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L’Estaca around the world

The song L’Estaca, by the Catalan singer and songwritter Lluís Llach, instantly became an anthem of resistance for Catalan people when it was published in 1968, during one of the hardest times Catalans have ever had to survive, Franco’s fascist dictatorship of Spain. Because of the fascists’ censorship, L’Estaca, which was sung at students’ and workers’ protests, became one of the most persecuted songs in the history of the State of Spain.

The song has been translated to many languages, and was the anthem of the Polish syndicate Solidarność (Solidarity) and the fight against Stalinism and authoritarianism, and of the Tunisian revolution of 2011.

L’Estaca is still sung nowadays as a chant for freedom for stateless nations and antifascism.

Here’s L’Estaca in some of the languages it’s been translated to:

There are also many, many versions of artists from around the world singing it in Catalan.



French crime novels collection launched in 1943 on the S.E.P.E. label, but it was planned and conceived by the Ferenczi brothers in exile as early as 1941. The first novels that were published had been written on request and bought by the Ferenczi.

Circa 50 issues between 1943 and 1950. Only french authors, first due to the german occupation, later on by choïce.

Many great stuff. Sometimes extraordinary. Always interesting. Ideas, writing skills, know-how, inventivity.

cover art: Géo Sogny

Publisher: Société d’Editions et de Publications en Exclusivité/SEPE

Publishing director: probably Henri Filipacchi

source: amsaklapper’s collection

Someone requested I make a masterlist of those who are Ashkenazi Jewish and over thirty. Some of these face claims could play young or older parents of others. Some might be able to get away with playing an early twenty year old. Be aware some of those listed are mixed race, however it will be mentioned what other ethnicity they are. This list is useful if ever you need a face claim who is of this ethnicity. To search for someone’s ethnicity if biracial, just press CTRL+F on your keyboard and search for that ethnicity.

Some may not have gif hunts, but that is just an incentive for someone to do one. I have not listed politicians, those who work behind the scenes in things, a businessperson and those who have died,

  • Ashkenazi Jewish -  A Jew of central or eastern European descent
  • Other ethnicity masterlists: Under 30 (Filipino, E Asian etc), over 30.

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“I always wanted to suffer for other people…but this is so cruel.”

The last photographs taken of  Anneliese Michel, a German girl who is noted by many experts as having a true demonic possession. Anneliese was a very religious girl who used to love music and poetry. After suffering brain damage from a supposed epileptic fit, her classmates said she became “overly religious and very withdrawn.” This is when her state declined and nobody knew what was wrong with her.

In the summer of 1970, Anneliese was staying in a psychiatric ward when she had another major seizure. She reported that she saw “devil faces” and doctors were quick to diagnose her with schizophrenia. Nothing seemed to improve her health and her depression worsened. Long term treatment did not help either, and she grew increasingly frustrated with the medical intervention. Being a devout Catholic, she began to attribute it to demonic possession. Michel became intolerant of sacred places and objects, such as the crucifix and would speak in ancient languages that she could never have known.

Finally, her religious family ordered an exorcism on their daughter. By this point, she was frail and barely weighed 6 stone. She would eat coal from the fireplace that broke her teeth and her own feces, refusing to eat normal food. She died after some 30 long days of fighting for her life, from malnutrition and dehydration.

Ashkenazi Jewish face claims under thirty

I have made a list of young celebrities who are Ashkenazi Jewish and could play a teen/young adult. Be aware some of those listed are mixed race, however it will be mentioned what other ethnicity they are. This list is useful if ever you need a face claim who is of this ethnicity.

  • Ashkenazi Jewish -  A Jew of central or eastern European descent.

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ES Views: May’s deal with the DUP just makes us even weaker

Now that Theresa May has been cowed into the corner by the DUP after signing a deal to form a minority government, her “strong and stable” slogan seems to have disappeared along with our nation’s credibility.

If we were worried how we would appear to the rest of the world after Brexit, we should be even more so now. Far from a democracy that promotes inclusion, we are now relying on a party that campaigns against abortion and same-sex marriages. I know that Tory voters did not sign up for this.

If the fifth-largest party in parliament can force May to hand over £1billion of investment as a sweetener for the deal, I dread to think what Europe’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel or even Donald Trump might try to coerce us into doing.

