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reasons why you should read “of fire and stars”
  • gay princesses!!!! that should say it all tbh this list doesn’t even need to continue but i will anyways because of how much i love this book
  • one of the princesses (Denna) is conventional, proper, has been betrothed to a prince since she was a child
  • the other princess (Mare) is unconventional- loves horses and spends her days in the stables instead of attending to royal duties. super sarcastic and always mouths off, especially to her brother (who is marrying Denna). i love her tbh 
  • denna falls in love with mare instead of the prince, who she is engaged to!! honestly it’s. classic
  • slow burn wlw romance that we Deserve
  • hate to love relationship (or more accurately, hate to friendship to love)
  • it’s actually written by a woman who is married to another woman!!! (not sure what her sexual orientation is but!)
  • there’s a scene where denna sees mare in a gown for the first time and it was the cutest shit ever
  • just a lot of cute fluffy stuff in general scattered through the whole thing
  • denna’s fire affinity and using fire as a metaphor for how denna feels for mare !!!
  • the whole “my dress is stuck can you help me unlace it” trope
  • the scenes where the finally kiss/sleep together are so pure and well written and i felt some type of way, bye
  • the whole forbidden romance aspect….. having said romance discovered and them being kept away from each other…… meeting in secret……. how could u not want that angsty shit
  • princesses saving each other!!!
  • they don’t die at the end
  • happily ever after. gay princesses together forever

Favorite Character Meme: [¼] Relationships ♡ Finn/Rachel (Glee)
↳ “You and I both know how this thing ends. I don’t know how, or when, and I don’t care where you’re living or what dope you’re shacked up with. You’re my girlfriend. We are endgame. I know that and you know that.”

the saga of is it a fic or are they headcanons continues.  parts one, TWO (this one!), three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine.

  • so michelle starts to get buddy buddy with ned and peter, ish.
  • she starts to actually kind of like ned, even if he sometimes puts his foot in his mouth sometimes. but they argue about the merits of comic books as a form of literature and he teaches her some words in tagalog and she learns how to call peter a son of a bitch so she’s pretty entertained.
  • but the weird things just keep piling up with peter.
  • he rushes off at random times, freezes whenever she asks him where he’s going, shows up to school with cuts and bruises looking like he’s been fighting in an underground boxing ring. she even saw him go into the chemistry lab the other day at lunch time even though they both took chemistry last year and he’s taking biology now.
  • he just does really weird things sometimes and michelle can’t help but notice.
  • michelle also can’t help but notice that spiderman is becoming more and more popular. people sell t-shrits, masks, shot glasses, tote bags. everything, basically. and maybe one day michelle might spend a little too much time looking at a t-shirt with a picture of spiderman in all his toned, muscly glory. but she just shakes her head and keeps moving.
  • she gets curious about him, though. where did he come from? who is he? why is he doing this? why did he sound oddly familiar in DC when he saved her friends?
  • and then one day she’s walking home from school after academic decathlon and she missed the bus which is totally her fault for staying later after practice to chat with peter and ned about the upcoming weekend and how their plans to construct a lego version of the starship enterprise were so utterly boring she could barely stand to listen to them. (and weren’t people supposed to choose star wars or star trek? was that not a thing? not that she cares about things peter likes. well, peter AND ned. anyway.)
  • she’s turning a corner when she sees someone out of the corner of her eyes. there is a man on the opposite side of the street walking several yards back from here. it could be nothing. but she’s also been taught to always be on high alert. so she grips her backpack to her body a bit tighter and walks a little faster down the street, cursing herself for not taking the more populated albeit slightly longer route home.
  • she continues down the street when she notices the man cross the street so that he’s on the same side of the road as she and at that point she just starts running. better that he thinks she’s odd if he isn’t following her than be caught if he is trying to catch her. she sprints down the street and turns another corner as she looks back to check if the man is following her and then bam. she’s on the ground, gripping the shoulder that practically crashed into a brick wall.
  • “oh my goodness, are you okay?” she sighs and looks at the owner of the panicked voice and she is left speechless. it’s…well, it’s spiderman.

