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L’Estaca around the world

The song L’Estaca, by the Catalan singer and songwritter Lluís Llach, instantly became an anthem of resistance for Catalan people when it was published in 1968, during one of the hardest times Catalans have ever had to survive, Franco’s fascist dictatorship of Spain. Because of the fascists’ censorship, L’Estaca, which was sung at students’ and workers’ protests, became one of the most persecuted songs in the history of the State of Spain.

The song has been translated to many languages, and was the anthem of the Polish syndicate Solidarność (Solidarity) and the fight against Stalinism and authoritarianism, and of the Tunisian revolution of 2011.

L’Estaca is still sung nowadays as a chant for freedom for stateless nations and antifascism.

Here’s L’Estaca in some of the languages it’s been translated to:

There are also many, many versions of artists from around the world singing it in Catalan.

“I always wanted to suffer for other people…but this is so cruel.”

The last photographs taken of  Anneliese Michel, a German girl who is noted by many experts as having a true demonic possession. Anneliese was a very religious girl who used to love music and poetry. After suffering brain damage from a supposed epileptic fit, her classmates said she became “overly religious and very withdrawn.” This is when her state declined and nobody knew what was wrong with her.

In the summer of 1970, Anneliese was staying in a psychiatric ward when she had another major seizure. She reported that she saw “devil faces” and doctors were quick to diagnose her with schizophrenia. Nothing seemed to improve her health and her depression worsened. Long term treatment did not help either, and she grew increasingly frustrated with the medical intervention. Being a devout Catholic, she began to attribute it to demonic possession. Michel became intolerant of sacred places and objects, such as the crucifix and would speak in ancient languages that she could never have known.

Finally, her religious family ordered an exorcism on their daughter. By this point, she was frail and barely weighed 6 stone. She would eat coal from the fireplace that broke her teeth and her own feces, refusing to eat normal food. She died after some 30 long days of fighting for her life, from malnutrition and dehydration.

Ashkenazi Jewish face claims under thirty

I have made a list of young celebrities who are Ashkenazi Jewish and could play a teen/young adult. Be aware some of those listed are mixed race, however it will be mentioned what other ethnicity they are. This list is useful if ever you need a face claim who is of this ethnicity.

  • Ashkenazi Jewish -  A Jew of central or eastern European descent.

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Anneliese Michel was a German woman who is believed to have experienced a true demonic possession. At the age of sixteen, Anneliese had an epileptic fit and developed temporal lobe epilepsy. She also suffered from depression and was treated at a psychiatric hospital, where she first reported that she was hearing voices. Her family, who had a strong Catholic faith, were convinced she was possessed and demanded a priest to perform a controversial exorcism. Over a period of years, 67 exorcisms were performed, despite her clearly needing medical help. Wounded and neglected, she eventually died in 1976 from starvation and dehydration. Two priests were charged with negligent homicide. 

The eerie audio of her exorcism can be listened to here.


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