OKAY but HOW is spring awakening SO BEAUTIFUL??? the MUSIC sounds like ANGELS cleansing me of my SINS


The Deaf West and OG Spring Awakening Wendlas, Melchiors, Moritzes and Ernsts unite! Clockwise from top left: 1. OG Wendla Lea Michele with DW Wendlas Sandra Mae Frank and her ‘voice’ Katie Boeck- after Lea attended one of the performances in Beverly Hills, 2. Original Melchior Jonathan Groff with DW Melchior Austin McKenzie - at dinner with a mutual friend a couple days ago, 3. Original Ernst Gideon Glick with DW Ernst’s voice Daniel David Stewart - after Daniel attended a performance of Significant Other, 4. (throwback) Original Moritz John Gallagher Jr. w/ DW Moritz’s voice Alex Boniello - by the look of things, during the original run of SA!


My lastest video - Mary McDonnell’s awesome “Mama Bear” roles!!! Enjoy!

Music: 10,000 miles by Mary Chapin Carpenter.