michelle gauthier

A cross stitch featuring the phrase/term coined by Ricky from the TV show Trailer Park Boys. If you know the show, you’ll know why there’s weed leaves and why I chose a cloth that kinda looked like hemp.

Also, whoever made this hoop made where the screw is off-center. I made the stitch centered properly.

DMC thread, oatmeal Aida cloth and oval embroidery hoop, 2015.


So for one of my classes we had to make a piece that looked like it could have been made by an artist of our choice. I chose Squid Vishuss! I based this Alice in Wonderland-themed stitch off of her lovely embroidered ladies 🍄

Check her out here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/squidsgrotto or squidvishuss

DMC threads, cotton fabric, acrylic, watercolour, fabric marker and embroidery hoop, 2015.


A GLOW IN THE DARK cross stitched case for the iPhone. The thread appears white in normal lighting, then glows in the dark! 

Metallic DMC thread, Glow in the dark DMC thread, and iPhone case, 2014.