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Description: While hanging out at the coffee shop the reader’s parents own, Michelle brings up an article that she read in a magazine. One that says you can tell if a person is a good kisser by the way they eat an apple. The reader gets dared by Michelle to put the theory to test, resulting in an interesting Saturday afternoon.

Author’s Note: This was so much fun to write and I hope ya’ll enjoy it as much as I did. My inspiration for this fic came from one a read a while back and really liked. Anyways, if you want to be tagged in any upcoming fics or want to request something feel free to message me.

Word Count: 1521

It was almost too simple. Sitting side by side in the back of the school’s library, shoulders pressed together, and knees touching. Right in that place of not-quite-more-than-friends and nearly at the place of very-obviously-more-than-friends.

It would only take one move for them to become something greater than just best friends. One of Ned’s crazy plans, one of Peter’s embarrassing blunders, one of Michelle’s dry comments that had an obvious hidden meaning. Just something to push the pair together.

Peter and (Y/N), thrown together by some crazy twist of fate, anything could make them Peter and (Y/N).

They’re just waiting on a catalyst.

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See? Under control.

New Girl Part Two (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 1068

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: You can read part one here

“Uh sorry guys I gotta go, something came up.” Peter Parker rushed out his words, his eyes never leaving the screen of his phone. Michelle crosses her arms, leaning forward on the desk with a questioning look on her face. “Where do you go Parker? What are you hiding?” The boy seems taken aback by her question, his jaw dropping slightly as he tries to think of an answer that didn’t sound fake. Luckily he didn’t have to explain himself as Michelle relaxed from her interrogation, letting out a snort at Peter’s reaction. “Just kidding, I don’t care.”

Releasing a sigh the boy quickly grabbed his backpack, sending another quick glance down at his phone.Something wasn’t right but you didn’t feel the need to pressure him into telling you, you’d only known Michelle, Ned and Peter for little over a month now anyway. “Catch you guys later.” And with that Peter was practically running out the door, so caught up in whatever was going on that he didn’t notice that he dropped his phone on the way out. Noticing this you reached down retrieve it, informing Michelle and Ned that you were just going to chase after the clumsy boy and give him his phone back. 

With that you jogged out the door, hoping that he hadn’t gotten too far already. You caught no sign of the boy anywhere as you moved around the car park of the school. It wasn’t until you heard rustling and rumblings from a dark alleyway that you found Peter…changing into a Spider-man suit. Your eyes widened at the sight, clamping your hands over your mouth to stop any unwanted noises of shock from escaping. Slowly backing away from the scene before the boy could notice your presence you ran back towards the school telling yourself that what you saw wasn’t real…it couldn’t have been…could it?

The following day you still couldn’t seem to get the thought out of your head, that Peter Parker was also the web slinging crime fighting hero that had all of New York talking. Last night you tossed and turned in your sheets, contemplating whether or not you should confront him about this, and now you were. 

There he was, Peter Parker, your new friend walking to his next class without a care in the world. After taking a deep breath you started to hurriedly walk after Peter, eventually catching up to him. Without even uttering a word to him you quickly dragged him into the storage closet next to you, which was harder then you thought. Let’s just say that boy must be hiding some muscle.  

Slamming the door closed behind you, you turned to Peter who stared at you with a shocked expression.  "Y/N what the heck-“ Quickly cutting off his words by practically shoving your hands in his face, your mood turned serious as you confessed to the boy. "I know Peter." 

Obviously confused as to what on earth you were going on about, Peter’s eyebrows just furrowed as he looked at you as if you were crazy. Heck! Maybe you were. "What are you talking about?” Still keeping the serious tone of voice you crossed you arms. “I know your secret." 

Peter only rolled his eyes at this, shrugging his shoulders at your accusations."I don’t have any secret.” You couldn’t help but let out a snort at his claim. The boy who was a normal nerdy high school teen by day and secretly a crime fighting vigilantly who dresses in tights by night says he has no secrets? "Oh really. So it’s not a secret that you have powers and run around New York city in a spandex suit in your free time?”

Peter’s jaw almost dropped to the ground at your words, obviously not expecting you to know his biggest secret. “How did you-" 

"Yesterday. You left your phone behind and I chased after you to give it back. Only to discover you in a Spider-man suit pulling on a mask and swinging away on your webs. You really need to be more careful with where you put on that suit Parker. Oh and here’s your phone.” You pulled his phone out of your jacket pocket, Peter gratefully accepting it back. “Thanks. But how are you so….so calm about this?" 

