michelle x mc

MC: I’ve been dropping them the most insanely obvious hints for like a year now. No response.

Michelle: Wow. They sound stupid.

MC: But they’re not. They’re really smart actually. Just dense.

Michelle: Maybe you need to be more obvious? Like, I don’t know… “Hey! I love you!”

MC: I guess you’re right. Hey Michelle, I love you.

Michelle: See! Just say that!

MC: Holy fucking shit.

Michelle: If that flies over their head then, sorry MC, but they’re too dumb for you.

MC: Michelle.

👑 Being friends with Michelle Nguyen would include 👑

▪ first of all, she’s a Q U E E N

▫ and fiercely loyal once you’re on her good side

▪ she knows how to cherish a friendship


▪ (you were the one to invite her the first time and since then it’s became tradition!)

▫ studying together

▪ she totally pushes you to do your best



▫ okay, but she’s so sarcastic to you

▪ but you love it

▫ and you banter a lot


▫ but then you came and always insisted on hugging

▪ that’s why you’re hugging eachother as a greeting all the time

▫ she talks to you about everything

▪ and is so so open to you

▫ because she knows that your won’t hurt her

▪ when she’s not around and you hear someone talking shit about her, you’re ALWAYS calling them out

▫ and then later on tell Michelle about it

▪ taking s o m a n y pics together???

▫ and loading them on every social media site

▪ to annoy everyone else


▪ in the halls, at home, on every party

▫ I mean, why not right??

▪ everyone would be mildly intimidated by you

▫ (even tho, you’re not that bad)

▪ grabbing coffee before class

▫ you’d look so cute, all sleepy and soft and then there would be Michelle, looking like a goddess

▪ Michelle doesn’t like it when someone tries to stand between you two

▫ like, she’s not possessive but c'mon

▪ her death glare is on point

▫ and scares almost everyone

▪ except for you

▫ you’re used to it and know how to cheer her up

▪ staying in on some days to just enjoy your time together

▫ you’re her biggest supporter and fan

▪ like, seriously, it’s ADORABLE

▫ going on vacation together!

▪ you’re those friends that sends screenshots to eachother when you’re texting with someone else

▫ “M, what should I tell them???” - “Wait a second! Let me think.” - “Omg, they ask if I’m ignoring them! Quick, what should I answer!!” - “I’ve got this. Okay, first…”

▪ you’re friendship GOALS™

▫ & everyone would be so jealous of you, no joke

▪ “Where one is, the other is not far.”

Endless Summer Trailer (more like a music video oops)

In honor of (/in spite of) ES going on a hiatus, here’s a lil summarization of the events of book 1, 2, and some of 3 ??

Song: Gooey by Glass Animals

I do not own any of these clips !! Story line + inspiration from Play Choices

🎀 Dating Michelle Nguyen 🎀

▫ she’s definitely the one, that made the first move

▪ you two were hanging out in her dorm, watching a movie and you noticed that she seemed pretty distracted

▫ and you asked questions

▪ typical

▫ she hesitated at first and then just told you how she felt

▪ which was pretty surprising for you

▫ bc michelle has feelings for you??

▪ and then you just went with it

▫ people already assumed that you were a couple

▪ bc you acted like a couple most of the times

▫ a few things changed though

▪ she lets you stay over whenever you want

▫ and it’s nice to share a bed with her

▪ because she’s very warm and soft

▫ and loves to wrap her arms around you

▪ you’re always getting coffee before class

▫ or eating a fancy breakfast


▫ she loves to take a relaxing bath with you

▪ …which leads to other things very quick

▫ you’re brunching every saturday, that’s a tradition

▪ she loves to do you hair, or to wash it

▫ going shopping, ofc

▪ she picks almost everything out

▫ not that you would complain, bc she has great taste!

▪ showing off on social media

▫ studying together

▪ she always pushes you to do your best

▫ so much teasing!!

▪ about everything


▪ she wasn’t the biggest fan at first, but came around when you kept hugging her

▫ everyone is mildly intimidated by you???

▪ which is not very surprising

▫ going to all the best parties

▪ but you ditch them after a few minutes, bc it’s boring

▫ you’d rather hang out with michelle

▪ somewhere more quiet

▫ dragging her to McDonalds in the middle of the night

▪ “Hell no, i won’t go in there.” - “C'mon, Meech? For me?”

▫ she would never admit it, but your eyes are her weakness

▪ especially when you want something

▫ K I S S I N G

▪ she’s a wonderful kisser and that’s a fact™

▫ staying up all night to talk, because you really enjoy it

▪ and because her voice is very soft and sounds a bit sleepy at three am

▫ relationship goals™, everyone else can go home


Here’s my last submission for the MC Appreciation Week. After what happened in Endless Summer 3 Chapter 11, this will definitely stir up some mixed emotions. I apologize for making you guys cry. I started working on these a week ago, and I did not know what’s going to happen in Chapter 11.

This art is based on MC’s decision to save the world and wipe his friends’ memory of the island. But on the inside, the Catalysts feel empty, broken, and are missing a piece of their lives. I call this, “Endless Summer: Monotone”.

