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Becoming, Chapter 7 by Michelle Del Vale [G]

Caryl oneshots based on my 2015 hellatus rewatch (see all my rewatch meta/oneshots on my tumblr blog)

Beta’d by sumisu, the great :)

I don’t own them, though I’d give all my teeth to do so. And wouldn’t that be a sight…a toothless wonder cackling maniacially as she writes all the ways to undo they damage they’ve had wrought upon them?

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Night Vale Gems…and Gemsonas by ErinPtah

Night Vale Gem AU character portraits, part 2! (See also: part 1.) This time, including some of the Gems’ human friends.

(Anyone have requests for characters I haven’t drawn in this AU yet, or fusions you’d like to see? Let me know.)

The Gem in the Tan Jacket: Of course I had to draw TJ at some point. Gem of mystery. Would be less mysterious if anyone could remember his face, his gem, or the way his outfit includes a champagne-colored diamond emblem.

River Rock: Sarah Sultan. Look, are we sure she’s not secretly a Gem in WtNV canon? Because it seems pretty likely.

Moissanite: Lauren Mallard. The monster-fusion who ascended to Vice Presidency of Strexcorp. Synthetic moissanite is used as a diamond substitute – of course all the Strex higher-ups are going to be fake Diamonds.

Pearl: Trish Hidge. As a (non-defective) Pearl, she needs someone to tell her what to do: first Mayor Bloodstone, then Mayor Cardinal Diamond.

The Cracked Old Gem Who Secretly Lives In Your Home: the Faceless Old Woman. A damaged gem sure would explain the “faceless” part. Originally an Amethyst, mostly for the color scheme.

A Shattered Adult Gem’s Hand: Megan Wallaby. A gem fragment who can only manifest a hand. May have been a Pink Tourmaline at one point.

Citrine: Intern Maureen. I just wanted her to be something orange.

Delphine Cabrera: Human! Janice’s biological father; former partner of Amazonstone, currently together with Red Coral(sberg).

Michelle Nguyen: Human. Really into Gems, but in an ironic way. “My gemsona’s name is Rolling Stone. But not, like, that Rolling Stone. The much cooler one that you’ve never heard of.”

The Town Embarrassment: the Apache Tracker. In this universe he claims to be part-Gem, and has taken on the name Apache Tears. (Couldn’t find any information on whether “Apache tears” is a skeevy term in its own right, or whether it’s neutral on its own, like Swiss cheese or the Japanese beetle.)


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Lia Shows Off Her Factory

The designer likes to keep things nearby.  

When Lia Cinquegrano started her handbag line, Thomas IV, she realized almost immediately that dealing with tough leather requires extra help. So, with the assistance of fellow purse-maker, Michelle Vale, she quickly discovered (slash fell in love with) Andina Factory. “I hit it off with the owners here really well,” she recalls. Bonus: The factory is in the heart of the Garment District—a mere few blocks from the designer’s day-job at Nanette Lepore—making it easier to have ultra-productive lunch breaks. Here, Lia gives us a grand tour (and reveals some of the Of a Kind bags in the process). —jiayi ying

To see Lia’s fantastic fabric-and-suede creations out of their polybags, click here. There are only 15 around, and this is where they all live.

“This is Jimmy, the owner. He’s a very warm, familiar type of person. I get really upset if something’s not right, and he can calm me down. He also makes all the bag patterns.”

“I usually make a mock-up bag, and from it, Jimmy will make a more accurate pattern. This is where they keep all of the dyes, which are like these giant cookie cutters in the shape of the pattern. To cut, Luis, one of the workers, will pile up the leather and use a big machine to punch through it.”

“These are waiting to be sewn together. I order raw materials from India, and work with a tannery in China.”

“There’s a zipper pocket on the inside, so here they’re gluing everything down. They do a lot of prep before assembling.”

“Here’s where all the assembling happens. I work with another factory that does only handles—it takes a lot of time just to make those. If I were making bags in China, everything would be taken care of in one place. But the development process here is much easier, and I can check in every step of the way." 

SOAK SHOUT OUT! Slip Into These Sleek Slides & Flip-Off Those Flip-Flops Forever !

SOAK SHOUT OUT! Slip Into These Sleek Slides & Flip-Off Those Flip-Flops Forever !