That was almost laughable as last night after you found out you were anything but calm, but he didn’t need to know about your little breakdown. "Well I had all last night to think about it and I eventually got over it. It’s not like I’ve known you any longer than a week anyway." 

Something seemed to cross the boys mind as his expression became serious suddenly. His hand reached out to your shoulder as he spoke to you with great importance. "You aren’t gonna tell anyone are you? Because Ned is the only other person who knows and Michelle is only suspicious. I need this to be a secret, can I trust you to keep it?" 

"Don’t worry your secret is safe with me Spiderguy.” Sending the boy a reassuring smile you lightly laughed at the new nickname you made up. Peter smiled back at you, glad that you didn’t run off and tell people as soon as you discovered his secret. He wasn’t dull, he knew you could have sold this information to the media and got a ton of money for it, but instead you did the right thing. You kept it to yourself, you’d been a good friend even if you’d only know each other for a month. 

Then unexpectedly Peter embraced you in a hug that caused butterflies in your stomach at his touch. “Thank you for being so cool about this Y/N.” Taking in his scent you smiled into his shoulder. Oh crap! Where you developing feelings for Peter?! It was only then that you noticed how little space was around you. “As much as I appreciate this hug, might I remind you that we’re currently cramped in the storage closet." 

Pulling away from you he laughed at the situation. "Yeah we should probably get out of here.” Opening the door you held a hand out for him to go first, sending him a cheeky smile. "After you web boy.“ Rolling his eyes in annoyance at the names already he voiced his distaste for them. "Are these nicknames gonna be a thing?" 

"You betcha crime fighting spider!


[Part 1] [Part 2] [Stammi Vicino/Viktuuri Pair Skate]

Yay! More QRs! With these, I only (ONLY, HAHAHAHAHHAHAH) have 11 more to go till I finish all the ones I had planned on making plus requests! Then I’ll be free to… what? Look for more. Yep. Because I’m not resting until I have at least all the skating outfits!!!

On a side note, please, forgive Emil’s and JJ’s QRs… Emil’s outfit appears for… like… 10 seconds on the show. And JJ’s was so HARD to make jfc… But Michele’s looks really beautiful in game! I’m probably going to use it for a few days now lmao, sorry Yuuri’s Stammi Vicino. I also included on this post Yurio’s FSP outfit because no one noticed I had already made it!

Oh well, I hope you guys like it!!! 

*lil edit, I named Emil’s wrong, this outfit is from his short skate program (ssp) not his free program (fsp) as it is written on the Qr name. Sorry!!!
Step Away pt.2 {Peter Parker}

Summary : Pt.1, you like Peter and Peter likes you but your best friend likes him so you decided to step away. Peter knew what you were doing so he make a plan.

Pairings : Peter Parker x Reader

Words : 700+

Tag : @aussie-mantle

A/n : Not my best work, I ran out of ideas.

I was busy trying to find my text books that I didn’t realized that my best friend was calling me. I continued to search for my books until somebody tap my shoulder causing me to turn around. For some reason chill ran down my spine when I see her. She looked mad but also calm at the same time.

“Hey,” I greeted her nicely.

“Why haven’t Peter asked me to be his girlfriend yet?” Was the first thing she said to me that morning. I don’t know how to answer her, the other night I texted Peter telling him that it would be better if he gets back with my best friend, he did read it but he didn’t reply which was odd. But then again why would he answer a girl who rejected him.

“I’m not sure.. I talked to him last night.” I half lied.

“You talk to him as in, telling him that he’s better off with me and not you right?” There was anger in her voice. I nodded me lightly, looking at her.

“Then why hasn’t he ask me out yet!?” She whispered and yelled at the same time.

“I said I’m not sure (Y/b/n), he’s also not at school yet. I don’t think Peter’s the kind to ask a girl out by text, that’s just not him.” I tried my best to calm her down.

“Don’t act like you know him.” She said gritting her teeth. “If he doesn’t ask me out by lunch, I think you know what’s going to happen.” She sneered before she walked away. I don’t get why she wanted him so much, like yes he was kind, sweet and smart but there are other guys like him. But then I realized that nobody can replace him, he was too special. I felt bad for her since she thought that boys are so important to her especially in high school. I don’t like the fact that she’s going to end our friendship just because she wants Peter. No matter how strong the friendship is boys will always be the second strongest thing.

I sighed heavily before I walked off the my class. I swear to god, I have to find Peter after class, no matter how nice of a guy Peter is, I need to protect my friendship with my best friend even if she’s changed. I walked into my English class and spotted Peter right away. I walked over to his table and called his name. “Peter.”


“You have to get back with (y/b/n), I’m begging you.”

