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Hypothetical plot outline for “Spider-Man 2: Prom”

(For simplicity sakes, I won’t really mention Infinity War. Let’s just say, this is set after Thanos’ defeat)

Peter Parker is in his junior year of high school and is now an experienced crime-fighter. Unlike Homecoming, he now has solid footing as Spider-Man, such as being able to intimidate bad guys and his web-swinging is far smoother than before. Ned becomes his official “guy in the chair” and even has his own “Spider-Lair” set up.

Which is his bedroom of course.

Also, Michelle joins “Team Spider-Man” when it’s revealed that she knew about Peter’s secret identity from the very beginning. We get a brief recap of scenes from Homecoming, but this time from MJ’s perspective. MJ joins as the “other person on the field” besides Pete. 

Rounding out Team Spider-Man are Aunt May and the newest main character, Gwen Stacy. For MCU Gwen, I had Sophie Turner in mind.

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Aunt May is the den mother of the group while Gwen joins as the investigator a.k.a. “the girl in the chair”. Also, Gwen finds out about Peter’s identity early on in the film when Peter gets knocked out during his first fight with the movie’s main antagonist, Kraven the Hunter. While dragging Pete to safety, Gwen accidentally takes his mask off. Gwen decides to keep his secret by joining Team Spider-Man. Her inclusion in the team is not received well by MJ, who believes that Gwen is hiding something.

Also, yeah, there’s a love triangle subplot between Peter, Gwen, and MJ. HOWEVER, I want to emphasize that MJ is the one clearly favored by the movie.

Going back to the main plot, the MCU Kraven the Hunter is revealed as a big game hunter who fled to America in the 1910s after the Tsar fell during the Russian Revolution. The only reason why he is still young and fit is because he feeds off a de-aging serum developed by OsCorp. When OsCorp discontinues the serum, Kraven wages war on the company in order to get either the last sample or the formula in order to find someone to replicate it. Also, he decides to hunt the Spider-Man in order to add his head to his “collection”. 

For Kraven, I had Rory McCann in mind (wow, two GoT actors in a row).

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While the fight with Kraven goes on, the high school side of the movie focuses mostly on Peter and MJ’s friendship/budding romance. Continuing off of MJ’s “observant” arc from Homecoming, it’s made obvious from the start of the movie that MJ is crushing hard on Peter. Meanwhile, Peter is a bit lost when it comes to his love life since Liz moved away and he’s still coming to terms with the events of Infinity War. 

That’s mainly where Gwen and MJ come in. Peter bonds with them both, with Gwen intentionally reminding Peter of Liz (the popular girl who everyone likes) and MJ being lowkey jealous. MJ eventually decides to step back, deciding that Peter will never look at her the way he looks at Liz and Gwen (you can just hear the inner angst) since she’s the weird girl with no friends. However, that’s when Peter makes his move. 

Around the same time MJ steps back, Peter decides to pursue her since he’s slowly returning her feelings. While he likes Gwen, Ned and Aunt May helps him realize that MJ’s been there since the start and despite her attitude at times, she’s always been there for him. In my head, his big eureka moment is when MJ gets him a new backpack with a note that says, “Heard you lost your backpack, you dingus”. Something like that. 

The turning point is when Gwen asks Peter to prom. He politely turns her down and runs off to find MJ to ask her instead. Peter asks MJ to prom and she happily accepts. On the night of prom, it’s even revealed she went out of her way and got a gorgeous red dress (another allusion to Mary Jane Watson!) 

Now…here’s where the big plot twists start coming in.

Kraven goes after Norman Osborn in order to find the last remaining vial of de-aging serum. By the way, for MCU Norman Osborn, I had Jeremy Irons in mind.

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While holding Norman hostage, Norman’s daughter comes home. It turns out, Gwen Stacy is his daughter. The MCU Gwen Stacy is an amalgamation of Gwen and Harry Osborn (her full name is Gwen Harriet Stacy-Osborn).

Norman is forced to hand over the last of the serum, which Kraven takes. However, he keeps Norman and Gwen hostage since he wants to lure the Spider-Man out (Kraven, at this point in the movie, knows that Gwen is friends with Spider-Man since she saved him earlier). In order to raise the stakes, Kraven goes after the rest of Gwen’s friends, reasoning that if she’s friends with Spider-Man, then surely some of her other friends know him as well.

He pretty much kidnaps the entire academic decathlon team, right on the night of prom. When Peter learns MJ and Ned have been kidnapped, he goes into righteous anger mode and takes off into the night to face Kraven. 