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Emimike AU headcanons

Basically Michele is a Medieval knight at Emil is his guardian angel. all set during and around the first crusade, so around 1099 AD. This was just planning for the fic for this AU i was going to write but it turned out to be more like head canons so i figured i would post them! (i will still write the fic) 

Thank you to my friend Laine over at @till-kingdom-come for the wonderful Au idea! go give her some love! 

  • Emil is his guardian angel that doesn’t seem to want to leave his side even during the crusade 
  • Michele acts like he thinks Emil is annoying but damn has he fallen for him
  • He Doesn’t quite understand how to handle these feelings so he just thinks they’re “friend crush/slight admiration feelings” 
  • Emil on the other hand thinks Mickey is the most beautiful human being he has ever fucking seen
  • Constantly is going up to Otabek (He is Yuri’s guardian angel) and telling him about what brave or amazing thing Michele did today 
  • “Omg Otabek you should have seen him practicing today! He was in full armor AND he was running, he didn’t even seem out of breath afterwards. He must be so strong!” “Emil, you are aware you could probably pick him up and hold him up with one arm or something” “Bekaaa that’s not the point!
  • Emil is so in love but thinks Mickey is totally out of his league
  • Spolier: he’s not. they just need a little push (possibly literally) and then they get together 
  • It’s probably some dramatic scene where they hastily confess feelings during a battle or something 
  • that or Emil lets it slip while he’s walking with Michele and its all very heartfelt and whatnot 
  • Also after they do get together Michele calls Emil “Angelo” and Emil calls him “Můj rytíř” 


  • Michele obviously uses a  Falchion Sword bc crusades 
  • also he us totally in the front lines, he’s an amazing knight
  • fights for the Kingdom of Scilly I don’t care if its inaccurate and they didn’t actually fight in the crusades ssshhh
  • Otabek, Viktor, Leo, Phichit, and JJ are also guardian angels but probably won’t play a big part in this fic

So I’m not saying we need a “soft spoken boy from an RPG Maker Game with Creepy Elements who has blue eyes and shaggy blond hair from Probably Europe^tm who is barely a (fancily dressed) teenager, whose tragic past has led to misfortune for not only him but several people around him (because of death and forces beyond his control), and it falls to him to deal with its consequences in the present” support group…


anonymous asked:

If you're taking prompts how about spideychelle with peter being jealous?

hello! thank you so much for sending this! i’m sorry it too me a bit to get it done! i’m currently on a road trip so i don’t have that much time. as someone who really struggles to write anything but fluff (lol), this was an interesting challenge! because jealousy is such a complicated emotion! for more angst: check out @spideyxchelle‘s jealous!peter headcanons here and here! they are soooo good!!!

also again, thanks to @accioharry for reading over this before i posted, like she always does. and check out her headcanons! and she’s cool i guess so maybe follow her?

but anyway, here’s wonderwall a fic in which peter parker has the best girlfriend. but everyone else notices too and it’s becoming an issue™ for peter. (ao3)

a short list of things peter loves about his life:

  1. being spiderman, which he’s got on lock
  2. aunt may, who hugs him when he’s sad and gives him good advice
  3. going to mit, for which he’s paying basically nothing thanks to financial aid and scholarships
  4. knowing tony stark, who managed to convince aunt may to let him live off campus after sophomore year and to let tony pay for said apartment
  5. ned, his best friend, who’s killing it at columbia
  6. michelle, who is, objectively, really fucking awesome, and also in love with him

a short list of things peter doesn’t love about his life:

