«Flesh and Blood»

So the Renaissance Faire I went to today was supposed to be set in 1500s England. But it had, in the cast, Micheletto Corella who was from 1400s Italy and died in 1508, a Grand Duke of Tuscany from the late 1500s, the Duke of Northumberland from the early 1700s along with his family (and a sister-in-law who didn’t exist and they gave the same name as one of Henry 8′s queens >.>), Machiavelli for some reason (1400s), Christopher Marlowe and Shakespeare (late 1500s), every single renaissance painter who was a ninja turtle, and someone I can only assume was supposed to be Sir Henry Norreys(mid 1500s) ….. 

Like I get faires are fantasy to an extent but some of these people are SO time displaced (looking at Corella and the Northumberland crew) that i wanna scream

Let me talk to you about this character

Micheletto Corella The Borgias

For starters this guy is a fucking psycho

This is what he did to one guy and probably to that guy in the background

Like seriously he kills people when no one is looking 

But he’s not stupid

And when Cesare tries to kill his brother

He’s ultra gay

He loves his mother

He also has the greatest loyalty to the Borgia Family

When the love of Lucrezia’s life is murdered he offers his sympathies

The best part about my psychopathic character is how he is with Lucrezia’s baby. 

This was the point where the Borgia family is under attack and he stops the traitorous nanny when he hears the baby crying. “Do you not hear the child crying?”

He protects the child and it’s so adorable

And he’s the first person Lucrezia gives the baby after they’re all under attack

imsorryimlate  asked:

hi, i have a question, and it's about something you posted about 5 years ago so i'm sorry, i'm really embarrassed to ask, but wth. there was this post with a quote from a letter micheletto had written to machiavelli, and i wondered where you had found that letter in english? i've really been looking everywhere, but i've only found it in italian (and i don't know italian). anyway, i thought i'd at least ask :)

no problem friendo!!

pretty sure the excerpt you’re talking about was sent to me by my pal alucifer, and the link they gave me to the translated letter was downloaded here !

have fun with it! it’s a really nice little peek into Micheletto’s mind uwu

the signs as The Borgias characters
  • Aries: Lucrezia Borgia
  • Taurus: Niccolo Machiavelli
  • Gemini: Juan Borgia
  • Cancer: Vanozza dei Cattanei
  • Leo: Ascanio Sforza
  • Virgo: Giulia Farnese
  • Libra: Gioffre Borgia
  • Scorpio: Cesare Borgia
  • Sagittarius: Caterina Sforza
  • Capricorn: Rodrigo Borgia
  • Aquarius: Micheletto Corella
  • Pisces: Alfonso of Aragon