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FEC LA Awards Dinner 2015 - Glee “Don’t Stop Believin’”

Here’s to actors of color who will sign up for future Ryan Murphy’s projects.

I hope they treat you better than they treated Amber.
I hope they treat you better than they treated Jenna.
I hope they treat you better than they treated Alex.
I hope your characters don’t become targets to offensive jokes.
I hope your characters get storylines they deserve.
I hope you and your characters are treated with respect.
I hope you never have to deal with people like glee fans.
And I really hope the paycheck is worth it.


‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Glee Cast @ FEC Awards Gala


HD Video - DSB clip and final bow


This may be a good moment to tell you..I’m pregnant.

Are you?


*Caesar pauses in shock for a moment while that sinks in and hurries over to her *

That’s splendid news! When will it be born?


And what will it be? Of course…that’s a silly question. You can’t tell.

Yes I can, it’s boy. I’m sure of it.


TV Tropes - The Cleopatras

Whole Episode Flashback: Episodes 1-5 are flashbacks covering nearly a hundred years of the Ptolemaic dynasty, starting with the death of Ptolemy Philometor in battle in Syria, as told to the latest Cleopatra by her teacher Theodotus. It is not until Episode 6 that the flashbacks end and the story of Cleopatra’s romances with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony begins.