May has taken the country to a new low and is risking the health of our economy in order to retain power. She should be forced to resign.
Tom Gardner

There’s no such thing as a “magic money tree” — unless, of course, you need to do a deal with the DUP to stay in government. The irony is that it comes after a general election campaign which slandered Jeremy Corbyn as a “terrorist sympathiser” and warned of the dangers of a “coalition of chaos”.

The Tories have agreed a deal with a party that has known former terrorists as members and is in breach of the Good Friday Agreement, risking the peace in Northern Ireland. How did we get here?
Andrew Hewitt

While our NHS is starved of funds to the point that doctors complain that they can no longer guarantee an adequate standard of care, how can May give £1billion to the DUP?
Valerie Crews

The doom and gloom over the DUP is expected but at least the Unionists have persuaded the Tories to scrap changes to the Pension Triple Lock and Winter Fuel Allowance.
John McAllister

Citizens’ rights are not bargaining chips

I am astonished and disheartened at Theresa May’s opening gambit in the talks over EU citizens’ rights in the UK. What does five years’ residency mean? Is it tax residency, normal residency or habitual residency? The free movement of people is a precious gift that should not be thrown away. May should realise we are not bargaining chips.
​Elwyn Jones

Theresa May offered a compassionate and generous outline proposal to protect the rights of expats in both the UK and the EU. Predictably, this was met by the churlish response from Eurocrats we have become accustomed to. Do those they claim to represent know how these people behave?
Clive Ashwin

Invest in better signalling to avert unbearable delays

As I sat stranded on a Circle line train in a tunnel for more than an hour yesterday morning — after the District & Circle was suspended due to a huge signal failure — it occurred to me that trains have few vital resources on board to cope in a crisis.

That does not include our driver, who was exceptional in providing relevant and reassuring communication to passengers to keep them calm and even offered to speak to those who suffered from anxiety or claustrophobia. There was, however, no phone reception, wifi or emergency toilet to use.

An hour is a long time to wait, and given that these delays are not irregular on the Tube, perhaps some measures should be taken to improve our experience when we are delayed. At the very least, Transport for London must invest in better signalling equipment to avoid such situations from happening.
Chris Joseph

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Is asbestos still being used on Tube lines?

Your article [“Magnetic Wands and big vacuum cleaners to suck up dirty Tube air”, June 23] rightly highlights the differences between surface pollution — largely due to diesel soot emissions — and underground pollution, which will include very fine metal particles, arising from metal wheels grinding on metal rails.

But what is never mentioned is that many Tube lines date from 100 to 150 years ago, when it was common to use asbestos for insulating electrical power cables and other areas. I wonder how much of this dangerous legacy remains on the Tube today?
Dr Peter Gray

Hyde Park cycling path is of no benefit

Adding the short cycling path from the Hyde Park central road to Lancaster Gate on Bayswater Road is a monumental mistake. Any transport engineer would recognise that for the gain of a bicycle track, an enormous price is being paid in terms of traffic congestion, with thousands of people being delayed on their daily commute.

These new road alterations are simply not working and the bicycle tracks should be removed.
Peter Felix

Carry on fishing on the Thames

It is not only wildlife and plants that “rely on the river” [Wild London, June 23]. The Thames has been a source of food for centuries. Only last week I saw two fishermen haul huge eels out of the water near Temple station.
Dr Luke Dixon

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Anneliese Michel was a German woman who is believed to have experienced a true demonic possession. At the age of sixteen, Anneliese had an epileptic fit and developed temporal lobe epilepsy. She also suffered from depression and was treated at a psychiatric hospital, where she first reported that she was hearing voices. Her family, who had a strong Catholic faith, were convinced she was possessed and demanded a priest to perform a controversial exorcism. Over a period of years, 67 exorcisms were performed, despite her clearly needing medical help. Wounded and neglected, she eventually died in 1976 from starvation and dehydration. Two priests were charged with negligent homicide. 

The eerie audio of her exorcism can be listened to here.

A masterlist of actors and actresses with mental or physical disabilities (listed based on their disabilities). When casting any of these actors, think of the importance of their disability, just like with casting correct ethnicity, casting people with disabilities is also important. I hope this list is helpful for diverse roleplaying games. 

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