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The Promise

Title: The Promise (Mechanic!Dean x Reader, Best Friends AU). Part 1.

Summary: When Dean Winchester was a little kid, he met a girl that would change his life. So, he stood by her through thick and thin and every time people asked him what home was to him all he could think of was her beautiful smile and her big, bright eyes and the sound of her laughter. Because, like Melville used to say, his home was not down in any map. True places never are.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Mary and John Winchester (mentioned), Sam Winchester, Benny Laffite, Leslie (OFC, only mentioned), Lisa Braeden

Word count: 7217 (I know, I know, it’s a monster fic but I hope it’s worth it)

Warnings: Language. Lots of fluff. Angst. Divorche, mentions of an almost-fatal car accident and drunk driving, death of a parent. Kid Dean (trust me that should be a warning). Lots of feels. 

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @luci-in-trenchcoats ‘s 2K Follower Challenge. Michelle, congratulations on your milestone, you deserve it so much! Thank you for organizing this and for letting me participate. I had tons of fun writing this.

Now into the fic, my prompt was “ We’ll figure it out. We always do.” and it is included in the text below in bold. (This is an AU, written entirely from Dean’s POV and hopefully they’ll be more parts.) 

Enjoy everyone!

Dean was five years old when he met the girl that would change his life. Of course, he was too young to know it then, but that didn’t stop Lady Luck from working her magic.

Everything started at the playground just a few blocks away from his house. The little Y/H/C girl was there again that morning, just like the last two times, jumping off the swing like she could fly, but Dean didn’t want to leave his mum and his brother alone to go talk to her. So, he stayed away, stealing glances every now and then, until another boy, older than him and plainly mean, shoved her off the swing and made her fall flat on her butt.

The girl gasped in surprise, her bottom lip wobbling and Dean knew he had to do something about it because he hated seeing girls cry; it reminded him of that time his parents spent the entire night fighting, and of the next morning, when his mother’s eyes were red and puffy and he had to hug her and tell her that joke about the stick being brown and sticky to make her laugh.

So, the green-eyed boy walked to that annoying kid, told him to leave her alone and when he didn’t listen and made fun of her again, Dean punched him so hard that his stupid Pokemon hat flew off and his whole face turned red.

A few seconds later, Stupid Hat was leaving with his tail between his legs and Dean was turning towards the girl that looked like a scared little bird, her big Y/E/C eyes wide open.

“Are you okay?” he implored, taking a step forward.

She nodded solemnly and looked down on the ground.

“Are you going to be mean to me like he was?” she asked.

Dean shook his head.

“No. He was an idiot. Here, give me your hand.” He said and she obeyed, smiled shyly at him.

She was kind of cute.

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Siren’s Song

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A/N: Hey guys, so this is for @luci-in-trenchcoats​‘ follower challenge. I don’t think any warnings are really necessary except for implied smut and language? Anyways! This is my first SPN story and I’m a little nervous, but I hope you like it! The prompt I got was Person A:Be Safe. Person B:When am I not? so I did a little reader insert where they deal with a siren and such.  Also my story goes past the 10 Max a little bit… but I tried my best to shorten it as much as I could and managed.

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Dean is so devastated and heartbroken. He wants to save Cas, to get him back, but he doesn’t know how to do it. And the worst of all is that he knows there’s a chance that he won’t get Cas back, that he will have to see Cas die in front of him, and that scares him. Dean is scared of losing Cas and failing him.


No seriously, Sam Winchester is the Best Hunter ever. He’s a mother fucking badass superhero.

I can’t believe they fucking shot him and nearly killed both Winchesters tonight. fdsuaignrjaskf My heart is still racing. What an emotional rollercoaster of an ep!

Dean doing surgery on Sam, Dean crying over Sam’s body and promising to come back for him… He was gonna carry him the rest of the way cause that’s his brother, you guys, BROTHERS.


They can’t kill Sam. They can’t. I knew Sam wasn’t dead because you can’t have Supernatural without him.

Dean dying to try to bargain with a reaper… anyone else hoping he would find Tessa instead of Billie?


Dean being nearly dead and trying to trade places with dead Sam so Sam lives… so many season 2/3 feels tonight you guys… MY BABIES.

Gutshot Sam motherfucking Winchester taking out TWO ADULT BORN WERES on his own. You go Sam, you are a badass mofo.

“You can’t lose him.” Of course he can’t, Bille! Dean and Sam are one soul sharing a body at this point, let’s be real.

Michelle is my hero, she was kidnapped and tortured and hurt and she still helps Dean when he needs it, she helps save his life, she helps the doctor, she survives her husband’s attacks, she is so strong.

Sam Winchester for the win, he took out at least 4 weres this ep to Dean’s 1, 3 of those while bleeding out from a gunshot wound to the gut, jfc. Sam. Are you even human wth how are you so strong you insane hero you.

Mostly dead but he’ll be okay. That’s what I like to hear!

I love that when Michelle started talking about watching the man she loves die, the camera panned to Dean… Damn straight he watched the man he loves (Sam) die! BROTHErS

tl;dr Sam Winchester is a badass and Dean loves his brother goodnight world I am exhausted.