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Favorite Character Meme: [¼] Relationships ♡ Finn/Rachel (Glee)
↳ “You and I both know how this thing ends. I don’t know how, or when, and I don’t care where you’re living or what dope you’re shacked up with. You’re my girlfriend. We are endgame. I know that and you know that.”

reasons why you should read “of fire and stars”
  • gay princesses!!!! that should say it all tbh this list doesn’t even need to continue but i will anyways because of how much i love this book
  • one of the princesses (Denna) is conventional, proper, has been betrothed to a prince since she was a child
  • the other princess (Mare) is unconventional- loves horses and spends her days in the stables instead of attending to royal duties. super sarcastic and always mouths off, especially to her brother (who is marrying Denna). i love her tbh 
  • denna falls in love with mare instead of the prince, who she is engaged to!! honestly it’s. classic
  • slow burn wlw romance that we Deserve
  • hate to love relationship (or more accurately, hate to friendship to love)
  • it’s actually written by a woman who is married to another woman!!! (not sure what her sexual orientation is but!)
  • there’s a scene where denna sees mare in a gown for the first time and it was the cutest shit ever
  • just a lot of cute fluffy stuff in general scattered through the whole thing
  • denna’s fire affinity and using fire as a metaphor for how denna feels for mare !!!
  • the whole “my dress is stuck can you help me unlace it” trope
  • the scenes where the finally kiss/sleep together are so pure and well written and i felt some type of way, bye
  • the whole forbidden romance aspect….. having said romance discovered and them being kept away from each other…… meeting in secret……. how could u not want that angsty shit
  • princesses saving each other!!!
  • they don’t die at the end
  • happily ever after. gay princesses together forever

So I’m not saying we need a “soft spoken boy from an RPG Maker Game with Creepy Elements who has blue eyes and shaggy blond hair from Probably Europe^tm who is barely a (fancily dressed) teenager, whose tragic past has led to misfortune for not only him but several people around him (because of death and forces beyond his control), and it falls to him to deal with its consequences in the present” support group…


mythical-michelle  asked:

Word prompt: dork

They call each other a lot of things. 

All their lives, they’ve had different nicknames for each other, some a little rougher than others. There are some they don’t say in front of anyone else, but they haven’t used those since high school. 

In college, there are nicknames that come along from other people that just sort of stick for a little while. By the time they have kids, there are more, new ones that sound weird coming out of each other’s mouths. ‘Go ask your dad’ doesn’t start feeling right until later, until there are five kids between the two families. Even then, something about it feels weird. 

People call them husbands and boyfriends, boys, men, children, and a whole list of other things they never quite stop blushing at.  And later in life, things change and their wives nudge them closer to each other with gentle, encouraging words, permission granted to them sweetly one night over red wine and a homemade meal. Then, they start calling each other things they never thought they would. 

Things have changed a lot, and they’ve grown and melded into the life they carved out for themselves. And through those years, through those changes, they’ve called each other many different things. Somehow, they’ve all fit. 

But one has stuck with them the whole way, followed them through life with an intimacy that doesn’t really fit correctly. 

Which is why Link feels his chest swell with emotion when Rhett curls into him a little closer, laughing sweetly, and says, “You’re such a dork, man.” 

MichEmil Headcanons Part 2

- Michele likes to sing operatic Italian songs like “Core ‘Ngrato” or “'O Sole Mio” in the shower
- One time Emil was listening to him and accidentally fell in the shower
-Michele gets embarrassed at being naked or even shirtless in front of his boyfriend
- Emil on the other hand has no shame and will walk around naked
- Emil is a crazy good cook
- Lately he’s been trying lots of Italian recipes for Michele
- Michele calls Emil things like “dolcezza” (sweetie) or “bello” (handsome) or “mio caro” (my dear) only in private [I’m sorry if this is wrong I used google translate]
- Michele may get really flustered by public displays of affection from Emil but it’s the total opposite when he’s drunk
- Michele is a total flirty drunk but only with Emil
- He gets really goofy and silly and flirty and clumsy
- He will steal Emil’s jackets and kiss him all over and use every cute pet name in the book
- Emil doesn’t get drunk no matter how much he drinks but he thinks his boyfriend is a cute drunk
- Sometimes Michele wears Emil’s jackets to sleep
- And in the morning Sara’s like “ooh is that Emil’s jacket?”
- And Michele’s like “what are you talking about no of course not it’s mine no it doesn’t say Czech Republic on it you’re blind Sara get some glasses”
- When people insult Michele, Emil will literally follow them around all day screaming about how amazing his boyfriend is
- When people insult Emil, Michele will fight them and Sara usually has to pull him off like “michele you’re going to end up killing him and then you’ll be in jail and you’ll never see Emil again”
- Emil hugs Michele an average of 15.9 million times a day

Part 1 is here

laudntt Sometimes you are somewhere at the right time. After 9 years of hope and wait, I finally not only saw her live in concert but I got to take a picture with her this morning. My life is made ❤
Never though this would happen one day but when you have faith and hope everything can happen ! Thank you so much @leamichele ❤ Love you.

You know what warms my heart? That the vendors in Washington DC have not stopped selling Barack and Michelle themed items now that the orange cheeto is president. I was expecting to see mostly Trump presidential themed items, and sure there were some items available, but for the most part it felt like their were far more items with the Obama’s faces plastered on it. Which makes me cackle a little bit- as I am sure Trump would be quite annoyed that the Obama’s are still number one- in our hearts and in promotional items. 

So today at work I learned never to judge an actor based on the movies he’s been in, because despite all the annoying roles he’s had, Jack Black is a super, super nice guy. :D