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Hi, I was wondering if you could update the chef!stiles tag? :)

Heart Spice by Inell (1/1 | 6,950 | PG13)

When Stiles was twenty-two, he had his heart broken when Derek chose his career over their relationship. A little over ten years later, they meet again on the set of a reality TV cooking competition. Derek wants a second chance, but Stiles isn’t really in a forgiving mood.

the run and go. by haleinskibro (1/7 | 7,093 | NC17)

aka Stiles and the Hitman

— this is just not Stiles’ week. First, there was the guy with the gun who tried to take his dog. and then, some guy climbed through his window saying he was there to protect him from any more potential dog-nappings of any kind. throw in someone trying to take his house and ruin the wedding that could make or break his career, Stiles just needs a soft bed, a couple shots of vodka, and a long, long, vacation —

You Were Right Here All Along by RedCoral (4/4 | 16,278 | PG13)

He opened his eyes and through the blur of his tears, he looked at his own hands where Derek was now holding him and said in a broken whisper, “W-What did you do?”

Because of what Derek did, Stiles left to Paris and didn’t look back, not even thinking about all the ties he just cut. Now he’s opening his own restaurant in New York and Derek’s a three Michelin star chef, who Stiles finds necessary to warn of his arrival.

Somehow that one conversation turned into much more and Stiles find out things weren’t what they seemed, neither when it came to the past, nor the future.

Finger Food by AllTheseSquaresMakeACircle (4/4 | 19,134 | NC17)

Derek Hale didn’t expect for his mother to give him the alpha power. Especially not before he graduated high school. He also didn’t expect to meet another teenage alpha, Scott McCall. Or his human best friend, Stiles. He didn’t expect himself to be fixated on Stiles long and slender fingers. Or his exceptional skills in the kitchen. Derek didn’t expect a lot of things. Then again, sometimes that unexpected turned out to be a good thing.

Wolf ‘Em Down Tacos by Mimi (SillyMimi) (1/1 | 3,176 | G)

Everyone knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

AKA the Sterek food truck AU nobody asked for.

I’m on a Kitchen Nightmare binge, and I’ve noticed something.

Gordon Ramsey, as brutally honest and rude he can be, is never rude to the servers.

All the waiters and waitresses he encounters (that I’ve seen so far) have been treated with the utmost respect. He’s just so polite to them.

And that’s why I love Gordon. Wait staff have it hard. And even this Three Michelin Star chef treats them as equals.

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Lololol what if a guest at the RFA party could perform black magic and turned MC into a cat! How would the RFA react to fluffy kitty MC!?!?

This one is actually super interesting because if you go with the stereotypes of black magic (I.e that it is only used to do harm and ill will), the guest probably turned them for some pretty malicious reasons and the only direction my brain went was MALEFICENT

so yeah, long story short, I’m rolling with the scenario in mind that the guest wasn’t invited, thinks they should have been, MC is turned into a little cat and then the guest disappears

Zen and Jaehee are completely unimpressed by this. They are the only ones who treat it as more than a mild inconvenience. Everyone else would be like “what a cute kitty tho” and “well it could have been worse!” and these two are in the corner like…B|.

Jaehee probably ends up taking care of cat!MC in the end, since regardless of route everyone either tries to foist MC off on Jumin or (Zen) refuses to allow Jumin to take care of them, which makes Jaehee a logical choice. Jaehee would also take time out to research how to reverse what has happened, perhaps by looking up other magic experts??. For the first few days, Jaehee absolutely gets annoyed at the idea of cat!MC and outwardly complains about whatever feline stuff they do, only to realise that she did so in front of poor MC and apologise moments later. It’s not their fault their claws are scratchy and they’re shedding. She gets into the habit of talking to MC like they’re still a person and opens up quite a lot because they can’t talk back. This actually gives her more positive feelings towards cats, I think.

Zen will try and look after MC if it’s his route, but his allergies will make it impossible! He’ll end up on a course of antihistamines and pass MC onto Jaehee. Otherwise, he’ll pretty much be like NOPE and refuse to come within five yards. (He will reassure them that it’s nothing personal once they’re human again, and best believe that it’s Zen who does most of the leg work in finding someone to turn them back).