GOSSIP GIRL BFF & NY handbag designer MICHELLE VALE is launching the shoe every woman is pining for this summer. SOAK was founded in 2014 with former Fashion Editor ELENA CORSANO to create a stylish alternative for what-to-slip-on when the stilettos slide off!

SOAKs are perfectly practical. They’ll get you to yoga and out for…

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Mini-Fic Party Drabbles

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1faFhF4

by longhairshortfuse

Most are 100-word drabbles, at least two are five sentence fics and there’s one longer one (but only 300+ words)

Various prompts and pairings.

Words: 1903, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1faFhF4
Becoming, Chapter 6 by Michelle Del Vale [G]

Caryl oneshots based on my 2015 hellatus rewatch (see all my rewatch meta/oneshots on my tumblr blog)

Beta’d by sumisu, the great :)

I don’t own them, though I’d give all my teeth to do so. And wouldn’t that be a sight…a toothless wonder cackling maniacially as she writes all the ways to undo they damage they’ve had wrought upon them?

Read it at Nine Lives: http://ift.tt/1hz4cEs
Thursday Style

Helmut Lang roll up sleeve blazer $349 | Albertus Swanepoel harlow shawl $189 | A.L.C. leonardo jacket $479 | theyskens’ theory iquartz skirt $139 | Rag & Bone juliet cowl dress $159 | Current/Elliott the ankle skinny $69 | NCbis eve necklace $218 | Michelle Vale black and white lizard keitel clutch $500 

Made in America: L.L. Bean Boots for All

The Cold if finally here!  A time when we go out seeking ways to bundle up and keep cozy, while managing to still look chic or handsome or cute.  Perfect for a ski getaway, snowman-building or a walk in Central Park, these boots do the trick for both the young and grown up.  Many struggle to find a boot that can keep them looking fab, without loosing quality.  LL Bean does both.

L.L.Bean, Inc. has been a trusted source for quality apparel, reliable outdoor equipment and expert advice for almost 100 years.  Their Bean Boot is a heritage product, that has always been and continues to be, made in the USA.

Founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean, the company has grown from a one-man operation to a global organization.  Their company headquarters are in Freeport, Maine, just down the road from their original store.

In 2012, they will celebrate their 100th anniversary that will be marked by a year-long celebration filled with exciting events and activities. 

Bean Boots start at $79 for kid’s boots and $85 for women’s and men’s.  And for the Cadillac of Bean Boots(my personal fave)… the shearling-lined, which also come in both women’s and men’s(rugged hotness!).   And guess what, the shearling used to line the boots, is made domestically too!  LL Bean is offering free shipping and a $10 discount on all purchase of $50 or more.

Bean Boots for all… Super Cool. 

To learn more about Bean Boots and how they are made check out this video.

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Broken in good, worn up or down

East To West... These both fit like a glove

Getting into the holiday spirit as Cyber Monday approaches, I bring you a great jean and a great bag both made in the US.  A global brand in just a few short years, J Brand opened it’s doors in 2004 and within a short time became a favorite amongst celebrities, socialites, editors, musicians, and everyday fashionistas.  The jeans are designed and produced in Los Angeles and J Brand is one of the few jean companies to also use denim that is domestically made in the US.   They fit like a glove and are timeless and sophisticated in their design.  My fave… the Cigarette skinny stretch to dress up or down…pure versatility.

Michelle Vale Handbags established in 2007, are Made exclusively in New York.  With A-list celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Kate Bosworth and Kate Beckinsale as well as socialites, editors, fashionistas and a soon to be global female musical artist(whose custom MV bag will be finished shortly)… we like to think we are following in the footsteps of J Brand!  Not only are MV bags manufactured domestically, many of the components used to make the bags are sourced here as well, including the lining, dustbags and some of the hardware.  Whenever possible, materials are chosen, that support domestic businesses. They are seasonless, fashion forward and fit like a glove.  Pictured below, the Balancé Day to Night Shopping Tote.  With a hint of metallic, this bag is the perfect carryall for the office or out for drinks with a great pant and strappy python heels. Its soft, supple leather molds to your body.

Go on treat yourself or someone you love, tomorrow, to a great pair of jeans, a fab bag or why not both! 

J Brand is offering free shipping on their site through December 15th and Michelle Vale is offering 20% off, free shipping and a gift with purchase   off their site all day today.  Check the Michelle Vale Inc. Facebook Page for details.

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