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Lee Michelle can FUCKING RAP!!!!!


EVERYONE ! This is Lee Michelle, a former YG trainee who was contestant in Kpop star and was really popular because of her stunning singing voice but look at her rap !!!!!! She’s so talented !! (YG lost something big again)


Going into it, Adore thought she was one of the top. Look at that face, she doesn’t expect super bad comments – she knows she did well at the objective of the challenge. She thinks they’ll come for her a little on her outfit but does not expect what’s going to happen.

Then she gets the critique that her doing her hair on her own proves she’s done something. Which comes as a shock.

Michelle hates her dress, she accepts it tongue-in-cheek, but her reaction to Michelle’s assumption that she’s going to make excuses that might not be relevant shows that she is not prepared for the string of negativity that is coming her way.

She starts to lose her resolve, starts to shrink back into herself and occupies herself by moving her mouth, a technique I know I personally  have used to prevent myself from crying. She’s at a loss, no one has said a single positive thing to her after she has just sung a personal song that she wrote for a talent show that she did well at. All they care about is her style of dress.

She’s crushed completely by the time she is told she is in the bottom three. And this entire one hundred and eighty degree mood change happened within a matter of moments.


A comiXologist Recommends (their favorites from 2015)

by Harris Smith

There were too many comics this year to pick one favorite, so here’s just a bunch of my favorite things that happened in 2015:

1. Stories from a comic I published, Felony Comics #1, were featured in Best American Comics 2015, so that was pretty cool.

2. Ben Marra, cover artist for Felony Comics #1, published his first graphic novel, Terror Assaulter: One Man War on Terror, from Fantagraphics.  That was also cool.

3. Chuck Forsman’s self-published Revenger continued to channel the spirit of 80′s action movies like Death Wish 3, combined with the stark, deadpan sensibility that made his previous comics, like TEOTFW and Luv Sucker so powerful.

4. Future Shock Zero- If you want to get an overview of the best of today’s indie/art comics scene, Josh Burggraf’s sci-fi anthology is the perfect place to start, with comics by some of my favorite artists, including Lala Albert, Alex Degen, Sophia Foster-Dimino, Victor Kerlow, Jasoph Murphy, Aleks Sendwald, Pete Toms and Ben Urkowitz.

5. Every moment of Transformers Vs. G.I. Joe

6. Antisocial gorilla bikers in The Humans

7. Upping the indie quotient on comiXology like wow with the digital debut of MOME from Fanagraphics

8. We got  my favorite book by my favorite cartoonist, The Freddie Stories by Lynda Barry,  on comiXology, thanks to the digital launch of Drawn & Quarterly

9. Another one of my favorite indie cartoonists, Michel Fiffe, took on Ann Nocenti-era Daredevil (possibly the best creative run on a superhero comic of all time) in Marvel’s Secret Wars: Secret Love #1

10. Good superhero shows on TV- Jessica Jones, for its emotional complexity; Gotham, for being a noir-ish soap opera with Batman characters; and Supergirl, for being smart and fun.

11. DC Comics in general, for giving us a Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League book, teaming up Gilbert Hernandez and Darwyn Cook on the Twilight Children, the new PREZ book, launching the old Joe Simon PREZ on comiXology, launching Jack Kirby’s OMAC on comiXology, and I know it isn’t out yet, but a new Swamp Thing book by Len Wein and Kelly Jones?  Too good to be true.

Harris Smith is a senior production coordinator and the editor of comiXology’s Tumblr, as well as the publisher of Felony Comics and a film programmer at the Spectacle Theater in Brooklyn.  His New Year’s Resolution is to read and make more comics in 2016.

Along with Americans across our country, Michelle and I were shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the derailment aboard Amtrak Train 188. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those we lost last night, and to the many passengers who today begin their long road to recovery. Along the Northeast Corridor, Amtrak is a way of life for many. From Washington, DC and Philadelphia to New York City and Boston, this is a tragedy that touches us all. As we work to determine exactly what happened, I commend the fire, police and medical personnel working tirelessly and professionally to save lives. Philadelphia is known as the city of brotherly love—a city of neighborhoods and neighbors—and that spirit of loving-kindness was reaffirmed last night, as hundreds of first responders and passengers lent a hand to their fellow human beings in need.
—  President Obama

Lea Michele talks about the shocking finale of “Scream Queens”, and if she would have played her role differently had she known how the season ended

Scream Queens' Other Red Devil Talks Hester's Reign of Terror at Kappa
By Rebecca Iannucci

A few words of advice to all future Kappa Kappa Tau sisters: When a serial killer starts terrorizing your campus, you should definitely turn a suspicious eye on the sorority member who’s obsessed with death.

In the second hour of Tuesday’s two-part Scream Queens finale, Lea Michele‘s Hester was revealed to be the other baby in the bathtub and the mastermind behind Wallace University’s Red Devil killings. 

And if you were among the viewers gasping at Tuesday’s big reveal, you’re in good company. Michele herself was shocked to learn her macabre-loving character was the culprit, a discovery she made while reading the script for the finale.

“I really wasn’t thinking I was the killer at all,” Michele tells TVLine. “Having a relationship with [co-creators] Ryan [Murphy] and Brad [Falchuk] and Ian [Brennan] for so many years, I really thought they would’ve told me. So the fact that they didn’t tell me anything made me think, ‘OK, I must not be the killer then.’ But they didn’t say a word! It was so crazy to me.”

Below, Michele reveals to TVLine the characters she suspected were behind the Red Devil mask, the perils of filming the season finale and what it has been like to play the antithesis of Rachel Berry.

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