Jumin and Seven would conversely be the most enthusiastic about this sequence of events. They’d need reminding that…actually…this is a curse and meant to cause havoc. Maybe the guest who did it is even confused by their enthusiasm. MC definitely is, but MC is a cat and confused about basically everything so

Jumin would offer to take responsibility for MC the cat right away since he has resources and the only other person actually offering to take them in is Seven. He’d pass them onto Jaehee, though, since it would get weird. He already has Elizabeth and already projects personhood onto her, so to have MC around as a cat would really push it. There would be moments when he invites Michelin star chefs over and the chef kind of has to ignore the fact that MC!cat is sitting opposite Jumin with a bib and everything and Elizabeth is very blatantly jealous on the other side of the room, leaving Jumin like “Look, we’ve discussed this, you can have your turn tomorrow-” “MRAOW” “MC, I’m sure she doesn’t mean it-” “MRAOW”. If it’s his route, he’d tell them afterwards that they were the picture of refinement, even if at some point he was witness to them coughing up a hairball. Also, Jumin funds Seven and Jaehee’s research efforts.

Seven would offer to take MC in but everyone would act like they didn’t hear him. He spends the next few days trying to break into Jumin’s apartment (or Jaehee’s) to cuddle with MC, all while finding out more about the guest that cursed them. He Skypes with MC a lot while they’re a cat if it’s his route (and it brings him loads of joy, since he thinks of himself as a cat in some phone calls in the game) and when the curse is broken he gifts them a pair of necomimi ears as a joke

Yoosung would be a ball of nerves. He’d be worried about the fact that MC is a cat. He’d be worried that everyone else is so worried about MC being a cat. He’d mostly try and keep the peace; offering to help Zen and Seven look up the hacker and bringing catnip to whoever is looking after MC. He possibly wouldn’t offer to look after them unless it was his own route because other people have more experience (and even then probably be overruled). If it is his route then he won’t sleep for days and might even skip class to hang out with MC. He’ll feel conscious of the fact that they might get lonely and he is limited in how much he can do to help.

V is the one who makes the WORST cat related puns and no one picks up on it.  “V called. He said you should think positively.” “V called again. He thinks we should refer you to a specialist.”

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so what is it about being a thespian that enrages u? also, what's krypto's favourite ice cream flavour? on a scale of 1 to Lexa, how Extra^TM would Lena Luthor be to hire a Michelin-star chef with an expertise on jiaozi/xiaolongbao/gyoza to satisfy Kara's potsticker craze? who develops a uniform for krypto first: winn or lena?

ha, i explained it here. it’s stupid, but it made my friends laugh so

okay so had to google michelin and xiaolongbao, but i got this now. but i don’t really know lexa (do you mean from the 100, that’s literally all i know, i don’t even know what the show was about)

kara and krypto will eat about any ice cream

  • lena refuses to buy any with peanut butter anymore, because at first it was cute, but then she gets grossed out the longer krypto struggles with it
  • they try to get him to eat mint, because it’s as good as brushing his teeth lena. it’s not but y’know, they try
  • they find out that krypto loves?? strawberry ice cream
    • kara is disgusted. i mean, she eats it when there’s nothing else, but it’s fruit. why have fruit when you can have snickers or butterfingers or anything better
    • it’s lena’s favorite though, so it mostly works out because as long as they keep other flavors stocked, kara stays away from it
  • now they have to buy a ton more of that flavor though??
    • which it takes up room for all the others, so kara is just? krypto you couldn’t have chosen my side, just this once, could you?
    • but then lena’s laughing and giggling, because they always let krypto lick the bowls clean, but he’s wiggling around in her lap-he’s too big, he’s too big but lena always lets him sit with her- trying to get her ice cream before she’s done and
      • kara’s in love. kara’s so in love with lena and what they have and krypto making lena laugh so, so freely
        • kara replaces all the ice cream with strawberry

listen these two idiots. they’re both so extra they’re the scale themselves. 1 to lena and kara