“I can’t force my feelings (Y/n)”

“You can try,”

“You know I can’t (Y/n), you tried to hide your feelings but that never work, even the coldest most numbest person can’t do that.” There went my hope.

The day went by quickly, Peter still wouldn’t ask my best friend to be his girlfriend, I guess this is the end of our friendship. We sat on our table again in our so called squad that is slowly falling apart, Michelle and Ned were trying to hold all of the broken pieces together. They tried to make conversation that we all could talk about but we weren’t having it.

“(y/n)…” This is it. “I need to talk to you for a second,”(Y/b/n) said, standing up there was a hint of anger in her voice once again.

“Uh okay,” I said, rising up from my chair.

“Talk about what?” Peter butt in.

“Our friendship,” my best friend answered honestly.

“Then we all should be in the conversation.” Peter continued to stop us. I glared at him but he ignored me.

“Peter.. don’t right now.” I mumbled. He glanced at me and shook his head, I swear to god everybody knew what he was up to. Michelle and Ned stopped their conversation as they studied us.

“I meant as in friendship between me and (Y/n).” She glanced at Peter her eyes turning cold.

“If this is about you ending your friendship with her then that’s dumb,” Peter said as polite as possible. He was glaring at her now.

“Let’s take this outside,” Michelle said as we packed our bags and walked out. As soon as we’re outside the school building we stood in a small circle.

“Guys, seriously this is nothing serious.” You tried to lighten the situation.

“Stop playing nice (Y/n), we all know that you want Peter for yourself.” (Y/b/n) glared dagger into my direction.

“No I don’t like him,” I lied through my teeth.

“Stop being so fake, we know you tricked peter into liking you because you’re jealous of him.”

“(y/b/n) stop, you’re the fake one here,” Ned stepped in.

“So she tricked you too,”

“Nobody tricked anybody, okay? and if you haven’t (Y/b/n) we all knew that (Y/n) liked Peter first, but she stepped back because she’s a good friend,” Michelle said, crossing her arms.

“And for the record, I only went out with you because I wanted to get over (Y/n) because she rejected me and that’s all because of you.” Peter pointed at her.

“So you basically used me, what a jerk.” She spat out her words.

“At least we’re not the ones who would end friendships because we’re desperate for love.” Michelle said. At that moment I felt loved, all of my true friends were defending me. She scoffed instead of actually saying something back.

“You’re the bad guy here, not (Y/n). I heard your conversations yesterday.” Somehow he remember everything, “Every fucking time I hang out with him, all he talks about is you! Why can’t you be a good friend for once, I can’t even have a boyfriend. You need to back the fuck up okay? He’s mine not yours. You can’t have him. If he doesn’t come back to me by tomorrow I’m not going to be your friend anymore. Stop being a slut, you don’t need every boy’s attention.”

Peter stopped for a second looking at our reaction. Before he added, “And I’m sure that she’s not a slut, and for your fact (Y/n) is one of the most loyal friend I’ve ever have so why don’t you be a good friend?”

“I know right, (Y/n) stepped away for you she was always there for you and you never appreciate her.” Ned said.

“Guys, this is not he-” But Peter stopped me.

“Nope, don’t even try to protect her right now,” Peter turned to look at me sternly. “You know what, if you think that I would go back to you then you’re less smarter than I thought. Now that I see the real you I don’t even want to be your friend. You are selfish, you never helped any of us.” Peter said with all of his honesty as Ned and Michelle nodded in agreement.

Now that I think about it, my real friends are right. She was never really there for more it was always me who was always helping her. When I was going through some stuff it was them who helped me not (y/b/n).

“And you actually think that she actually likes you? You’re pathetic Peter.” She said. Peter turned to look at me once again with hope in his eyes once again.

“(Y/n), tell me the truth. Do you like me.” Peter asked as smiles found themselves on Michelle and Ned’s face. I stood still kind of shock. I swallowed the lump in my throat, I have to do one thing for me at least for once, everything was always for my best friend, now it was my turn.

“Y-yes I do,” As Peter grinned before he opened his arms for me to hug. “I always have.”

“Will you be my girlfriend? No more stepping back.” He asked as he rested his head on mine. I nodded into his chest, I heard Michelle and Ned cheering as my ex best friend scoffed before she stomped away.

“Guess she’s on h er own,” I heard Ned.

I pulled away to look at her, my smile disappeared. I felt bad for her knowing that she have no one by her side now.

“Don’t feel bad,babe. She deserved it,” Peter placed a kissed on your forehead as I blushed at his word.

“They’re finally together,” Michelle said.