michelle alexandra


Book ladies: part two,  /part one/

Finally surfaced above doubts
Feeling above this, she came around
Cause she’s a goddess, finally saw this
And now you’re back, trying to claim her
Cause she’s gone and now without her
You’re all alone, cause she’s a goddess
You shoulda saw this


books couples + halsey lyrics

  • mara dyer and noah shaw { gasoline }
  • juliette ferrars and aaron warner { hold me down } 
  • tessa gray and will herondale { empty gold }
  • mare barrow and maven calore { ghost }
  • layla shaw and roth { young god }
  • alex andros and aiden st. delphi { I walk the line }
  • ruby daly and liam stewart { drive }
  • clarke griffin and bellamy blake { new americana }

BPC APRIL: Female Authors

I love female authors!!