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Top HipHop Tribe Songs

Since the show finished (And I’m so content with the winner) I just wanted to share a few of my favorite song that were performed

Hanhae (Team Brand New) feat. Samuel Seo. 

Nothing makes me happier than Samuel Seo yelling into the mic.

Jooheon and Michelle Lee

It was lit. That is all. XD

Cheetah (Team Hot Chicks)

Their tribute to the Seowl ferry tragedy was so breath takingly beautiful. I didn’t make it through this song without balling

Don’t close your eyes // Don’t fall asleep


Gomes: The truth is, I’m really happy having made my debut in the shirt and I felt really good at the start so I’m just happy. I just started. I’ve only been back three days. There’s lots of things to improve but you have to keep growing. I’m happy to have made my debut in the stadium and I enjoy myself with the team.

Umtiti: I’m very happy to have played and made my debut in the stadium. I’m even happier to have won in my first game. I played and did things, I’m very satisfied. I’m just here to learn with all the great players that I have around me and perform.

Suarez: My debut at Camp Nou in a Barca shirt - I’m very happy. I felt really good, positive ahead of the Super Cup game in the weekend.


Scream Queens icon pack

by ellibellabee (ellibellabeedit)

  • Libby Putney (Chanel #5)
  • Chanel Oberlin (Chanel #1)
  • Sadie Swenson (Chanel #3)
  • Zayday Williams
  • Hester Ulrich (Chanel #6)
  • Grace Gardner

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