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EXO PLANET #3 - EXO’s A to Z during The EXO’r DIUM North America Tour Concert! From feverish concert place and rehearsals to the members’ travel in New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas! Includes 20 main episodes (About 220 minutes ), Special Talk LIVE with SUHO & SEHUN (1 ep), 4 GIFT VODs of LA Live concert footage, and video letters from each member. [LINK]


  • 08/18 9:00 PM Special Talk LIVE with SUHO & SEHUN
    Introduction to EXO TOURGRAM, behind the scenes during the North America Tour Concert, and free traveling stories by SUHO & SEHUN
  • 08/19 10:30 PM Ep. 3 The Delivery: New York
    They called a delivery of Hollywood celebrities’ favorite foods from New York’s restaurants! Which one would be EXO’s favorite?
  • 09/02 11:00 PM Ep. 10 Hola, Mexico City!
    EXO’s first solo concert in Mexico! Who could be the member who had a ghost dream the night before the concert?

What to wear: Lunch at a cool place with friends

With more and more cool eateries opening in urban areas, it’s hard to keep up with it all and the ‘dress code’. Gone are the days where your scared of what the botoxed women adorned in couture think in a 2 michelin star restaurant. Theres a whole new fear. Lunch-wear. If your going to an uber cool trendy spot for lunch you have to dress uber cool and trendy. And, if you don’t, you have judgemental hipsters giving you greasies and the feeling that your just not with it. Fear no more, I have some perfect outfit ideas for these situations that’ll have you at the top of the game (and being a judgemental hipster).

Outfit 1

Muses: Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, Coachella

Crochet Top a nice white crochet top is appropriate in summer conditions. Looks amazing with a tan. However be careful that you don’t look casual.

Long Skirt with a slit this will look classic with your crochet top, very boho and stylish. You can choose whether you want it to be black (steer clear of white) or colourful. Bonus points if you’ve picked it up at a market and it’s a one of a kind. They’ll kill for it.

Ankle Boots this will give you added height and dress up your look. A neutral colour like beige is preferable. 

Fedora put a black fedora over your bed head - instant queen. Think Kate Moss and Alexa Chung.

Outfit 2

Muses: Miranda Kerr, Kate Bosworth, Rachel Bilson

*Note: You must be very sure of yourself to pull this off. You have to ooze ‘I don’t care, I look good just like this*. If you don’t you’ll be put out of place and feel extremely awkward. However if you pull it off, you’ll be the coolest person in the café*

Plain white baggy tee plain white baggy tee. plain white baggy tee. Ok you get it. But seriously, don’t go fitted, don’t go printed and don’t go long sleeved. Just do a plain white baggy tee. But not so baggy that it makes you look like your 5 in your dads pyjama top, big enough that it doesn’t cling to your boobs or body.

Boyfriend Jeans baby blue (ripped or not) are perfect. If your more of a grunge girl skin tight black jeans will do the trick.

Converse white, black or grey. Preferably low top. Perfect end to your super minimalistic outfit.

Oversized cat-eye sunglasses these are the best. In transforms a boring outfit into a super-chic one. And if there cool enough, I guarantee one envious hipster will ask for the designer. Plus if you spy a hottie, pull down your shades very slowly and give him a wink before sliding them back up.

Small gold necklace long enough that it passes your collarbone. This is a delicate effect that dresses up your look. Yet small enough that it doesn’t take over your outfit. It just compliments it.

Messy low pony with this out fit tie your into a low pony. Have strands falling out, knots every where or a loose bun. Voila.

Outfit 3

Muses - Olivia Palermo, Blair Waldorf, Cher

A COOL shirt focus on the word cool. This is the key point here. We don’t want a shirt that screams I work in an office or I’ve been a mum for too long. A cool, trendy shirt. Printed or crisp white and fitted. If you think your shirts a little on the daggy side add a cool collar or bling it up with costume jewellery.

Plaid Skirt a mini plaid skirt will look fabulous and classy with this look. Have the skirt have one or two main colours (black and white, red, blue) and don’t have it longer than above the knee.

Knee socks and boots this will tie up the outfit and give it the ultimate ‘preppy girl look’. Socks are best in navy, and boots are best with a small heel.

Xoxo Chloe



I questioned whether or not to share this. Perhaps it will be useful to someone.