  • lena clearly doesn’t have a gauge of Enough. or she does and she just doesn’t care (see example 143 of filling a girl’s office with flowers)
    • probably both when it comes to kara. both
  • the first time lena has a chef- she doesn’t tell kara that, just that she picked them up because kara will say it’s too much- make it, she almost falls out of her chair when kara says these are great! they’re just like the postickers to that restaurant i took you to last week
    • that restaurant was a dimly lit, hole in the wall type that kara is comparing to a five star chef
      • so lena does what anyone would do
        • a few nights later there are bags and bags that lena personally picked up-no jess, that isn’t a fradulent charge, i went there- and brings it to kara’s apartment
        • she starts making a list of all the places kara likes to go in national city, things kara knows, things that almost seem like comfort food for her- it’s a lot, kara’s hit almost every place, it’s actually impressive- and picks up food from those places after that
  • lena grew up on fancier places which kara tries, she tries to get as often as she can
    • there’s only so many times she can afford it though, and it beats the purpose when lena tries to pay
  • so kara, thinking it’s not that hard, decides to cook some of the recipes herself
    • it is hard. it’s hard for people who make their careers out of it and kara? kara is not a good cook
      • she personally denies that. but anytime eliza is around she not so helpfully volunteers the story of how kara caused a fire so high there’s a mark on the ceiling
        • kara doesn’t appreciate that at first but lena, oh she laughs and places her hand on kara’s arm and it’s warm and then kara’s- if you think that was bad, one time i-
  • she gets all the ingredients and candles and music, patting herself on the back before she’s even started. it’s gonna be great
    • it’s not. it’s a mess.
      • kara tears up five times within twenty minutes. how does a light golden brown differ from tan, because there’s two different instructions that read the same to her??
      • she cuts the cutting board clean in half
  • and oh, lena’s going to be home soon and she’s messy and there’s no food
    • jess gets a call. give her a raise please, she deals with too much.
      • jess, i’m so- i’m sorry to bother you. but could you give me the number of- what is it called- i don’t know, a chef lena uses?
      • a chef?
      • yeah, maybe one that won’t make me have to take out a loan?
      • you want a cheap chef
      • jess tells her she’ll call her back. she doesn’t. she tells lena that her girlfriend sounds upset, and-
      • lena’s gone before she can finish
  • what follows is a very endeared lena and a dinner of pizza and candlelight

winn and lena both make the uniform

  • winn’s got mad sewing skills yall. lena . . doesn’t
  • lena’s got the technology and the know how though
    • which of course, winn does too. he’s smart and resourceful, but even he knows to back up when lena luthor has her mind set on something
      • she does everything so fast. he’ll try and figure out one calculation and she’s already three steps ahead
  • krypto proudly models all their prototypes
    • he’s got this little swagger and winn’s got him to do knuckletaps. really winn’s knuckles and krypto slaps a paw on them, but still
    • it’s all very, very cute
  • lena “i have no pictures from my life before 24″ luthor takes so many pictures the first time krypto puts on the Suit
    • he’s got a little cape draped over his back and he’s sauntering around, it’s ridiculous. that’s what j’onn says over and over as joins in on the fun
    • they tell krypto it’s just for emergencies
      • that doesn’t stop him from wearing it around in the deo
      • all the agents tell him how handsome he looks, such a hero
        • they are dying from the cuteness of this dog that could fling them into the sun as he struts about
  • there’s a picture lena keeps in her desk of her and her two heroes

Carlos Gaytan, el inicio de Mexique

En el 1529 de West Chicago Avenue existe una pequeña puerta coronada por un letrero que explica el concepto de este restaurante: Mexique.

Sin embargo, este local de comida mexicana fusión francesa no nos cuenta la historia detrás del dueño; un mexicano, originario del sureño estado de Guerrero –uno de los más pobres del país– que, pese a enormes dificultades, convirtió al Mexique en el primer restaurante de dueño mexicano en recibir una prestigiada estrella Michelín. Este es el pequeño homenaje a Carlos Gaytan, guerrerense que jamás se dio por vencido.

La familia Gaytán, de origen humilde, vio cómo el joven Carlos –de 21 años– batalló para intentar viajar a Estados Unidos de forma legal; pero después de cuatro negativas para obtener una visa, Carlos decidió viajar “a la brava” vía Tijuana, por donde cruzó la frontera para viajar por casi 3 mil kilómetros, hasta Chicago.

Sin saber inglés, Carlos comenzó a lavar platos y hacer los trabajos que nadie más quería hacer en un restaurante al que llegaba después de tres o cuatro horas caminando y del que salía a medianoche para hacer el mismo largo recorrido de regreso a casa.

