michelle petrucci

Give it up for Kent and Root Beer Guy

After years of working in a dank cave for beans, our pal Kent Osborne—board artist and writer of scads of your favorite Adventure Time episodes—hits the big time with today’s launch of the six-issue Banana Guard Academy mini-series from BOOM! Studios. Kent’s the writer with Dylan Haggerty on these, and Sakana’s Mad Rupert is the artist. Here’s what BOOM! has to say:

Turns out that there is a lot to being a Banana Guard—but being a Banana is not mandatory. This crazy adventure follows Root Beer Guy as he starts his search for new recruits among Ooo’s citizens. Only the best will do in his quest to protect the Candy Kingdom!

So order yours today, or swing by your local comics shop, if only to give your resounding support of Mr Osborne.

Cover B by Michele Petrucci