My relationship has ended with POT of three dates, and the one who bought me my chanel and Hermes. On our third date after shopping we went for dinner at Daniel, a 2 star michelin restaurant. It was a Friday evening around 8:30 pm. I suggested that we order dinner al la carte rather than a tasting menu; partly because I wasn’t very hungry and partly because I was tired. Dinner went well, maybe I’ll write about it in another post. Due to a disappointing menu and my exhaustion I decline dessert. While waiting for the bill my POT began making comments about how the night was a perfect night to watch woody Allen movies and cuddle. *cue internal eye roll. I know what come over and watch a movie means. I wasn’t born yesterday* So I mention that I am tired from a long day and that the wine I drank had made me drowsy. My POT lightly protested through a thinly veiled joke. He laughed that it would be totally fine if I fell asleep and stayed the night at his apartment. I told him that I was aware of what coming over for a movie meant and that it was not the first time I had heard that line. He laughed and joked that he “didn’t even have condoms” at his apartment. *Cue eye roll and vomit creeping up my throat. Don’t say the word condoms at dinner* I again politely decline his offer.

I reluctantly shared a cab with him towards our respective homes. I did not disclose my address, just a vaguely near-by intersection of streets. When we entered the cab we held hands and my POT kissed me lightly on the lips. He then continued trying to ‘persuade’ me to come over. My patience began to run thin. It felt like I was re-watching a movie for the 100th time-where I already knew both actors lines and knew how the movie would end. I had been in that position countless times before with men whose names and faces aren’t worth remembering. And because I had been in the same position many times before, I knew how it would likely end. I suspected that if I denied his advances then he would take back the items he purchased for me. And I suspected that our scheduled Chanel shopping trip for the following week would be canceled. Those were my options.

My POT asked me to come over at least four times. But what really ‘broke the camels back’ was when my POT asked me to go with him to his office so that he can give me a book. It was 10:30 pm on a Friday night. And he was asking me to go with him to an abandoned office, which I have never seen before, and on our 3rd date within a week of knowing one another. This is also the second time he suggested that I see his office (at night) and the first time I politely refused ((he suggested it once before on the second date)). I didn’t ‘snap’ so to speak. There was no yelling or cursing- I’m a wasp after all. But I immediately lost any remaining shred of my strained politeness. I curtly told him that I would not go to anyone’s abandoned office at 10:30 pm because it was not safe for me. My POT immediately pulled his hand from mine as if he were repulsed by holding it. He was silent so I began to reiterate that I am a young lady and that I am uncomfortable going to his office. He avoided eye contact and rambled that he would think the office is safe “because it has cameras and security.” I gently reminded him that I had never been to his office before and therefore I was unfamiliar with it. Still avoiding eye and body contact, he told me me that he understood and that the thought had never occurred to him. I told him that I understood and then I attempted to change and lighten the conversation. But he remained silent. The remainder of the cab ride was silent and he would not touch my hand. It was probably the longest and awkwardest cab ride I have experienced. We exited the cab and he handed me my shopping bag. I had expected that he withhold it because I refused to go over his place.

I felt truly bad when I arrived home. I felt guilty for saying ‘no’. I doubted myself for saying ‘no’. I didn’t sleep well that night. The previous night was the first thing on my mind when I awoke that morning. As the morning progressed my feelings switched to anger. I disliked the feeling that if I didn’t go back to his apartment then I wouldn’t get Chanel. I became angry at myself for feeling bad and for feeling guilty. And I became slightly angry at him for not recognizing that he was pressuring me to come over.

So that next day I invariably assumed that we parted ways. I didn’t text him- partly because I was uncertain of what to say. So midday he texted me a simple hi. I responded and he told me that his plans for the day canceled and asked me if I wanted to get dinner that evening with him. I was very surprised. I politely declined because the weather was garbage, I was tired, and because I was feeling awkward about the previous evening. He then texts me and asks if I could speak with him on the phone. *😱 who the hell talks on the phone these days?* I lie and tell him that I’m expecting a call but that I’m free to text. I’ll include some photos of the conversation.

•Looking back, I don’t believe his silence in the cab ride was due to him being angry for being rebuffed. But rather he was speechless and shocked. And perhaps he was offended, and perceived the conversation as me accusing him of being malcontent.

•Maybe I could have been more tactful. As I mentioned, I was extremely tired. I have to wake up early for work and had been awake for ~20 hours. My exhaustion likely contributed to how I handled the situation.

• I don’t know that I’m proud of my decision or proud that I stood by my principles. My decision was not innately right or wrong. I likely would have felt bad if I had chosen to go back with him to his apartment. I truly believe that I was in an unfortunate position, where no matter what I chose to do, I “just couldn’t win.”

• There is a very fine line between pressuring and persuasion.

• I likely would have went home with him after the 4th or 5th date. I had no intention of “sucking him dry” and disappearing. I was simply tired that night and wasn’t looking/feeling my best.

• I figured it may be strategic to agree when he asked me if we could be just friends.

• A lady should never have to tell a gentleman No more than once.

• I feel a bit vulnerable sharing this.

• Win some to lose some.