Estos primeros trabajos mostraron el carácter curioso de Carlos, el cual no pasó desapercibido para su jefe de la pizzería en la que trabajaba en ese entonces. Así, Carlos comenzó a hacer pizzas hasta ser un asiduo ganador de concursos, en los que vencía, incluso, a chefs profesionales.

Carlos comenzó a ascender y las ofertas de trabajo empezaron a aparecer; así, se convirtió en chef ejecutivo de un restaurante francés en el que recibió un salario que nunca antes se hubiera atrevido a soñar. Pero el impulso de Carlos le hizo seguir buscando dónde aprender, por lo que llegó a un restaurante mexicano.

Con “Dios como guía”, Carlos decidió abrir su propio restaurante, lo que le costó el despido de su último trabajo como empleado. Pese a tener su propio local, parecía que la suerte de Carlos se extinguía: la crisis económica en Estados Unidos estuvo a punto de hundir al Mexique hasta que Carlos, a punto de despedirse de su sueño, recibió un mensaje de la Guía Michelín: su restaurante había ganado una estrella de esta prestigiada guía turística mundial, convirtiéndose en el primer mexicano, dueño de un restaurante, en recibirla.

Este hito ocasionó que la gente llegara en mayores cantidades y que la cocina mexicana con inspiración francesa –el sello de Carlos– ganara respeto hasta colocarse entre uno de los mejores 20 restaurantes de Chicago; posición que mantiene desde su tercer mes de apertura.

Ahora, el joven que nunca cursó estudios formales, recibió la invitación del reconocido Kendall College para ser profesor. Así, este mexicano demostró que no importa cuántas veces digan que no, si uno persevera en lograr sus sueños, éstos se materializan como el Mexique de Chicago.

Es necesario generar una cultura de participación ciudadana en la que eduquemos a los niños desde temprana edad para entender la importancia de nuestros derechos y las responsabilidades que éstos conllevan.

*La historia de Carlos es una de las historias de éxito que Josefina Vázquez Mota recoge en su libro El sueño que unió a la frontera, una compilación que muestra a mexicanos en Estados Unidos, que jamás se han dado por vencidos.

imagine Michelin star chef taekwoon asks his hot photographer friend hongbin to babysit ONCE and now his kids refuse to eat the breakfast he makes bc “hongbin’s eggs are better :( ” jung petty taekwoon tries to save face by forcing hongbin to make eggs for him to take notes but ends up nearly fainting when he sees hb add sugar to the eggs before he has the nerve to flip them (he still asks him out though everyone has their faults and sugar on fried eggs is hongbin’s)

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hey guys i've had a bad few days since my sister in law just said she wants to get a divorce and i was wondering if you guys could please rec me some happy ending divorce or break up fics please

Awww, sorry to hear it bb!  Here you go  -Emmy

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It Will Come Back to You by ladylade 

(<5k I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

Teen Wolf kink meme prompt: After breaking up with his boyfriend, Stiles finds a wounded dog in the woods. Something about it reminds him of his ex, so he names it Derek. He doesn’t know exactly how fitting that name is.
(or, how Stiles finds out that the ex-boyfriend that he’s still in love with is a werewolf)

Broken Hearted by trilliastra 

(1,405 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

Derek drops his bag to the floor. “Did your dad try to set you up with someone before, or this is the first time?”

Stiles shakes his head, defeated. “I guess he really likes you.” And he knows Stiles likes Derek too, he thinks but doesn’t say. It’s a lesson he will have to learn: never have heartfelt conversations with his dad while drunk. That can never end well.

“At least someone does. I’ll take a shower.” Derek says, heading for the bathroom without sparing Stiles a second glance.

I’d Do Anything To Protect You by makingitwork 

(2,323 I Explicit I Complete)  *steter

Except hurt you further

It’s Been Four Hundred and Ninety Days by paradis 

(4,486 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

It’s been four hundred and ninety days, and it took Derek forever but they’re at day one again.

Derek and Stiles Take a Break by iKnightWriter 

(4,700 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

Derek and Stiles need a break from their relationship

Waiting for You to Say it First by paradis 

(82,15 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

Four months.

Four months they’ve managed to avoid one another. Stiles quit going to pack meetings. He quit doing research unless Scott really, really begged him to. He avoided driving the road that led out to the turnoff to the Hale house, he avoided going to all the spots where Derek might possibly be. Four months, and now, here they are, standing in the Minit Mart, Stiles thinks, staring down at the grimy tiles. He can hear the catch of Derek’s breath, and he closes his eyes and breathes deep.

