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So since Matthew is bisexual, are there any other people who are a part of the LGBTQA+ community?

Matthew: “Well there are a few that I know…

My roommate, Gilbert, is questioning.

The manager at the store I work at, Michelle, is gay af.

My co-worker and fellow monster, Ivan, is demisexual I think?

And my neighbor, Jan, is ace.”

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✍ Michelle!

Today was a great day. Michelle punched a guy today.

I think that he was an ex, before she figured out that she was the greatest lesbian in the entire world, who was pretty much a douche. I just wish she didn’t do it in front of the store.

I mean, we already closed up but, damn, the minute the guy brought in the whole conversation of getting back together and how the whole “lesbian thing was a phase” and how “she deserves a real man like him” and the whole “I swear I’ve changed” bullshit: the night went from good to great.

I didn’t know she could punch that hard. Then we ran.


Seychelles has the cutest song ever. I mean listen to her adorable little voicee