  1. michelle is irresistible to people other than peter parker
  2. peter parker gets jealous

a brief saga of the green eyed monster in peter parker’s life

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MichEmil Headcanons Part 2

- Michele likes to sing operatic Italian songs like “Core ‘Ngrato” or “'O Sole Mio” in the shower
- One time Emil was listening to him and accidentally fell in the shower
-Michele gets embarrassed at being naked or even shirtless in front of his boyfriend
- Emil on the other hand has no shame and will walk around naked
- Emil is a crazy good cook
- Lately he’s been trying lots of Italian recipes for Michele
- Michele calls Emil things like “dolcezza” (sweetie) or “bello” (handsome) or “mio caro” (my dear) only in private [I’m sorry if this is wrong I used google translate]
- Michele may get really flustered by public displays of affection from Emil but it’s the total opposite when he’s drunk
- Michele is a total flirty drunk but only with Emil
- He gets really goofy and silly and flirty and clumsy
- He will steal Emil’s jackets and kiss him all over and use every cute pet name in the book
- Emil doesn’t get drunk no matter how much he drinks but he thinks his boyfriend is a cute drunk
- Sometimes Michele wears Emil’s jackets to sleep
- And in the morning Sara’s like “ooh is that Emil’s jacket?”
- And Michele’s like “what are you talking about no of course not it’s mine no it doesn’t say Czech Republic on it you’re blind Sara get some glasses”
- When people insult Michele, Emil will literally follow them around all day screaming about how amazing his boyfriend is
- When people insult Emil, Michele will fight them and Sara usually has to pull him off like “michele you’re going to end up killing him and then you’ll be in jail and you’ll never see Emil again”
- Emil hugs Michele an average of 15.9 million times a day

Part 1 is here

Emil HCs

Okay this was going to be something different but i got carried away with Emil so here are some Emil head canons ^-^

  • He ice skates because he genuinely enjoys it. It’s never really been about the money or competitions, he does it because he thinks its fun
  • Has a very normal family. Everyone is Czech, everyone gets married and has children, they aren’t necessarily against things being different, they just have a very “this is the way things are and this is the way things should be” mindset
  • Not everyone in his family gets along so when Emil and his little brother were younger he would always brush it off and and take his brother into the other room when people started arguing
  • So when people did start arguing, naturally his younger brother would start crying when they were little so he would always try and act cheery so he would stop crying
  • He was a happy kid, didn’t take much to please him, he knew his parents worked hard to put food on the table so he didn’t really ask for much
  • He’s an emotional person but isn’t very good at expressing his feelings. Most of the time he is genuinely happy but if he isn’t he still acts like it because he feels like he needs to for everyone else because if he doesn’t then no one else will
  • When he cries he just covers his face and does his best to make it stop unless he’s around certain family member or friends that he feels comfortable with
  • Also he’s autistic sorry I don’t make the rules I mean it’s pretty obvious
  • Elementary school and the beginning of junior high was fairly easy for him but teachers started to get frustrated with him because he had trouble focusing and got told “he would be smarter if he just applied himself more”
  • It wasn’t that he didn’t want to learn but he didn’t understand what the teachers were trying to teach him because the way they were explaining it didn’t make sense to him
  • Often got frustrated when he didn’t get something so for a while he just thought he wasn’t smart because I don’t understand and no matter how hard I try I just don’t get it  
  • The only subject he excelled in was math because the teachers would let him read the textbook instead of listening to the lesson
  • The textbook was straightforward and to him was a lot easier to learn from, because he had the time to process what he was reading and he had one thing to focus on instead of noticing every movement a classmate made or every little noise
  • Numbers were also something that were just easier for him to understand
  • Astronomy and Space is definitely one of his special interests and he will tell you everything about it if you let him
  • Emil is very open about being autistic and often does fundraisers for different organizations to help raise awareness and acceptance (no, not autism $peaks he’s definitely against them)
  • Very outgoing but has a difficult time with social cues
  • Hugs are 10/10 good pressure stim
  • Definitely Pansexual (he’s just got a lot of love to give)
  • Has been in one serious relationship before Michele so he knows the ropes a little bit but he is still winging most of the time
  • He and Mickey were very close childhood friends but grew apart when they were teenagers
  • They started seeing each other again at competitions and that was when Emil realized his feelings
  • He panicked at first because he didn’t think in a million years that Michele would ever like him back
  • He gets over that pretty quickly though so then he starts trying to flirt with him (not that mickey really notices, he’s very oblivious)

I’m convinced that every time Emil walks into the kitchen and Mickey is just, idk, tossing salad or frowning at eggs, in an extremely normal and totally ordinary way, Emil feels like he’s living inside this commercial

lizardcool17  asked:

Prompt: Prince Mickey starts to develop a crush on the stable boy or gardener Emil.