When It All Falls Apart by Peter Hale (SebastianVael) 

(8,354 I Mature I Complete)  *steter, past Stackson

Stiles doesn’t know what to do.

He’s on the verge of losing everything in the divorce, on the verge of breaking down. He hates himself, hates what he is, what he’s not. He has no husband, no alpha, no mate. He’s about to lose his mind, and he has no hope.

His mother used to tell him; when you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way out is up. But what’s the point in trying to climb out of Hell, when the Devil’s waiting for you with an army of lawyers?

And with his heat just around the corner, Stiles doesn’t think he has anything left to give. He needs a miracle.

He just didn’t figure his miracle would wear Alexander Amosu and fight his battles with a smirk that could kick-start the apocalypse.

Parachute by dreamerjules (jelaine3), OnTheGround2012    

(8,424 I Mature I Complete)   *stackson

This is about Stiles too and he deserves his freedom even, maybe especially, if it permanently locks the door on Jackson’s prison.

In Quiet, A Favor by Helenish 

(12,619 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek

“You like happy endings, huh?” Stiles says, lying pressed in against his back, sliding his fingers along the edge of Derek’s chest, along his ribs and up his sternum.

For Better, For Worse by Vendelin 

(13,336 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek

Derek and Stiles have been married for six years. Derek loves his job as a successful lawyer, loves his financial security and his large house. It isn’t until Stiles gets shot while working that he starts to understand that maybe Stiles isn’t loving their life as much as Derek is.

You Were Right Here All Along by RedCoral 

(16,278 I Teen I Complete)  *sterek

He opened his eyes and through the blur of his tears, he looked at his own hands where Derek was now holding him and said in a broken whisper, “W-What did you do?”

Because of what Derek did, Stiles left to Paris and didn’t look back, not even thinking about all the ties he just cut. Now he’s opening his own restaurant in New York and Derek’s a three Michelin star chef, who Stiles finds necessary to warn of his arrival.

Somehow that one conversation turned into much more and Stiles find out things weren’t what they seemed, neither when it came to the past, nor the future.

Coming in Full Circle by heartsdesire456 

(22,215 I Teen I Complete)  *Petopher

Peter never expected life to end up bringing him back to Beacon Hills nearly seventeen years after he left it, but when his estranged son’s mother abandoned him without warning, it was up to Peter to go back and step up to be the parent he never really had been. Life trying to be Jackson’s father was hard already, but little did he know that only six months into the struggle, his world was going to be shaken once more when the man he both married and divorced before he could legally drink walked right back into his life.

Mating Habits of the Domesticated North American Werewolf by lielabell 

(35,458 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek

Derek doesn’t do pining.  He doesn’t.  So when it becomes clear that Stiles is much more interested in having Derek as a new best friend than a boyfriend, he puts on his big boy pants and makes it fucking work.   He becomes the best goddamn friend a spastic teenager could ever hope to have.

little kihyun things

• sings you softly to sleep
• P R A N K S (sooo many pranks)
• can dish it out but can’t take it
• pouts when he doesn’t get what he wants
• king of sass
• legit squeals when you do something cute
• flashes you his 1000w smile to get what he wants
• always works
• enjoys tracing his fingers across your palms
• it calms him down
• loves loves loves teasing you (kink??)
honey I’m home!
• has little things you need on him 24/7
• handcream, tissues, snacks
• you don’t know how he just does??
• cooks at least one meal a day
• grade a certified 5 star michelin chef (that’s what he says anyway)
• has a weird obsession with homeware/ furniture shopping
• Petty™
I’m not good at this game go easy on me alright?
oh you’re not? (motivation to beat you up by 1000%)
why’d you beat me??
there can only be one winner in this relationship and it’s not you
didn’t they tell you that I was a savage?

