone on coney island?”
“you have no idea how to talk to a woman, do you?
"are you above or below angry bees?”

companion set to: 
ends with why - bucky, peggy, tony.