Thanks to @ekushv and her Endless Summer comics. Her work inspired me to do this. Check her out. She makes top notch content.

@luna-gayle, @scgdoeswhat, @moominlouu, @hellomynameisdeviblaire, @choices-mc-rules, here’s my last and best submission for the week.

Colored Versions: https://blightarts.tumblr.com/post/172688038249

The Effect of Waterfalls

Disclaimer: Characters and world are Pixelberry’s. I’m just borrowing them.

Pairing: Michelle x MC (Endless Summer)

Warnings: Two gays kiss

Words: 1082

Summary: After an awkward encounter in the mud, MC and Michelle travel to a nearby waterfall to wash off… If only MC could keep her feelings to herself.

Notes: Will I ever stop writing confession fics? Y’all wish lmao. But writing our qween is hard so like this may sound nothing like her and for that I apologize in advance! Antyway none of us are truly worth of Michelle. Also there is a severe lack of girls kissing at waterfalls so that picture is the best I could do :((

You’re swept off your feet by the collision of a body against yours. A voice that sounds like Michelle quickly apologizes, both of you struggling to part as you slide against the thick mud below.

“Ow—okay, that’s my boob.”

“Shit, sorry!”

Her hands eventually find purchase with the wet ground and she hovers over you, hair only slightly tangled. How. Yours is caked in mud and matted to the back of your head.

All part of being Michelle Nguyen, you guess.

“Anyway, um,” she carefully rises to her feet and holds out a hand, “we should get out of here.”

You blink up at her, breath briefly stolen from your lungs at the sight of her, silhouetted against the afternoon sun in a glowing halo. An angel.

“Hey, come on, slowpoke!”

You quickly shake your head to clear your thoughts and accept her help, both of you leaning on the other for support as you cross the large puddle of mud.

“Wait, why were you running?” you ask, glancing down at the arm intertwined with hers.

She hasn’t let go.

“I…” An embarrassed sigh. “I thought I heard a noise, okay?”

“Michelle Nguyen, running from scary noises,” you tease, elbowing her in the side. The venomous look on her face makes you hold up an unoccupied hand in surrender. “Hey, I’m not judging.”

“Oh, you can kiss my ass for all I care.”

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Diego and MC getting married, MC fantasizing their perfect future together with their Li, MC possibly knowing he/she likely won’t have as much as a future as she does a past, seeing Michelle and Sean rekindling in the future, seeing everyone at bliss before the storm, and seeing the endless die as they remember the crew while looking up at the stars….

Me the entire time:

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Pairing - Jake x MC
Prompt - After the first run-in with the Arachnids, Michelle and Jake have a heart to heart about MC.
Warnings - None that I can think of.
Word Count - 1462
It’s a shorter one, but it’s a happy one so there’s that. I wrote this a few days ago mostly because I love the way Michelle and Jake kinda butt heads sometimes and I love the idea of Michelle and MC being friends that are protective over each other.


“Why you gotta make me feel weak at a time like this?”

Everyone was exhausted. As soon as the group entered the resort, they settled down to sleep. Jake had tried, truly, but found himself lying wide awake beside his princess. There were too many thoughts running through his mind; the adrenaline was pumping too wildly through his system. Jake had seen Lundgren for the first time since the crash, the first time since Mike was killed. Not only that, but Lundgren had endangered not just Jake but the people he’d grown to care about over the time he’s spent with them. He endangered Jake’s princess.

“Can’t sleep either?”

Jake hadn’t been expecting anyone to be awake. Michelle was standing in the center of the lobby where everyone slept, looking as wide awake as he felt. “There’s food in the kitchen, if you’re hungry.”

“Yeah, that’d be great,” Jake responded, though only earned a scoff.

“I didn’t say I’d bring it to you,” the college student countered, rolling her eyes. At his motion to the sleeping girl beside him, Michelle only brushed him off. “She can sleep through anything, trust me. C’mon.” In truth, Jake was starving after the day’s events, so he followed her into the kitchen. The room was massive, full of chrome cabinets and counters. Sleek kitchen appliances filled the space. Jake sat down at a counter as Michelle stepped into the pantry and came back with various snacks. “There’s more, but I’m not cooking,” she announced before setting the cereal boxes on the counter. “You a Cheerios or a Froot Loops kinda guy?”

Jake looked at her for a long moment. The pair hadn’t gotten along too well through the time on the island, so he didn’t understand the sudden kindness. Though, he wasn’t about to ruin the night. After all, it seemed like neither of them were going to bed anytime soon. So, he shrugged and picked up a box, pulling it open and grabbing a handful of cereal. “Actually, I’m more of a Lucky Charms fan.”

“Huh. Didn’t know you were a five year old.” Despite the comment, a loose smirk was forming on her face.

“Yeah? Well I didn’t know you were eighty-seven. You couldn’t find anything better than Raisin Bran?” Jake countered, giving her his own smirk.