• doesn’t understand why you’re pissed??
• apologies but doesn’t mean it
• probably argues a lot tbh
• a perfectionist
• if somethings out of place prepare to get nagged
• have at least 3 fights a day over little things
• hasn’t cried in over 1436 years
• so when he does
• it must be serious
• a softie deep down
• enjoys getting his hair played with
• tries to hide how much he’s enjoying it
• not really into pda
• finds it hard to verbalise his affection
• feels like showing it is enough
• comes off as a romantic cheeseball but is actually just ??? about what you want
• doesn’t know what to say when you say we need to talk
• is speechless
• the time in your relationship where he realises just how important you are to him
• willing to change for you
• says the all important three words rarely 
• when he does really means them
• talks for 20 minutes about just how much he loves you
• always watches out for you
• loves it when you wear his clothes
• chances of him making suggestive comments rise by 50% when you do

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Hey, I was wondering if there could be an update on the break up tag, please? :)

sure can 

Second Time Around by BlueSkyMournings (2/2 | 10,834 | G)

Prompt: teasing, road, music, sneaking, flirt
Secret Santa 2016 for froggydarren < 3

You Were Right Here All Along by RedCoral (4/4 | 16,274 | PG13)

He opened his eyes and through the blur of his tears, he looked at his own hands where Derek was now holding him and said in a broken whisper, “W-What did you do?”

Because of what Derek did, Stiles left to Paris and didn’t look back, not even thinking about all the ties he just cut. Now he’s opening his own restaurant in New York and Derek’s a three Michelin star chef, who Stiles finds necessary to warn of his arrival.

Somehow that one conversation turned into much more and Stiles find out things weren’t what they seemed, neither when it came to the past, nor the future.

The Amazing Part Is by TroubleIWant (1/1 | 2,407 | G)

You’re in love with a beautiful boy, and the amazing part is that he loves you back. He’s all dark honey eyes and buttermilk skin, moles down his neck that he lets you kiss and kiss again. He’s all sharp laughter and too wide sweeps of his arms, and it’s been ten months but you’re not thinking about your first anniversary you’re thinking about forever.

broken hearted by trilliastra (1/1 | 1,405 | PG13)

Derek drops his bag to the floor. “Did your dad try to set you up with someone before, or this is the first time?”

Stiles shakes his head, defeated. “I guess he really likes you.” And he knows Stiles likes Derek too, he thinks but doesn’t say. It’s a lesson he will have to learn: never have heartfelt conversations with his dad while drunk. That can never end well.

“At least someone does. I’ll take a shower.” Derek says, heading for the bathroom without sparing Stiles a second glance.

Harsh Light by StAnni (1/1 | 1,601 | G)

Stiles’ scent, crushed disappointment and heartache filled the room. Derek immediately advanced half a step and Stiles took two steps back. “No, don’t” His usual fight had left his voice, he sounded empty and dull, like a bell unrung.

okayokay but like: chef!au where dean is the traditional, play-it-safe linecook in his family’s rundown roadhouse. he’s been in the kitchen since he was seven, washing wishes or peeling potatoes or swiping warm pies as they cooled on the counter. despite being enraptured by contemporary cuisine and the innovation inherent within it, truckers aren’t in the mood for de-constructed lemon meringue pie at 2am; they just want their food, and they want it fast. 

enter cas.

cas is a weird, dorky little guy who shows up one day with a huge-ass backpack, roughly 300 bucks to his name, and a resume. he applies to be a dish washer. 

dean hires him. and hey, it turns out that cas just graduated with a masters in accounting, but two months into his first job just couldn’t stomach it. turns out that, like dean, all cas wants to do is cook. 

but cook different

so they kinda get closer; they take their lunches together and talk about the stuff they’ve made and the places they’ve eaten. they talk about where they shop. they talk about their favourite foods. and then they start going for drinks. and then just hanging out at dean’s place. and then it becomes really dumb for cas to pay for a motel room when they both end up falling asleep to chef’s table anyway so cas moves in.

and then, y’know, as these things sometimes go, they go from sitting on the couch, to snuggling there, to making out. 

but cas never meant to stay in lawrence forever. so, with the vow that they will make the long-distance thing work, he sets off for a different state and a different diner. 

they do the long distance things for months. then john winchester dies.

with their abusive father out of the way, sam encourages dean to ditch the decrepit roadhouse and pursue his passion, but it takes cas confessing that he’s going to open his own restaurant to seal the deal. he doesn’t know where yet, only that he’s been saving his money, and he’s planning on selling everything he owns (which turns out to be a substantial amount off stuff in a storage unit—turns out that cas came from money before he was cut-off). 

they tear down the roadhouse and, themselves, build something beautiful in its place.

and it’s hard; people aren’t used to small portions and artistic plating when the ingredients are those you’d find in a diner (though infinitely more fresh and of better quality)… but they make it work. they have a hard couple of first years, but what comes after makes the hardship worth it.

a michelin star. 


