michelle beebs


Beebs And Her Money Makers had an incredible set. As soon as they came out, you could tell the crowd woke up a little bit and realized that this was, indeed, a concert. Beebs has an amazing energy on the stage, but the band as a whole is an incredible cohesive unit. Bunky, the trumpet player, was the first member I met while they were setting their table up. She was incredibly sweet, and happy to find out that they had a built-in fanbase in town already since Louisville is a bit of a music town (sometimes). When I told the rest of the band about Spinelli’s, they all decided to check it out, where I met up with all of them after the show. I wound up getting their set list, along with a shirt, two CD’s, a kazoo, and some stickers. Looking forward to seeing them again soon!

Still super salty that my picture with Jeremy is blurry as shit, but oh well. The one of me and Bunky is us posing like superheroes (which I later found out is something the band is really into). The shot of me and Duckie is us doing the Rock’s eyebrow, which we both laughed about when we saw the picture. The second shot of me and Beebs is us posing like we’re on an old school horror movie poster, which is easily one of the best pictures I’ve ever gotten with a band member. Seriously stoked to have gotten to see this band, and I can guarantee that you’ll see me at a bunch of their shows in the future.