FALL RELEASES OF2 0 1 7

  • Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas
  • They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera
  • The Becoming of Noah Shaw by Michelle Hodkin
  • There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins
  • Warcross by Marie Lu
  • Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu
  • Whichwood by Tahreh Mafi
  • Mask of Shadows by Linsey Miller
  • Ringer by Lauren Oliver

Do you see one of your anticipated releases?

Endless Summer in The Crown and The Flame Universe

Yup, you read that right, people. Halfway through writing my ‘MC is a princess and Jake is a stableboy’ AU, I realized that I could make an entirely new world set in TCATF. So it’s now become a series, with the first part hopefully up before the week’s end.

Below the cut are the ES gang as their TCATF AU counterparts. It’s not set in stone and there are a couple characters that I’m struggling with, so I’d greatly appreciate any ideas and suggestions. Thanks!

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anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if this will interest you but you did post about Sister Wives before so why not. Logan Brown got engaged to Michelle after THREE YEARS, they took it slow, honestly Duggars could learn from Browns how to handle things properly. (Mariah coming out etc.)

YES, I am interested in them and I have posted about them before!! I’ve been impressed with them a lot lately! Mariah’s coming out, Logan and Michelle’s style of dating…. I am still a bit on the fence about the grown-ups’ relationships, but the kids sure seem to live happy lives! (Annie)

anonymous asked:

Hey Ally, I feel like you would have really good movie suggestions ahah What are your top 5 favorite movies? Any movie recommendations? :) xx

  1. Flipped
  2. Dead Poet’s Society
  3. Now and Then
  4. It Takes Two
  5. The Impossible
  6. The Parent Trap
  7. The Best Of Me
  8. Back To The Future
  9. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  10. Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion

There’s ten for you! :)

Desperate Measures: Ch 7

(On AO3, if you prefer, or start from the beginning!)

“You’d think they’d have better music in the elevators in a place like the Citadel. This is even worse than back home,” Kaidan commented with a chuckle and shake of his head.

He was met with complete silence.

It could have been the rather unexpected fight at Dr. Michel’s office that had his two fellow soldiers distracted, but given that they’d been ambushed at Chora’s Den and the ladies at his side had bounced back quickly at the time, it didn’t seem so likely. He glanced at each of them, questioning what had so suddenly changed.

Shepard stood tall, staring straight ahead at the elevator doors, seemingly just waiting for them to open. She didn’t appear terribly bothered at the moment, but still she remained silent. Williams, on the other hand, was staring down at the floor, obviously lost in her own thoughts.

“Or not,” Kaidan quietly added. He shrugged his shoulders, and settled into the conversational lull once more.

“Sorry, Alenko. I’m going to have to take your word for it. I haven’t spent a lot of time on Earth,” Shepard answered at last. She glanced over her shoulder at him with a faint smile.

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anonymous asked:

is josh was a groomsman, do you think that was joe's choice or michelle and job bob's? i know the boys have freedom than the girls do, but still. i like to think that it wasn't joe's idea.

I think with Joe being so “tender-hearted” and “sweet” it could have been himself. Some people are just very compliant and their faith says they have to forgive. (Annie)