Behind the glass by happilylarreh (AfterJenny)

Harry Styles is notoriously wild, red-blooded and in love with the ladies. Or at least that’s as much as Louis knows when he lands his dream job as a junior management assistant at Modest Management. 

Louis is fresh out of university, confident, bright and determined to make it in the industry but he’s also slightly confused…For one thing, why is Harry Styles absolutely nothing at all like Louis expected him to be? Why does he look so sad? And why does he look at Louis as though Louis is the answer to a question he doesn’t even understand?

Don’t tell the gods (we left a mess) by bottomlinsons (grimgrace):  

After a misunderstanding with Liam’s mother, Louis agrees to accompany his best friend to a family wedding and pretend to be the world’s best boyfriend. But their simple plan goes awry when he learns that Harry, ex-boyfriend/ex-love of Louis’ life, will also be in attendance. (aka: fake!boyfriends with a twist ft. bromance, romance and cake.)

Loving you is free by littlelouishiccups:  

Louis is a workaholic record label CEO who hasn’t been on a date in nearly a year. Niall and Liam make an account for him on a sugar dating website as a joke. And then Louis meets Harry.

Off the record by Tomlinsontoes

Louis is an out of control teen heartthrob, Harry is hired to get him back on track and they both hate each other while they secretly don’t.

“I’m not your personal assistant you know,” Harry says once he gets there and Louis lets him in and he shoves the bag into his hands. “I’m your publicist.”

“I know that,” Louis smiles a devilish grin patting Harry in the middle of his chest as he takes the bag, “but look at you personally assisting me,” he says looking in the bag and pulling out the Cheetos. I also know that my PA turns his phone on silent at night, and clearly, you don’t. Waiting for a booty call or something?” 

Louis says turning on his heels and scurrying over to his sofa and plopping down. Harry swears he sees a puff of orange dust soar into the air when Louis opens the bag. He’s amazed that couch is as clean as it looks.

Photograph by payneted, tvshows_addict

Louis’ stomach twists inside, leaving his butterflies exhausted, and sore.

This is it. His last chance. The last moment he’ll get to tell the world the truth; to tell everyone about how he feels.

About Harry.

He glances down at his mic one last time, and then clambers up the stairs, moving into the lights, and from all of the dark.

-  In which Harry is way too in love for his own good, Louis is unsure, Niall is too precious for this world, Ziam can’t keep their hands off each other, and Sam just ends up caught in the mix.

Pressed against the sky by mcpofife:

In his final year attending the prestigious boarding school Blake College, Harry, the 17 year-old prince of England, hopes to befriend his new roommate. Louis Tomlinson, the rebellious football phenom, just wants to make it to graduation without losing his scholarship.

Soul wiped clean by Star_Henderson

The man nodded at Paul, his eyes whipping over to Harry. Harry’s lungs somehow lost every ounce of breath, like a suckerpunch to the gut, winded. The hairs on Harry’s neck pricked with what he thought was fear.
He held the back of the chair to steady himself, trying not to stagger, eventually remembering to breathe.
Paul cleared his throat.
“Tommo, this is Harry, the journo who is joining us. Harry, this is Louis Tomlinson.”

Can Louis, an ex convict with secrets and lies, keep hold of them when he has to share three weeks with a journalist. And does he want to?

That sounds fake but okay by dancingontheceiling

Harry Styles is a rookie journalist forced to work the gossip desk at a major New York magazine. Louis Tomlinson is the A-list actor who doesn’t appreciate Harry or his articles.

Time bomb by ThisSentimentalHeart

“Why exactly are you here?” Louis asked, feigning annoyance and failing pathetically at it.
“My publicist told me I can’t go anywhere near you.” Harry said, eyes still smudged with last night’s eye liner. “That makes you my favorite person in the world.”

Or the one where Louis has everything: a lead role in a giant Hollywood franchise, a glittering new house with an entertaining Irish neighbor, and a steady, normal boyfriend who he probably loves. Louis never expected to become a household name among young Hollywood overnight. He also never expected to find something endearing about the enigmatic rockstar who keeps showing up on his back porch.