He was walking through the castle, an unusual bounce in his step. He was smiling, but just lightly, not to lose his noble look, and the empty corridors were filled with his quiet humming.

“Let me guess. Going to the stables again?” a hand suddenly landed on Michele’s shoulder. He jumped up a bit and his humming stopped.

“How is that your business?” he murmured at his sister. Her voice was as chirpy as the summer itself, she was so beautiful not even princesses from other kingdoms coulc compete and her knowledge exceeded those of highly ranked scientists at the court. And yet, she could annoy prince Michele with every word sometimes.

“I’m just saying you have been spending the whole day riding your horse for the past two weeks,” she giggled and straightened the collar of Michele’s shirt.

“What about it?” he asked.

“You’ve never been interested in riding until the new stable boy from the neighbour kingdom came,” Sara shrugged with a mysterious smile.

“Well, uh…” Michele averted his gaze. “He’s nice.”

“Just nice?” Sara kept teasing.

“What- Hey! What is your deal, Sara?!” Michele folded his arms on his chest and frowned, even though his cheeks were getting slightly pink.

“I’m just saying that I want you to have fun. But your horse is going to die soon from all the running,” Sara laughed and smoothed Michele’s shirt on his shoulders. “If you like spending time with him, just take him for a walk.”

“My horse?”

“The stable boy!” Sara pushed Michele a bit, not sure if he was faking it, or if he was really that silly. 

“But…” he sighed, rubbing the back of his head. “Father won’t be happy knowing that I… You know… Spend time with peasants…” he talked quietly, knowing the walls of the castle had ears.

“So what? Come on, Mickey, You deserve something nice, too.” She gave Michele a kind smile and kissed his cheek. “Have fun, big brother.” And with these words she left the prince in the empty corridor.

Michele watched her leave without a word. He stood at his spot for a good minute before taking a deep breath.

“Alright,” he whispered for himself and turned around. He disappeared back in his chamber to change from the riding clothes. This time, they would go for a picnic.

Dating Michelle Jones Would Include...

Originally posted by beckysbitchass

•Having to get passed Michelle’s distant personality

•Calling her MJ

•Her favourite things to call you are loser, nerd, and dork

-“Hey loser want to hang out after school?”

•Sitting with Peter and Ned at lunch and becoming good friends

•Michelle’s sarcastic comments always making you chuckle. Her wittiness is one of the things you love most about her

•One time as a joke Michelle bought a “I’m with stupid” shirt and went out of her way to make sure the arrow was always pointing at you

•Spending a lot of time in the library together

•Going out for coffee and also buying each other really cool, funky mugs

•Stealing her books sometimes since she’s usually hiding behind it and you want her attention. Unfortunately this usually results in you getting hit over the head with said book

•Getting her more books for her birthday and Christmas

•Hanging out in detention with Michelle sometimes and laughing at the drawings she comes up with

•But seriously though Michelle’s a really good drawer. She lets you flip through her sketch book and she even drew a picture of you for your birthday

•Having to remind her to be nice

-“Give Peter a break okay? He’s obviously not feeling the greatest”
-“But this is the perfect time to make fun of him”
-“Michelle nO”

•Going to protests, rallies, and marches together

•Pizza dates

•Finding out Michelle’s actually really insecure and you try to help her through it

•Sometimes communication can be difficult for you two but you’re working on it. Your trying to encourage Michelle to talk to you more, especially when something’s bothering her

•Truthfully Michelle’s still getting use to the whole relationship thing. She’s not too keen on holding hands in public, much less kissing so you save all the lovey dovey crap for when you’re alone

•Taking a ton of silly pictures on your phone but Michelle makes you swear not to show them to anyone

•Sending each other middle fingers from across the classroom

•Doing homework together at each other’s houses

•Michelle doesn’t blush very often but she does it’s the cutest thing. If you point it out she’ll immediately deny that it even happened

•Going to homecoming together