Loki has gotten in trouble more than once for killing men who have disrespected you. But he’s killed them even when they’ve only looked at you strangely. He’s always been very protective over you, maybe even in love with you but he won’t admit it. Everyone in Asgard talks about this obsession of his and soon enough, you’ve earned respect from everybody, and they won’t even glance in your direction, fearing that Loki will murder them in a heartbeat. 


«Flesh and Blood»

Let me talk to you about this character

Micheletto Corella The Borgias

For starters this guy is a fucking psycho

This is what he did to one guy and probably to that guy in the background

Like seriously he kills people when no one is looking 

But he’s not stupid

And when Cesare tries to kill his brother

He’s ultra gay

He loves his mother

He also has the greatest loyalty to the Borgia Family

When the love of Lucrezia’s life is murdered he offers his sympathies

The best part about my psychopathic character is how he is with Lucrezia’s baby. 

This was the point where the Borgia family is under attack and he stops the traitorous nanny when he hears the baby crying. “Do you not hear the child crying?”

He protects the child and it’s so adorable

And he’s the first person Lucrezia gives the baby after they’re all under attack

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Micheletto for the headcanon meme!

Headcanon A: what I think realistically

Micheletto decided to pledge himself to Cesare Borgia in under sixty seconds for a variety of reasons, most of which were reasonable, like: 

1) Working for the pope’s son is a better gig than working for a cardinal who may or may not succeed in killing the pope and then staying in favor once a new pope is anointed

2) Probably it would pay better

3) Cesare seems wayy more competent than Orsini, since Orsini hired Micheletto specifically to do this poisoning thing that Micheletto’s kind of doubtful about, which has resulted, obviously, in Cesare catching Micheletto in the act

4) and Micheletto absolutely values competence, and would rather work for someone who knows what the fuck he’s doing and won’t send Micheletto on assassination trips likely to get him killed.

5) This particular assassination attempt is doomed anyway, so why not make the best of things

Headcanon B: what I think is fucking hilarious

Micheletto decided to pledge himself to Cesare Borgia in under sixty seconds because:

1) Cesare looked at him like this: 

grinning and breathless and visibly having fun, almost as fast as Micheletto and just as cruel. 

2) Cesare kept grinning at him when he shoved Micheletto into a wall with his hand on the back of Micheletto’s neck like he was a fucking dog

3) and Micheletto, an obvious masochist and brutally stupid romantic, fell in love instantly

4) While I think this is fucking hilarious, I also absolutely believe it’s true. 

Headcanon C: what is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends

There’s a world where Micheletto chooses Pascal instead of Cesare. 

He’s happy, in that world. 

Headcanon D: what would never work with canon but the canon is shit so I believe it anyway

Micheletto, the most A Poet a person can possibly be while being absolutely illiterate, ghost-writes the poems of Pietro Bembo while living in Ferrara as Lucrezia’s personal bodyguard/secret pet assassin, Cyrano de Bergerac style. As in, he sits there and brusquely, scowlingly dictates these lush gorgeous love poems to Bembo, who writes them down and sends them to Lucrezia. 

The poems are all subtextually about Cesare. 

Lucrezia loves them. 

So the Renaissance Faire I went to today was supposed to be set in 1500s England. But it had, in the cast, Micheletto Corella who was from 1400s Italy and died in 1508, a Grand Duke of Tuscany from the late 1500s, the Duke of Northumberland from the early 1700s along with his family (and a sister-in-law who didn’t exist and they gave the same name as one of Henry 8′s queens >.>), Machiavelli for some reason (1400s), Christopher Marlowe and Shakespeare (late 1500s), every single renaissance painter who was a ninja turtle, and someone I can only assume was supposed to be Sir Henry Norreys(mid 1500s) ….. 

Like I get faires are fantasy to an extent but some of these people are SO time displaced (looking at Corella and the Northumberland crew) that i wanna scream