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Going into it, Adore thought she was one of the top. Look at that face, she doesn’t expect super bad comments – she knows she did well at the objective of the challenge. She thinks they’ll come for her a little on her outfit but does not expect what’s going to happen.

Then she gets the critique that her doing her hair on her own proves she’s done something. Which comes as a shock.

Michelle hates her dress, she accepts it tongue-in-cheek, but her reaction to Michelle’s assumption that she’s going to make excuses that might not be relevant shows that she is not prepared for the string of negativity that is coming her way.

She starts to lose her resolve, starts to shrink back into herself and occupies herself by moving her mouth, a technique I know I personally  have used to prevent myself from crying. She’s at a loss, no one has said a single positive thing to her after she has just sung a personal song that she wrote for a talent show that she did well at. All they care about is her style of dress.

She’s crushed completely by the time she is told she is in the bottom three. And this entire one hundred and eighty degree mood change happened within a matter of moments.

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I don't have Logo anymore, so I haven't been able to keep up. Can you fill me in on this whole Michelle thing? Did something happen with her and Adore? Am I combining 2 different situations? PLEASE FILL ME IN

Hello, love! Sure, I can do that. The first maxi challenge on All Stars was a TALENT SHOW. Adore sang I Can’t Love You and she completely killed it, as we all know she could and would. Adore is arguably one of the best singers drag race has ever seen. If the challenge is based off of TALENT, then one should be judged on that. During the entirety of her performance, 2 of the judges (Ru included) looked so pleased with Adore. Michelle, however, looked unamused. When it came to the judging, when Adore wasn’t safe, I assumed she was one of the top. Then Michelle began her “critique” (I put it in quotes because I think it was more of a shitty string of comments that offered absolutely no help). Michelle said NOTHING about Adore’s performance. Instead, she viciously ripped into Adore’s dress choice. Her “critique” was based solely on Delano’s fashion choices. And, for the record, I thought she looked pretty good. That being said, neither of the other bottom queens were ripped into to that degree and both of them failed massively at the objective of the challenge: the talent. So, understandably, we are all upset with the fact that Adore was even in the bottom to begin with much less the fact that Michelle made Adore go from smiling and happy to crushed, crying and questioning her validity in a matter of moments. Michelle is a professional judge, she should choose her words and criticisms more wisely and learn not to lump every single drag queen she sees into one category. Adore is a hugely successful drag queen and she should not be made to feel bad for her style choices. That is who she is and she should not be expected to completely sacrifice that for a challenge that had nothing to do with aesthetics.

I personally thought that Adore Delano looked amazing. I love purple on her. I thought the dress was nice, too. When I heard what Michelle said, I just tried to remember that 1) It’s her job to critique them. 2) If she makes a comment about something, it’s just that she knows that they’re capable of doing better/more. 3) this was over a year ago and their is no tension between them now. Even though I don’t agree with what Michelle said, I respect her opinion because I know she wants Adore to be the best she can be. Adore belongs there. I hope that Adore will go far in this competition; however, if the rumors are unfortunately true that she chooses to leave, I will support her decision. I always support Adore and her choices.


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