ANTM Flashbacks: Amanda & Michelle Babin; Cycle 7; 4th & 5th

Amanda: It's always bad when something good ends and this was definitely something good. It’s over…it was fun it was something I’ll never forget. It’s something that can never happen again. I think I did want this more than my sister. I think I wanted it more. It’s just hard to leave something, it’s hard, there’s no way to explain how I feel. It’s kind of like I’m breaking up with Top Model, but I got broken up with. 

Michelle: I kind of shot myself in the foot today. I don’t want my sister to leave because its one of her dreams too. Maybe I was a distraction. Now that I’m gone I hope it gives her more focus. I don’t want her to ever second guess herself. She’s amazing, she’s my sister, I love her. I guess I was here to find myself; I found a little bit of something. So that works for me…I need to embrace it. instead of hiding from it.

133. Upchuck 

Bulimia isn’t funny (okay, maybe a little when Cassie says dumb shit like this), but what is funny is how amazing the judging panel thinks this stupid photo is.

With such a weird track record when it comes to eating disorders in the first place, you’d think the show would just stay clear of a bulimia theme altogether. This isn’t thought-provoking, it’s just exploitative in a gross way. Is that supposed to be vomit or pastry custard on Michelle’s fingers? 

Bulimics don’t sit on the toilet, they bend over it. In this particular pose, she looks more like she’s pooping, in which case, yeah, give her some privacy, please. 

150 Funniest Photos from America’s Next Top Model


30 days of ANTM. Favourite Cycle 7 Contestant

Michelle Babin

It took me months to decide. Cycle 7 has the best photoshoots and the top 5 girls were so talented in different ways.

  • CariDee: great photos, but I expected more from her. She could have done better.
  • Melrose: she was amazing and loved her personality (funny yet bitchy), but other girls’ portfolios were better. Plus: she deserved to win.
  • Eugena: She was quite boring during antm, but I loved some of her photos. I’d say I hate her, but I’ve seen her post antm work and she’s done better than the top 2.
  • Amanda: Great photos, but it’s sad to admit that she was her sister’s shadow. Having her twin in the competition made her fade into the background.
  • Michelle: Best photos, best personality. Her elimination is the most memorable of all time. She was so kind, too. That’s why I chose her.