Who knew by sincewewereeighteen  (give it a chonce!!!!)

Louis remembers clearly the night everything fell apart.

There are moments in life you just can’t forget. For him, there are some that just will never leave his mind: singing Torn, his first Award Ceremony, What Makes You Beautiful on the radio for the first time, bus 1 with Zayn, recording Fireproof with Liam and the look on Harry’s face when he told Louis that he loved him, but they were done.

[OR: the one in which my mind goes to a really dark place thanks to this ridiculous reality we’re living right now and Louis cheats on Harry and gets a girl pregnant]

You always make me smile by champagneboyband

When Cowell Productions acquires an American branch, Louis is saddled with producing Eat It and Weep, the Food Network’s new Kitchen Nightmares inspired reality show. He’s nervous when he finds out that he’s going to be working with Harry Styles, the world’s youngest Michelin-starred chef and an absolutely notorious terror in the kitchen. But it quickly becomes obvious that things will prove difficult for an entirely different reason.


have a short list of some of the shingekyo fics i have adored over the years i’ve spent in this fandom. includes titles already well-known, though i’m hoping to give equal attention to some lesser-known fics and lesser-known writers whose works i have enjoyed greatly (even if they’ve since left the fandom). 

this is only a personal rec list based on very subjective personal taste; just because i loved these works doesn’t mean you definitely will (though i hope you do, of course) so your mileage may vary.

aside from completed fics being listed before in-progress ones, these are compiled in no particular order, since i pretty much just combed my bookmarks/ao3 history lists simultaneously. (i may comb through again at a later date and add more fics to this list, but we’ll see.)

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This is Antonio; he dreams of being a michelin star chef one day.

Like to say his food is good.

Reblog to support his restaurant dreams.

If u don’t like or reblog, Antonio understands and also protects u from any nasty chain posts forever.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Bucky-on-the-run getting a job as a dishwasher and rising to become a bad ass chef. Bucky, the scariest thing to wear a hair net; treating his sous-chefs like his unit, giving softly-spoken orders and then decimating a sack of onions to slivers. Imagine that scratchy voice whispering "too much flour" before removing swordfish gougons from scorching fat with his fingers. Imagine him winning a Michelin star, being quiet and shy and terrifyingly competent, happy to have a use as a human.

“Don’t piss of the dishwasher,” says Chef with a kind of grimace.

“Or what? He’ll murder me?” the new guys asks with a smirk.

“Or he won’t wash your dishes,” Chef says. “And with Barnes, he might fucking murder you too.”

Barnes washes dishes with machine like efficacy. Chef’s favourite pan is back in her hot lil’ hands before she even notices its absence. Barnes also drinks like a fucking machine. He’s matching them to embarrassing sex story drunkenness in terms of volume, but in terms of attitude he is stone cold fucking sober.

“Hey, man of mystery,” Chef says. “I’ve had dishwashers who couldn’t speak any English who had more to say after drinks than you.”

“’Cause they were speaking some other language, chef,” Barnes says, then shrugs. “Don’t have a lot to say.”

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Meet Andre Hueston Mack, 1st black winemaker. Black consumers took the initiative to “buy Black” over the weekend, but it’s likely that many of us don’t know all of our options. Social media led the way for Black small businesses to advertise their products, but we’re certain a large group of wine connoisseurs aren’t aware of Andre Hueston Mack and his Mouton Noir Wines brand. To throw in another Black history fact: the first black winemaker in the country, Andre Hueston Mack owns Mouton Noir Wines, which is sold in over 40 states and 12 countries, selling over 30K cases of wine a year. Mack is looking to take his spirits to a higher level with a new brand in 2016. “The common myth is that African Americans aren’t well-educated about wine, but in truth, we’re like everyone else. We like what we like – high or low,” Mack says. “A $100 bottle of wine can taste as awful as a $2 bottle, and the opposite is true, as well. If you know what you like, buy it. But don’t just buy it because it’s expensive.”

Mack founded Mouton Noir in 2007 with no money and no investors, leveraging only his resources from his days as an award-winning sommelier for Michelin star chef/restauranteur Thomas Keller at both French Laundry and Per Se. Always one to think outside of the box, Mack created the first culinary coloring book in 2014. Determined to change the way Blacks viewed wine culture, he looks for opportunities to educate others about the history of wine culture so that it isn’t viewed as exclusive.

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