“Oh shut up. You don’t have to be so snarky all the time, you’re not fooling anyone,” Michelle spoke then between handfuls of her cereal. “I know how it works. You act like an ass to keep people away. Well, you didn’t keep everyone away.”

“You think I don’t know that?” Jake shot back, pausing in his eating. He’d never expected her to stand with him when his old team showed up. Princess, it’s me he wants. Take the others and get out of here!

“Woah, are you okay? You look like you’re gonna be sick.” The thought of her getting hurt because of him made him nauseous. Lundgren couldn’t take two people from him. Jake placed his palms on the counter, feeling the cool metal against his skin. It kept him focused on the present; a trick he’d learned the first year after escaping from behind enemy lines. He kept his eyes closed, breathing out a slow breath before nodding and opening his eyes. “She cares about you, you know that?”

“I know. It’s gonna get her hurt someday,” he finally states, resuming eating the cereal if only to find something else to focus on. There was nothing that scared him more than someone he loved caring about him. Mike was willing to risk his life for Jake’s cause, and in the end, he did give his life. It felt like he’d lost a brother that day, he didn’t know if he could ever feel the same pain again; the pain of losing someone he loved when it was his own damned fault. “It’s gonna get her hurt as soon as we get off the island.”

A pause; Jake knew Michelle was decrypting what he said. It didn’t take long, again proving her intelligence. “You don’t plan on sticking around? What an ass move.”

“I’m starting to think that’s my name, Maybelline,” Jake responded dully, not much play in his words. He only gave her a side glance before staring at the bright red cereal box in his hands. It seemed to contrast wildly with the conversation they were having.

“If you aren’t serious about this, you should tell her. She’s serious about you.” Michelle sounded angry, sounded hurt by his words as if she were the girl he was running from.

She didn’t understand. Jake gripped the side of the counter now, lifting his head to stare at the college girl. “Not serious? I’d get down on one knee right now if I could. I’d take her home to meet my family, I’d start my own family with her someday,” he struggled not to let his voice shake. Sounding passionate was one thing, but he couldn’t appear weak in front of Michelle, not in front of anyone. “But I can’t, because my mother thinks I’m a traitor. If we tried to get married, I’d be arrested for treason and she’d be arrested for helping to hide me, and any kid we could potentially have would never receive the perfect life it deserves because we’d be on the run constantly. I’m serious, I’m just realistic too.”

“She’d be willing to do it, you know.”

“Yeah, I know. I also know she deserves better than that, better than me.”

“You were going to sacrifice yourself for us today,” Michelle spoke, seemingly changing the subject. Jake felt himself relax; talking about his actions was more comfortable than opening up about his feelings for his princess. It had been hard enough coming to the realization and acceptance that he’d fallen for her, much less vocalizing it and his fears to one of her college mates. “For her.”

A shrug. That would have been the easy part. Jake was terrified of Lundgren, but he’d face the man a thousand times over if it meant ensuring the safety of his princess. His fear of seeing her hurt because of him was far greater than any fear of one man. “I didn’t have to. Princess stopped that plan right away.”

More silence. Michelle was focusing on her cereal now, staring at it as if it held the answer to all her questions. Jake had poured some of his cereal on the counter, and was now picking out the marshmallows to eat. There wasn’t anyone to call him rude for picking out the best parts. “This island’s changing all of us, more than you could notice,” Michelle finally spoke, a quieter voice than before. “Back at Hartfeld, she was no leader. Her and Diego melted into the crowd. I’d met her, of course, but she didn’t leave an impression on me. She was just some college student from a small town trying to fit in on campus. It felt like her life goal was to blend into the background. Now…well, she’s an entirely different person. I’m convinced some of that is your doing.”

“Me?” Jake didn’t believe it for one instant. It was the fear of losing her friends that caused her to step up. Even when he’d first met her in the cockpit of his plane she was a force to be reckoned with. He’d guessed even then that, given time he didn’t think they’d have, she’d have an effect on him. At first, it was because she reminded him so much of Mike. Then, it was because she was forcing him to deal with caring for someone again, with loving someone so deeply it scared him.

“I’m serious. You push her to be her best self. I could be friends with this new her,” Michelle explained. She tossed a piece of her Raisin Bran at him and shook her head. “Don’t pick out the marshmallows! What are you, a heathen?!”

A laugh. Jake hadn’t felt like laughing much in the past few years, but this group of college kids seemed to be able to make it happen easily. “You can’t tell an elder what to do, Maybelline,” he chuckled.

“You’re, what, thirty? You’re not much of an elder.”

“I’m twenty-six!” Jake exclaimed then, palm smacking against his chest in disbelief. “You think I look thirty?”

“A generous thirty. Is that a gray hair?” Michelle smirked, setting down the purple box in her hand and crossing her arms against her chest. “You might want to get to the proposal before your hair grays and falls out.”

“I shouldn’t have told you that.”

“No, you probably shouldn’t have,” Michelle countered, standing up and beginning to walk back to the lobby where the others slept soundly. She paused in the doorway, offered a small smile, then added, “but I’m glad you did.”