michelle osorio

Dalek Gary wrapped on Sunday. I wasn’t there when it happened because I’ve been laid up at home with a rather unfortunate stomach bug that’s apparently doing the rounds, which is unfortunate because I’m also the voice of Gary as well as the guy responsible for his head movements, but it’s done. My second web-miniseries is done and dusted.

michellekenobi and I have been working on making this happen for, I think, about five years now. It’s gone through a number of different iterations, starting with an ambitious ten-part webseries before scaling down to six short “scenes” with no narrative link (which is where we were when we first put the Kickstarter together) right on up to its current form which is something of a hybrid of the two - a six-part series based around Gary doing things but with a narrative thread from beginning to end.

But it’s done. What comes next editing the episodes, which i won’t be involved in; dubbing Gary’s dialogue, which I absolutely will be involved in; then presumably releasing it over a period of six weeks. Possibly I’m skipping some steps in there. At some point one can assume we’ll need music.

I anticipate the show will drop some time in the next couple of months. As soon as I know, you’ll know.

Dalek Gary may be finished, but that doesn’t been I can rest. I mean, today I can, and probably tomorrow as well, because this stomach bug is still kicking my arse, but stuff soldiers on. PortsCenter’s second season, which has been delayed by two weeks, has to get rolling. I also have two other large-scale webseries projects to get off the ground including the thing I’m writing with strangelikethat and another project for Kill9 that’s less scripted and, as far as I can tell, unlike any other regularly-produced webseries on YouTube at the moment.

It’s an exciting time. Lots happening, lots to be excited about. 2014 should be fun.