michelle loren


Here it is, my BTS video taken on set of The Mentalist 7x10, Nothing gold can stay.
Sorry for the quality (I need a new cam, so if somebody has one please contact me) lol
And sorry for the talking in the end too ;)

Watch in HD please!


Hi there,

I finally found the time to post my pictures from the The Mentalist set in November.

The pictures with the trailers on the cemetery where taken on 10.11.14 and the others on 11.11.14

The pic with jimmy was at the Warner Brothers lot on 13.11.14

I hope you like them a little and if you have any questions feel free to write a DM or write an E-mail to simonbakerfp@gmail.com
I will try to answer without giving any spoilers!!! ;)

Here you can view all my pictures : https://plus.google.com/photos/118316456251371585707/albums/6095286092215823793