While Peter and Kraven have their fight, MJ, Gwen, Ned, Norman, and the rest of the academic decathlon team manage to escape captivity thanks to Ned’s computer expertise. Before they can escape, Gwen and MJ stay behind to help Peter. Gwen takes matters into her own hands and enters an experimental pod designed to enhance a person’s abilities. She reasons that in order to fight Kraven, she needs to be more powerful than usual. However, what she doesn’t realize is that the machine drives its subjects insane. 

So Gwen emerges as the Green Goblin, but as a hero only for this movie (she’ll be the main villain in the third one). Gwen and MJ head off on the Goblin glider to help Peter. For the final battle, all three of them contribute to Kraven’s defeat. MJ disables the traps and destroys the serum, and Gwen and Peter take Kraven down. Kraven is spared since Peter has a no-killing rule.

Also, he’s spared since we need Kraven for the Sinister Six. 

This is where Gwen’s sanity breaks. Instead of thanking her, Peter rushes off to MJ to make sure she’s alright and we get a kiss. Already disappointed in him because he turned her down for prom, plus some deep-seated father issues and her mind pushed to its limits by the experimental pod, Peter and MJ’s moment pushes Gwen over the edge. But instead of going after them, she goes after her dad. 

(There’s a subplot about Gwen having father issues since Norman is a shitty dad)

There’s a short battle where Peter fights Goblin-Gwen while MJ escorts Norman to safety. Eventually, Gwen takes off into the night when she realizes that she can’t beat Spider-Man and that the authorities are arriving.

With prom ruined, Peter and MJ decide to have their own dance in the remains of the Osborn mansion. The academic decathlon team joins in as well, with Ned dancing with Cindy Moon (that’s the ‘my friends call me MJ’ moment of the movie, when Ned’s date reveals herself as Cindy). However, the dance is cut short once again when the group hears sirens in the distance.

Peter wants to stay but MJ tells him that he needs to go save the day and that they have plenty of time to dance afterwards. Movie ends with MJ saying the famous line, “Go get em, tiger”, and Peter takes off into the night. 

Of course, since this is a Marvel movie…


Set a few minutes after Peter leaves, a meteorite lands by MJ, Ned, and the rest of the academic decathlon team. The Venom symbiote slowly makes it way into Ned’s backpack. 


Aaron Davis drops off his nephew, Miles Morales, at his school. For Miles, I had Caleb McLaughlin in mind. 

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Crazy idea:

For Spiderman 2, the main villain is the Green Goblin. At the same time, the MCU introduces Gwen Stacy in order to kickstart a love triangle between Peter, Michelle/MJ, and Gwen. I know, I know, please hold your groans since that isn’t the crazy idea.

For most of the movie, Peter, Ned, MJ, Aunt May, Gwen, and a redeemed Flash (Team Spiderman) are trying to find out the identity of the Green Goblin. The climactic plot twist is that Norman Osborn (the main suspect for the Green Goblin) is revealed to be a red herring. Norman isn’t the Goblin. That’s when Ned and MJ find out that it’s Gwen!

Turns out, MCU Gwen Stacy’s full name is revealed to be “Gwen Harriet Stacy-Osborn”. She’s an amalgamation of Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn. For reasons I won’t get into, Gwen is the illegitimate daughter of Norman and wants vengeance on her father. In order to do this, she uses OsCorp technology to ruin his name.

The final battle is a subversion of the infamous Gwen Stacy death scene. She is knocked off her glider by Peter and falls to her death. Peter tries catching her with his web but she gets whiplash from the sudden stop.

The mid-credits scene is Norman forming the Sinister Six in order to avenge his daughter’s death. Vulture is the first recruit.

The post-credits scene is OsCorp recovering Gwen’s body, hinting at her resurrection.

I really can’t believe someone came up with the idea of Michelle being “improved and better version of MJ”.

Like… you cannot improve the perfection? And these words are just insulting to Mary Jane. Michelle isn’t better. She’s just the opposite of the actual MJ. As if to tell us that MJ is a bad character and needs to disappear.

Michelle was fine but… can people stop shitting on MJ just to prop up Michelle? We already came through this phase with Gwen. Thank you very much.

Dear people who are complaining that Farrah should’ve stayed, 

Normally the winner of Snatch Game makes it to top five (Stacy Layne Matthews is the only outlier). That means 7/8 of the winners of Snatch Game have made it to the top 5, therefore it was not in Farrah’s favor to go up against Alexis. Alexis has very little chance to go home before top 5 and has a very good chance to make it to the top three with her Snatch Game win.


Someone who wishes y'all would get over it an stop sending hateful shit to Alexis